Asi - English


ayab-ab [ayáb-ab] dial. var. of hayakhak
ayaba [ayába] 1n The call, calling out by name to one person by another. (sem. domains: - Call.) 2vt To call out to somebody by name (as of getting their attention or seeking their help). tawag Aayabahon nato si Nene. We’ll call out to Nene. Syn: tawag; syn: tido. (sem. domains: - Call.)
ayadon [ayádon] 1adj Free work for another that will be reciprocated when the time comes. (sem. domains: - Cooperate with, 6.1.2 - Method.) 2vbt To help neighbors, family with work free of charge, that in turn will be reciprocated when the time comes for them to need helpers in their own work (as of planting rice or building a house). palúsong Aayadonan ninra kag lanas ni Bunong. They’ll share in the field work at Bunong’s field. (sem. domains: - Cooperate with, 6.1.2 - Method.)
ayagihis [ayagíhis] n Shell species; Violet Sanguin Clams or the less plentiful Sunrise Tellin. They look like cream and grey stones (as of 1.5cm diameter and commonly found along the beach at sunrise, slightly buried, at the water’s edge). Karamong agihis nak nakita si Norma sa baybay. Norma found many tiny clams along the seashore. Soletellina violacea Lam.; Tellina radioata L. (sem. domains: - Small animals.) der. pangayagihis
ayagukoy [ayagúkoy] n Crab species which is inedible and about 10cm across, and violet and black in color. They have their holes along the seashore out of the water. Nagpangbaoy it ayagukoy katong mga anak ag inra gingpaaway. The children got those inedible kind of crabs and made them fight. (sem. domains: - Small animals.) der. pangayagukoy
ayak [áyak] n Wine (as of any alcoholic drink made from fermented grapes, sugar cane, rice). alak Amoy ayak si Pepe tong nagpagto sa kana May nak magbisita. Pepe smelt of wine when he went to visit May. syn: bino. (sem. domains: - Alcoholic beverage.)
ayam₁ [ayám] 1n Knowledge; what is known. (as of knowledge gained by any means whether oral, literary or experiential). Ayam baga nimo kag pangayan it kinaong kabade? Do you know the name of that woman? Naayaman nida kag ako istaran. He learned of the place where I live. Waya nako naayami tong riin sida gipagto. I didn’t know where she went. (sem. domains: - Known, unknown.) 2v To come to know, find out; to learn of, about something. (sem. domains: - Known, unknown.) comp. waya ka it pakiayam , der. kaayaman , der. paayam
ayam₂ [áyam] pv Know. (sem. domains: - Known, unknown.) comp. ayam nako , comp. maayam mag-arti , comp. maayam magraya it sarili , der. kaayam , der. maayam
ayam nako [áyam nákò] (comp. of ayam, nako) exp I know. (sem. domains: - Known, unknown.)
ayamag [ayamág] n Fungus species which is a flourescent toadstool that is poisonous if eaten. Aya gibay-a kinang ayamag dahil kina ay nakakahilo. Don’t get that flourescent toadstool because it’s poisonous. (sem. domains: 1.5.4 - Moss, fungus, algae.)
ayang-ayang [ayang-áyang] irreg. infl. of alang-alang
ayap-ap [ayáp-ap] 1n A contagious skin disease with white spots that spread. an-an [This is a name given to a number of skin diseases like scabies, cold sores and herpes. A common characteristic is that it has whitish blotches which spread in size and number.] (sem. domains: - Skin disease.) 2v To be infected with the contagious skin disease that has white spots that spread. Ingayap-ap kag anak tong pirmeng inghaharuan sa uda it di ayap-ap nak yaya. The child was infected with tinea flava when the babysitter with the disease always kissed her on the face. (sem. domains: - Skin disease.) 3n A fungal growth on the skin, especially of the feet; tinea; athlete’s foot. an-an nagkadat kag ayap-ap sa buong yawas nida. The tinea scattered all-over her body. tinea flava (sem. domains: - Skin disease.) 4v To be infected with the fungal growth on the skin, especially of the feet; tinea; athlete’s foot.
ayat [áyat] 1adj Hot, spicy, peppery. anghang Waya gador ayat kag inra rinug-ang suya. Their meat cooked in blood is not spicy. (sem. domains: 2.3.3 - Taste, - Prepared food.) 2v To become hot, spicy, peppery. (sem. domains: 5.2.1 - Food preparation.) der. maayat
ayaw [áyaw] vbt To ask for burning charcoal, firewood from a neighbor's fire with which to make a new fire. kuha ng apoy, makikisiga Inapabaga yang agor paghaling liwat indiey mag-ayaw. We just left the coals burning so that the next time when we build the fire we won’t have to get it from anyone else. Aayawan nako sinra it kayado. I’ll ask them fgor some fire. syn: haling 1. (sem. domains: 5.5 - Fire.)
ayayago [ayayágo] n Animal species; earthworm. bulati Kaadong paon kag ayayago. Earthworms are good bait. (sem. domains: 1.6.1 - Types of animals.)
ayho [áyho] n Pestle (as of any size, whether used in the kitchen to crush spices or as large a pole used to pound rice). hálo (sem. domains: - Pound in mortar and pestle.)
ayo [áyo] 1adj Good; intelligent; knowledgable; skilled; extremely capable. magaling Abang ayo si Karpov mag-idamo it tses. Karpov is very good in playing chess. (sem. domains: - Intelligent.) 2n Wisdom; intelligence; knowledge; skill. Syn: maayam 1. (sem. domains: - Intelligent.) der. maayo
ayom [ayóm] dial. var. of yapnos
ayon [áyon] v To align, line up, conform (as of the thoughts of two people, the placement of two boards in a line etc.). (sem. domains: - Conform, 7.5 - Arrange.)
ayon sa [áyon sa] dial. var. of kumporme sa
ayong [áyong] n A mole on the skin. táling (sem. domains: 2.1.4 - Skin.)
ayos₁ [ayós] adj Arranged, organized, fixed, tidy, ready, prepared; all set; OK. (sem. domains: 7.9.4 - Repair, 7.5.5 - Organize.)
ayos₂ [áyos] v To arrange, organize, fix, tidy up, get ready, prepare; to set up something; to make OK. Ing-ayos nida kag higraan it reyna. She fixed the bedding of the queen. (sem. domains: 7.9.4 - Repair, 7.5.5 - Organize.) comp. ayos yang maado ra sa waya , comp. ayosey , der. maayos
ayos yang maado ra sa waya [áyos yang, ma-ádo ra sa wayâ] (comp. of ayos, yang, maado, ra, waya) say It's all right, better than nothing. (sem. domains: - Give permission.)
ayosey [ayoséy] (comp. of ayos, ey) adj Now arranged, organized, fixed, tidy, ready, prepared; all set now; OK now. (sem. domains: 7.9.4 - Repair, 7.5.5 - Organize.)