Asi - English


C4 [C4] n Plant species; name of a good quality, grade of rice (as of a grading level that's become almost like a name). (sem. domains: - Food from seeds.)
cahel [cahél] sp. var. of kahel
calapan [Calapán] n Name of a town on North Eastern Mindoro Island. (sem. domains: - Names of cities.)
calatrava [Calatráva] n Name of a municipality, town where Bantoanon (Asi) is spoken on the North of Tablas Island. (sem. domains: - Names of cities.)
carpa [cárpa] sp. var. of karpa
caticlan [Catíclan] n Name of a town on North Western Panay Island, south of the Bantoanon (Asi) language area. (sem. domains: - Names of cities.)
center [cénter] sp. var. of senter
cento [cénto] sp. var. of syento
charing [charíng] sp. var. of tyaring
chess [ches] sp. var. of tyes
chika-chika [chika-chíka] sp. var. of tyika-tyika
chinese petsay [Chínese pétsay] (comp. of petsay) n Plant species; Chinese cabbage or pakchoi which has an elongated shape with a more loose head of crinkly leaves than Western cabbage. pechai [It makes a good salad, or is used as a vegetable. It is a fair source of calcium, phosphorus, and iron.] Brassica Pekinensis (sem. domains: - Food from leaves.)
chopsoy [chópsoy] n A mixed vegetable dish made of various thinly cut vegetables like cabbage, carots, beans, coliflower and sayote. it is mixed with cut meat, chicken gizzard or liver. [This dish is of Chinese origin.] (sem. domains: 5.2.3 - Types of food.)
chupa [chúpa] sp. var. of tyupa
ciento [ciénto] sp. var. of syento
cientos [ciéntos] sp. var. of syentos
cooler [kúler] n Insulated metal ice-box, cupboard (in which a block of ice is used to keep the contents cold). (sem. domains: 5.1 - Household equipment.)
corte [córte] sp. var. of korte
Cristo [Crísto] sp. var. of kristo