Asi - English


aysbaks [áysbaks] (sp. var. ice box) n Portable styrofoam container for keeping frozen items cold; cooler box; freezer box; esky. [lit: ice-box] Kag aysbaks ni Manang Per ay bag-ong bakay. Aunty Per’s portable styrofoam container is newly bought. (sem. domains: 5.1 - Household equipment.)
ayskendi [ayskéndi] (sp. var. ice candy) n Flavoured ice blocks (as of long frozen bars made from fruit, sweetened juice poured into 2-3cm wide, oblong plastic bags and frozen). [lit: ice-candy] Mabaligya ako it ayskendi sa pantalan pag-abot it barko. I sell flavoured iceblocks on the pier when the ships come in. (sem. domains: - Snow, ice.)
aysko [áysko] n 1A four peso bet in cockfighting, which returns five pesos if successful. (sem. domains: - Gambling.) 2To place a four peso bet in cockfighting, which returns five pesos if successful. (sem. domains: - Gambling.)
aystir [áystir] n A steel for sharpening knives or breaking ice (as of the round file-like utensil that is part of a carving set). hasaán Ako gingbair sa aystir kag amo kutsilyo para magtayom. I sharpened our knife on the steel to make it sharp. [This utensil is used both for sharpening knives and breaking up large blocks of ice that are used for packing fish for transportation to market, as well as for making drinks and desserts using crushed ice.] (sem. domains: 6.7 - Tool, 5.1 - Household equipment.)
aytem [áytem] n A job, work position, vacancy. puwesto (sem. domains: 6.6 - Occupation.)
ayuda [ayúda] n Governmental aid (whether of local or foreign sources). ayuda, tulong Kag Estados Unidos ay nagpangako it ayuda para sa ato bansa. United States promised their foreign aid to be given to our country. (sem. domains: - Give, donate.)
ayug-og [ayúg-og] 1n Guttering on a roof. alulod (sem. domains: - Roof.) 2v To put guttering on, around a roof (as of a galvanized iron or tiled roof). (sem. domains: - Roof.)
ayugaan ag hugton ray [ayuga-án ag húgton ray] (comp. of yuga, hugot) exp To loosen and retighten something again. Para magsigo kag turnilyo ay ayugaan ag hugton ray. In order that the screw will fit-in we will loosen it and tighten it again. (sem. domains: 3.5.1 - Say.)
ayumog [ayúmog] dial. var. of alisngaw, uyob
ayupas [ayúpas] n The layers of the banana stem or trunk. upas [The dry skin is used as a tying fiber. The inner layers of curved white flesh which look like a length of roof guttering, are used as plates (concave) and bases for decorations or food displays (convex).] (sem. domains: 1.5.5 - Parts of a plant.)
ayusti [ayústi] v To join, splice shaped, sawn timbers together end to end with the L shaped ends of each piece fitting together to make a neat join and longer piece of timber. [Banton] (sem. domains: - Link, connect.)
ayuton [ayutón] (der. of yuto) n Burning, smoldering firewood (specifically of wood or bamboo). panggatong Ingbaoy kag mga ayuton sa abuhan nak indiey magamit. He got the firewood which we won’t use in the wood fireplace. (sem. domains: 5.5.6 - Fuel.)