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o₁ [o] part Sf 1Come on! (as of informal polite request which increases urgency [sentence final]). o Hina yaki sinra, o! Oh come on there they are! Buligi baga ako, o. Come on help me please. (sem. domains: 9.2.6 - Particles, - Insist.) 2Let’s see if (as of a challenge [sentence final]). Buong kag baso o. Let’s see if the glass is broken. (sem. domains: 4.8.2 - Fight, 9.2.6 - Particles.)
o₂ conj Or (as of disjunction). o Bakay it tinapay o puya nak bugas. Buy bread or brown sugar. Mahalin kamo o mapabilin dili? Will you leave or will you stay here? comp. aber...o , id. man-o , id. o kung buko...yang
o kung buko...yang (id. of o) conj Or if not then just (as of disjunction) Silingga sida o kung buko ay suyati yang. Tell him or if not then just write to him.
obaryo [obáryo] n Ovary. (sem. domains: - Female organs.)
ober-ober [ober-óber] n Side-band radio. Nakatawag si Neysa sa ida Mama parayan sa ober-ober. Neysa was able to contact her mother by means of s side-band radio.
obhito [obhíto] n Goal; purpose. minimithi, dahilan Nio kag imo obhito sa buhay? What is your goal in life? Ingwa ako it importanteng obhito kung asing nagpaali ako sa imo. I have some important purpose why I came here.
obilyo [obílyo] n Process of making rope from Manila hemp. (sem. domains: 6.6.1 - Working with cloth.)
obliga [oblíga] adj To be obliged, obligated, duty bound to do something. (sem. domains: - Entrust to the care of, - Faithful.)
obligasyon [obligásyon] n The course of my life; what I’m required to do in life; duty. Kag ako obligasyon ay magbulig it paeskwela sa iban pang manghor. What Iam required to do in life is to help send my other sisters and brothers to school.
obra [óbra] n Work; task. trabaho, gawa Abang ramo kag inra mga obras nak ahumanon ngasing. They have a lot of work to do today. syn: trabaho 1.
odyong₁ [ódyong] n Nose ring to attach tether to water buffalo, cow. (sem. domains: - Cattle, - Beast of burden.)
odyong₂ [odyóng] n Arrow, the barrel of the arrow launcher. palasî (sem. domains: 6.4.1 - Hunt.)
og-og [óg-og] adj Slightly undercooked grains, rice. syn: mayo-go, pyabantuyan, yo-go. der. maog-og
ogoy [ogóy] v To make bald; to cut somebody’s hair all off; to shave somebody’s hair off. Tong si Samson ay maogoy ni Delilah nawaya kag ida kusog. When Samson was made bald by Delilah his strength was lost.
oho [óhò] 1part Yes. (sem. domains: 9.2.6 - Particles.) 2vi To say yes; to agree. opo, oo, oho der. pa-uho
ohong [ohóng] n Mushroom, a fat one that grows in soil (sem. domains: 1.5.4 - Moss, fungus, algae.)
okra₁ n They are eaten in various ways as an ingredient of soups and stews. When cooked they are very mucilaginous. They are a fair source of iron and a good source of calcium. A syrup which is useful in sore throat attended with hoarseness is made from the mucilaginous fruit. okra Abelmoschus Esculentus
okra₂ [ókra] n A kind of vegetable. okra Gusto nida kag okra nak niya-ga yang nak di suka buko ginisa. She likes the kind of vegetable ,“okra”, boiled with vinegar, not sauteed.
oktubre [Oktúbre] time October. Oktúbre
okya [ókyà] n The chatter of a monkey. (sem. domains: - Animal sounds.)
okyi [okyî] v To close up, shrink especially of body parts (as of vagina). lumiit Pay maukyo kag ako yawas pagmagkaligos dahil abang yamig. It’s as if my body would shrink if I take a bath because its too cold.
ol-ol [ól-ol] v To tease. tukso Bada pang uta yang kinang anak ay inro pa ing-uol-ol. Eventhough you know that that child is dumb yet you still keep on teasing him.
olior [olí-or] v To move, roll, stretch from side to side. (sem. domains: 7.2.1 - Manner of movement.)
om-om [óm-om] vt To suck something inside one’s mouth. nilulon Ing-um-om nida tong tanang bala it baril para indi makita it pulis. He sucked all the bullets in his mouth so as not to be seen by the policeman.
omag [omág] n Aspecies of tuber, described as like a large ub'i, but white. (sem. domains: - Food from roots.)

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