Asi - English


bali₄ [báli] dial. var. of pahalaga
bali₅ [bálì] v To break or be broken; to snap, fracture a stick-like object (as of a pencil, bamboo, timber or bone). Nabali kag ida braso. His arm was broken. (sem. domains: 7.8.1 - Break.) der. bali-bali
bali6 [báli] dial. var. of utang
bali7 [báli] adj Altogether; In all; total; overall value, worth. bale Bale ap-at nak adlaw ruto. Four days altogether there. syn: bakwi 2, halaga 3. (sem. domains: - Add numbers, - Value, 8.1.5 - All.) comp. baling ara
bali8 [báli] 1adj Good; nice; skilled; pleasant sounding and looking. magalíng Si Joey ay kabaleng manogbayle. Joey is a good dancer. syn: maado. (sem. domains: 8.3.7 - Good.) 2vt To do something well. Abalihon nako kag human it keyk agor magugustuhan nida. I’ll bake the cake well so she’ll like it. syn: maayo, intelihente. (sem. domains: 8.3.7 - Good, - Expert.) comp. bali baga , comp. bali-waya , comp. baling kinitaan , der. kabali
bali baga [báli bagá] (comp. of bali8, baga) 1rel Perhaps (as of conjecture or anxiety). (sem. domains: - Possible.) 2part Lest; in case (as of conjecture or anxiety). (sem. domains: 9.2.6 - Particles, - Reason.) 3interj Afraid so! (sem. domains: 9.2.7 - Interjections.) 4id In other words. Bali baga ay wayaey ka’t susukton sa ako. In other words you don’t have any accounts to settle with me. (sem. domains: 9.2.6 - Particles.)
bali hawir [bálì háwir] (comp. of bali, hawir) imp Those on the left, holding side move towards the middle (as of a command to those on one rope pulling in a fishing net). [lit: break left-side/hold-rope] (sem. domains: - Fish with net.)
bali-bali [bali-balî] (der. of bali) 1adj Broken in many places, pieces; broken repeatedly, many times. Waya nabuhi tong anak nak nahuyog sa nidog dahil bali-bali kag ida yawas. Her child didn’t survive when it fell on the coconut tree because his body was broken in many places. (sem. domains: 7.8.1 - Break, 7.9 - Break, wear out.) 2v To break in many places, pieces; to break repeatedly, many times. (sem. domains: 7.8.1 - Break, 7.9 - Break, wear out.) 3adj Crooked; out of alignment Balingag ag ida ngisi. Her tooth is crooked. (sem. domains: - Leaning, sloping.) 4adj Foolish, silly ideas. Perming away tong magmanghor dahil balingag kag isip it tong maguyang. Those brothers are always quarreling because the older one always has silly ideas. (sem. domains: - Stupid.) der. pabali-bali
bali-waya [bali-wayâ] (comp. of bali8, waya) 1adj Of no account, has no value; valueless; useless. (sem. domains: - Useless, - Value.) 2v To devalue, not value, treat as of no value, useless; to disregard. (sem. domains: - Useless, - Value.)
baliar-ar [bali-ár-ar] v 1To have a baby’s head drop back. Nagbaliar-ar tong anak paghudot it ida tatay. The baby’s head dropped back when her father held her. (sem. domains: 2.5.3 - Injure, - Care for a baby, - Fall.) 2To do a back-bend touching head to floor behind one's back; a baby throws his head back unexpectedly. (sem. domains: 7.1.8 - Bend down, - Care for a baby.)
balibang [balíbang] v To throw hard, pelt, toss something carelessly aside. balibag Ingbalibang yang nida kag mga silhig sa rugo. She just tossed all the brooms carelessly in the corner. (sem. domains: - Throw away, - Throw.)
balibar [balíbar] vbt To tell a lie; to falsely disown, deny knowing or doing something; to make up an alibi, excuse; to commit purjury (as of lying in court). tanggí, sinungaling Ingbalibaran it anak kag ida nanay. The child lied to his mother. (sem. domains: - Tell a lie.)
balibol [bálibol] 1n The game of volley ball. (sem. domains: - Sports.) 2v To play volley ball. (sem. domains: - Sports.)
balibugan [balibugán] n Bung hole in a boat (which is plugged, closed with a sóngsong "bung" to prevent entering. The bung is removed when beached or in dry dock, to allow water to drain out). (sem. domains: - Boat.)
balighot₁ [balíghot] n 1Cumberbund, with ends like a pyjama cord wrapped around the waist twice and tied. [Money is carried, hidden in the layers or folds of cloth, especially by old women.] (sem. domains: - Collect, 5.3.6 - Parts of clothing, 7.5.4 - Tie.) 2To wrap a cumberbund, with ends like a pyjama cord, around the waist twice before tying. (sem. domains: - Collect, 5.3.7 - Wear clothing, 7.5.4 - Tie.)
balighot₂ [balíghot] dial. var. of higot
baligya [balígyà] 1n Items to sell. (sem. domains: - Sell.) 2v To sell, be sold something. magbilí Nagbaligya it bugas kag ida nanay. His mother sold rice. (sem. domains: - Sell.) der. inug-baligya 3v To auction an item (as of chickens at a fiesta dance to raise money). (sem. domains: 6.8.4 - Financial transaction, - Give, donate.) 4vt To trick, play jokes on somebody who doesn’t know the language; to “take somebody for a ride”. ipinagbili Ingbaligya sida sa ida mga kaibhanan nak daok pa sida’t inra bisaya. She was tricked by her companions because she still doesn’t know the language. Ingbaligya si Jesus ni Judas Iscariote sa guberyno it Roma. Jesus was betrayed to the Roman government by Judas Iscariot. (sem. domains: - Tell a lie, 4.2.8 - Humor.) 5v To trick, take advantage of somebody in money matters; to betray somebody for money, bribe. pinagbibili Waya nakakasador tong inra Mayor nak sida yaki ay ingbabaligya. Their Mayor hadn’t known that he was already misrepresented by someone. (sem. domains: - Betray, - Cheat.) 6v To misrepresent something, somebody. (sem. domains: - Tell a lie.) der. baligyaan , der. binaligya , der. ibaligya , der. inog-baligya , der. pagbaligya
baligyaan [baligyá-an] (der. of baligya) n A place where certain things are sold (as of a certain shop, market etc.). PC (sem. domains: 6.5.1 - Building.)
balihawog [baliháwog] 1adj Bending over holding one's stomach; rolling from side to side, writhing in pain. (sem. domains: - Pain.) 2v To bend over holding one's stomach; to roll from side to side, writhe in pain. (sem. domains: - Pain.)
balik₁ [balík] (der. of balik) n Return to somewhere (as of in a physical or spiritual sense). (sem. domains: - Return.) der. baliktunon
balik₂ [bálik] v To return, go back somewhere; to return something to somebody, somewhere (as of a physical or spiritual sense). ibalík Niong oras sida mabalik dili? What time will he return here? syn: uli 1.1, pabisong, sapoy. (sem. domains: - Return, - Move back.) der. balik-balik , der. balik , der. balikan , der. baliktar , der. balikutot , der. balikwa , der. pabalik , say. nagbalik kag maadong buot
balik-balik [balik-bálik] (der. of balik) 1adj Repeatedly; again-and-again; keeps returning, coming back. (sem. domains: - Start again, - Many, much, - Return.) 2v To do something repeatedly, again-and-again. mulít mulî, paulit-ulit Si Nene ay nagbalik-balik it trabaho dahil sala kag pagtrabaho. Nene had to do her work again and again because its always wrongly done. (sem. domains: - Start again, - Many, much, - Return.)
balikan [balíkan] (der. of balik) adj Round trip, going and coming back within one day. PC (sem. domains: 7.2.4 - Travel.)
baliktar [baliktár] (der. of balik) 1adj Back-to-front; inside-out; wrong-way-round to what is correct or a certain starting point. (sem. domains: - Order, sequence, 8.5.5 - Spatial relations.) 2v To turn something back-to-front, inside-out, wrong-way-round to what is correct or a certain starting point. (sem. domains: - Order, sequence, 8.5.5 - Spatial relations, 7.3.5 - Turn something.)
baliktunon [baliktúnon] (der. of balik) n Crop of a bird (as of the pocket-like part in the neck where the food is placed or held). Syn: balon-balunan. (sem. domains: - Parts of a bird.)