Asi - English



enhinyero [enhinyéro] n Engineer. (sem. domains: 6.6.8 - Working with machines.)
ensimada [ensimáda] n Twisted sweet bread roll with butter and sugar on top. ensimada Kag ako paburito nak tinapay ay ensimada. My favourite sweet bread rolls are ‘ensimada’. (sem. domains: - Prepared food.)
entable [entáble] n The casing of the hull as of plywood. (sem. domains: - Boat.)
entrahan [entráhan] n Enrollment; class opening. pasukan (sem. domains: 3.6.2 - School.)
epekto [epékto] n Effect. (sem. domains: 7.7 - Physical impact, - Happen.)
eps [éps] excl Oops! hups Eps! ay pasensya nak nabanggaan ka nako. Oops! Iam sorry that I bumped you. (sem. domains: - Mistake.)
ergo [érgo] v To have a slight disagreement. Kag mga maguyang ay naergo anay bag-o magsugot kung mapanaw kag inra anak. The parents had a slight disagreement before giving consent for their children to go out. (sem. domains: - Disagree.)
ermana-mayor [ermána-Mayor] n A couple to take care of organizing the Santa-Crúsan. Kag ermana-Mayor ngasing nak tuig ay sina Mario ag Mary. The couple to take care of organizing the Santa-crusan for this year are Mario and Mary. (sem. domains: - Organization.)
ermitanyo [ermitányo] n Hermit; exclusive relationship (as of possessive or clinging ways). ermitanyo Aya baga gipakakulong sa inro bayay pay ikaw ay ermitanyoy. Please don’t just stay in your house as if you’re a hermit. (sem. domains: - Separate, alone.)
eroplano [eropláno] 1n Airplane. (sem. domains: - Fly.) 2vi To ride, fly in an airplane; to ‘take’ a plane. eropláno Nag-eroplano sida pa-Manila. He took a plane when he went to Manila. (sem. domains: - Fly.)
eskinita [eskiníta] n Lane; alley (as of a narrow road). eskinita Kag amo bayay ay mayungot sa ikaruhang eskinita. Our house is near the second lane. (sem. domains: - Road.)
eskrima [eskríma] vi To fence with a sword (as in the sport of fencing). eskrimahán (sem. domains: - Block, dam up.)
eskul [eskúl] n School. (sem. domains: 3.6.2 - School.)
eskupidor [eskupidór] n A spitoon (as in a receptacle for spit or saliva). duraan Dapat gador nak tabunan nato kag ato eskupidor. It is a must that we cover the spitoon. (sem. domains: 5.2.4 - Tobacco.)
eskwela [eskwéla/iskwela ] n Student; pupil; schoolboy; schoolgirl. (sem. domains: 3.6 - Teach.) der. eskwelahan
eskwelahan [eskwélahan/iskwelahan ] (der. of eskwela) n School. eskwelahan (sem. domains: 3.6.2 - School.)
espada [espáda] n A plant which has white flowers and sword-like stems. (sem. domains: 1.5.2 - Bush, shrub.)
espanyol [espanyól] n Fruit species; medium sized yellow banana fruit. (sem. domains: - Food from fruit.)
esperma [espérma] n Paraffin wax (Spanish). (sem. domains: - Oil.)
esplika [espliká] v To explain. paliwanag Kaling mga kabataan ngasing, wayaey nakakasador kina dahil nak katong iba pang maguyang ay waya ra gieesplikahan ninra sa inra mga anak. The youth nowadays don’t know about him because those other older folks didn’t explain these things to their children. (sem. domains: - Known, unknown.)
estado [estádo] n State. estado (sem. domains: 2.6.4 - Stage of life.)
estante [estánte] n Built-in shelves. eskaparate Maado kag pagkakamada it mga paninra sa estante. The store items are well-aranged on the shelves. (sem. domains: - Cabinet.)
esti-esti [esti-ésti] v To put up a fuss, tantrum, turn, before accepting anything. Tong ida anak ay napaesti-esti anay bag-o kumaon. Her child puts up a fuss before eating. (sem. domains: - Reject.)
estimar [estimár] (dial. var. amuma) v To be hospitable; to take care of somebody’s needs. (sem. domains: - Welcome, receive.)
estrikto [estríkto] adj Strict; severe in discipline. Dahil sa estrikto kag inra mga maestra kada nakatuon it maado kag mga eskwela. Because their teachers were strict that’s why their pupils learned well. (sem. domains: - Act harshly.)