Asi - English


albor₂ [álbor] dial. var. of alburuto
albularyo [albuláryo] n A healer of supernatural and natural ailments (by means of religious rituals and/or herbal medicines); traditional healer; untrained doctor; herbalist; a medium. medico, albularyo [Nowadays some people will call them a "quack doctor" but they are still sought for many treatments.] syn: miriko. (sem. domains: - Sorcery.)
album [álbum] n Photo album. (sem. domains: - Photography, 5.1.2 - Household decoration.)
alburuto [alburúto] (dial. var. albor) v To swear or use bad, vulgar unwholesome words. (sem. domains: - Insult.)
aldaba [aldába] dial. var. of trangka
aley [aléy] irreg. infl. of maley
alibangbang [alibángbang] n Fish species; spotfin butterfly fish. alibangbang [Yellow coloured flat reef fish up to 20cm long with blackline through eye and near tail. It has a small mouth and teeth.] (sem. domains: - Fish.)
alibay [álibay] 1n Alibi; excuse. (sem. domains: - Escape, - Tell a lie.) 2v To present an alibi; to make an excuse. Nag-alibay sidang mahapros kag ngisi para indi mapakaon it matam-is. She made the excuse that her tooth is aching so that she wouldn’t have to eat sweets. (sem. domains: - Tell a lie, - Defend against accusation.)
alibhat [alíbhat] vt 1To acknowledge, greet, respond, show respect towards someone. pansin Kag mga tawo ay wayaey nagaalibhat sa ingsesermon it pari. The people don’t pay attention to the sermon of the priest. (sem. domains: - Greet, - Answer.) 2To ignore, snub (as of "not" acknowledging, greeting, responding, showing respect towards someone as socially expected). (sem. domains: - Greet, - Answer, - Impolite.) der. pangalibhat
alibotbot [alibótbot] n Tree species of which the juice of the fruit has medicinal properties. [The juice of the unripe egg sized fruit is used to clean, heal and dry up cuts or skin infections. ] (sem. domains: 1.5.1 - Tree, - Medicinal plants.)
alibutor [alibútor] n The cob of corn (as of without kernels). (sem. domains: 1.5.5 - Parts of a plant.)
aligi [aligí] n The orange fat of crabs which is more plentiful in the females. aligi Karamong aligi tong alimangong nabakay ni Mel. The crabs Mel bought have lots of orange fat. (sem. domains: - Parts of small animals.)
alihir [alíhir] n The area beside or alongside something (as of a road, ocean or building). (sem. domains: - Beside.) der. pangalihir
alíkir [alíkir] 1n Rolls, balls, skeins (as of rope, split dried strips of palm leaves for weaving or dried tobacco leaves for storage). (sem. domains: - Roll up.) 2vbt To roll up into balls or skeins (as of rope, split dried strips of palm leaves for weaving or dried tobacco leaves for storage). Ing-alikir nako kag buli. I rolled up the buri leaves into balls. (sem. domains: - Roll up.)
alikumos [alikúmos] n Crab species which is a small edible yellow and black spotted marine crab found along the rocky shoreline. (sem. domains: - Small animals.)
alila [alílà] 1n A pet (as of a pet animal). alaga Igwa ako’t alila nak pikoy. I have a pet parrot. syn: alaga 1. (sem. domains: 1.6.1 - Types of animals.) 2n A slave, servant. (sem. domains: - Slave.) 3vt To act like a servant in taking care of something (as of things, animals or people). Katong ilo nak anak ay ingpaalila sa ida ibang hali. They had the orphan child taken care of by her other relatives. (sem. domains: - Worried.) der. paalila
alili [alíli] n A large high interest loan, advance of money to be repaid in rice at harvest (as of a loan set at a low market value for the rice or at a very high interest rate e.g. up to 50%). (sem. domains: 6.8.5 - Borrow.) der. paalili
aliluya [alilúya] 1excl Hallelujah; Alleluja. Nagkanta it aliluya kag mga anak pagsuyor ni Hesus sa Herusalem. The children sang hallelujah to Jesus when he entered Jerusalem. [This means "praise God" in Hebrew.] (sem. domains: - Worship.) 2v To sing praises to God; to sing hallelujah. Halleluyah (sem. domains: - Worship.)
alimango [alimángo] n Crab species which is an edible black and orange crab about 15cm across which is usually found in freshwater mud. alimasag syn: alimasag. (sem. domains: - Small animals.)
alimasag [alimásag] n Crab species which is an edible crab about 5cms across, in black and green coloring. katáng syn: alimango. (sem. domains: - Small animals.)
alimbubudog [alimbubúdog] n Insect species; wasp; hornet (as with black and yellow stripes that makes a mud nest and gives a painful bite). (sem. domains: - Insect.)
alimbukar [alimbúkar] (dial. var. alimpuyos) 1n Whirlpool; ripples (as of water around, from a central point). (sem. domains: 1.3.2 - Movement of water.) 2vi To bubble up; to foam; to effervesce; to ripple (as of water when it’s boiling, coming from a spring or as it falls in a pool.) bula, kumukulo Nag-aalimbukar kag tubi sa sapa. The water in the river was rippling. (sem. domains: 1.3.2 - Movement of water.)
alimongmong [alimóngmong] (dial. var. abrigo) 1n A garment to put around one’s shoulders; a shawl, cape, robe. (sem. domains: 5.3 - Clothing.) 2vbt To put, wear, wrap a garment, shawl around one’s shoulders. balabal Alimongmongi si Hamen baling mauyanan. You put a garment on Hamen’s shoulders or he might get wet in the rain. (sem. domains: 5.3.7 - Wear clothing.) der. pangalimongmong
alimpuwas [alimpúwas] dial. var. of takas, buhi der. paalimpuwas To make somebody leave, get out or away from somewhere (as of from trouble, danger or flood etc.). , der. pangalimpuwas To get out, away from somewhere; to leave a place or escape a situation (as of trouble or flood).
alimpuyo [alimpúyo] (dial. var. alimpuyos) n The crown, cowlick in the hair on one’s head or eyebrows (as of when the hair curls around a central point). puyò, alimpuyo Igwa sida’t ruhang alimpuyo sa uyo. He has two crowns on his head. (sem. domains: 2.1.1 - Head.)