Asi - English


buyo₃ [búyò] n Plant species; bamboo species which grows in thick groves and is used for building. [This species is shorter than bayóg with a long internode and thin wood, therefore has greater interior volume.] (sem. domains: 1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine.)
buyo-buyo [buyo-búyò] (der. of buyo) 1n Cockfighting of an illegal character because of its place, conditions or betting ring. (sem. domains: - Gambling, 4.2.6 - Entertainment, recreation, - Chicken.) 2v To make fighting cocks angry so they fight well; to aggravate, tease until they fight. (sem. domains: 6.4.6 - Things done to animals.) 3v To matchmake by teasing and cajoling; to cajole two people into getting married. (sem. domains: - Arrange a marriage.)
buyo-tai [búyo-tá-i] (der. of tai) n Coconut candy, curd (as of the sweet sticky substance that is left from boiling down the coconut milk after the oil has been poured off the top). syn: lana 2. (sem. domains: 5.2.1 - Food preparation.)
buyok [buyók] v To take revenge by throwing stones at buildings. balaso Kag inra plano nak abuyukon kag eskul ay nasaduran kada waya natuloy. Their plan to take revenge by throwing stones at the school building was known therefore it didn’t happen. syn: balaso, bunggo 2. (sem. domains: - Revenge, - Throw.)
buyong₁ [buyóng] n 1Medicine (including herbal and modernmedicine). gamót (sem. domains: - Medicine.) 2To treat medically, with medicine (as of what a doctor, medical person or spirit healer does). (sem. domains: 2.5.7 - Treat disease.) der. ibuyong , der. ipabuyong , der. pabuyong
buyong₂ [búyong] 1adj Lonely; homesick; sad. syn: yangkag, lisor 1, buyong 2. (sem. domains: - Lonely.) 2v To miss somebody; to feel lonely, sad, homesick. mapangláw, lungkot Abuyungon ako sa imo pag sa Manilaey ikaw. I will miss you if you will be in Manila. syn: yangkag, buyong 1, lisor 1. (sem. domains: - Lonely.) der. kabuyong , der. mabuyungon
buyos [buyós] n Stalk, pole, length of a whole bamboo. kawayan Kag inggamit nak haligi sa bayay ay buyos it kwadan. The post which they used in the house are whole piece of bamboo. (sem. domains: - Growing grass, 1.5.2 - Bush, shrub, 6.5.3 - Building materials, 1.5.5 - Parts of a plant.)
buysit [búysit/búysyit] excl Swear word for a person, like calling them a "bastard". Buysyit talagang tawo ka! Waya ka’t kapuyus-puyos. You’re really a bastard of a person! You’re absolutely useless. [It is from the English swear word "bullshit", but has changed it's meaning to more like the English "bastard".] (sem. domains: - Obscenity.) der. pangbuysit
buyukabok [buyukábok] irreg. infl. of bayukabok, bukabok der. buyukabukon Stringy, pithy, fibrous (as of jackfruit, pineapple etc. with a lot of core and pithy strings).
buyukabukon [buyukabúkon] (der. of buyukabok) adj Stringy, pithy, fibrous (as of jackfruit, pineapple etc. with a lot of core and pithy strings). Buyukabukon kag inra hinog nak yangka. Their ripe jackfruit is very stringy. (sem. domains: - Smooth.)
buyusok [buyúsok] v To swoop, dive down (as of birds or airplanes). bulusok Limang eroplanong Amerikano ka bumutawan sa itaas ag bumuyusok pa ibaba sa Amponggo. Five American planes suddenly appeared above and swooped down low over Mt. Amponggo. (sem. domains: - Animal movement, - Fly, - Bird.) der. pagbuyusok
bwelta [bwélta] v To return, go back somewhere; to return something; to return for something, somebody. Nagbwelta sida sa inra dahil igwa sida’t nabilin. He returned to their place because he had something there he forgot. (sem. domains: - Return.) der. ibwelta , der. pagbwelta
bwena mano [bwéna máno] adj The first customer, sale of the day (as of the one that sets the luck for the day). buena mano Ingtao nida’t barato tong isra sa kabadi dahil sida it buena mano. She gave a special price for that fish to the woman because she was the first customer of the day. (sem. domains: - Buy, 4.9.4 - Miracle, supernatural power, - Ordinal numbers.)
byernes [Byérnes] time Friday. Biyernés (sem. domains: - Days of the week.) comp. byernes santo
byernes santo [Byérnes Sánto] (comp. of byernes) n Good Friday; Easter Friday. [lit: friday holy] Biyernes Santo (sem. domains: - Special days.)
byukawi [byúkawi] n Plant species; bamboo species. (sem. domains: 1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine.)