Asi - English


hamtang [hámtang] loc Location (as to where somebody is). lugar Si Emilio ay hagto pa sa hamtang kung hariin kag ida mga kapwa sundalo ay nakapwesto. Emilio is also there in the location where his fellow soldiers are positioned. (sem. domains: 8.5 - Location, 8.5.4 - Area.)
han-adan [han-ádan] n Wooden rollers with spikes for spinning, skeining abaca thread.??? (sem. domains: 6.6.1 - Working with cloth, - Spinning thread, 6.6.3 - Working with wood.)
hana [hanâ] 1adj Positioned and ready to compete, fight, use. umang (sem. domains: - Sports, 6.7 - Tool, - Weapon, shoot.) 2vt To get positioned and ready to compete, fight; to hold a weapon, implement poised and ready for use. Tong inra ahanaon kag inra damot para magsuntukan, ingsaway sinra it pulis. When they positioned their hand and they were ready to box at each other, the police stopped them. Inghanaan yang nida nak alapuhon kag anak, pero kali ay nagtibawey. He was just in a position towards the child to whip him, but he already cried. (sem. domains: - Sports, 6.7 - Tool, - Weapon, shoot.)
hanagob [hanágob] 1time Late at night; the dark of night. gabing-gabi na Hanagobey kami nag-abot dahil igwa’t mga banlas sa rayanan. We arrived late in the evening because there were many landslides on the way. syn: ramay 2, puka 2.1. (sem. domains: - Night.) 2vi To stay up late at night. Nagpahanagob sinra ni Fred it istorya dahil karugay nak waya sinra gikinita-an. Since he and Fred haven’t seen each other for a long time, they stayed up late at night telling stories. (sem. domains: - Night.) 3vi To be kept up late at night by something or somebody. Permi kag doktor nahahanaguban dahil karamong di sakit nak inaatendiran. The doctor is always kept up late at night because he has many patients to attend to. (sem. domains: - Night.)
hanap [hánap] 1vbt To look for something or somebody somewhere (usually for something which is misplaced or lost). hanap Ahanapon nako kag ako relo sa hilamunon. I’ll look for my watch in the grass. Inghanapan ako nida it kabulig. She looked for a helper for me. Mahanap kuno sida is isra sa merkado. She said she would look for fish in the market. (sem. domains: 7.6.1 - Search, 7.6.2 - Find.) 2n Source of income. Waya sida’t ibang hanap kundi ay magpamunit. He has no other source of income besides fishing. (sem. domains: 6.8.6 - Money, - Make profit.) 3vbt To earn money; to look for a way, job to get money. Kaling mga anak ay naghahanap it kwarta sa parayan it pag sag-ob. These children are earning money by carrying water. (sem. domains: 7.6.1 - Search.) 4vt To long for, crave something or somebody (as of alcohol, a parent who has died, a special food when one is pregnant). Ato nahahanapan kag ginuya it mga anak pag ya’t nagpapali. When no children come here, we miss their laughter. (sem. domains: - Enjoy doing something, - Appear, 3.3 - Want.)
hanay [hánay] vt To reserve; to save up something; to set aside for a purpose (as of money, food). laan Kaling tahaw nak pagkaon ay ihanay nako para sa kalag. I will reserve these food offerings for the souls of the dead. syn: tigana, laan 2.1, yain, tura 1, sobra 1. (sem. domains: 5.2 - Food, - Set self apart.)
hanayhay [hanáyhay] n Slope, incline. dalisdis (sem. domains: - Leaning, sloping.)
handog [handóg] 1n A gift; reward. (sem. domains: 4.9.6 - Heaven, hell, 4.1.1 - Friend, - Give, donate, - Girlfriend, boyfriend.) 2vbt To give something as a gift; to reward with something. Ginghandugan kami nida it usang kanta. She gave us a song. (sem. domains: - Give, donate.)
hanga₁ [hangâ] v To admire somebody for something. Abang hanga kag mga tawo sa kabuot it ida lola. People greatly admired her grandmother for being so kind. (sem. domains: - Like, love.)
hanga₂ [hángà ] vbt To marvel at; to admire; to fall in love. humánga Ahangaan nimo nak gador katong inra palabas isag sa gab-i. You’ll really admire their show tonight. Napapahanga ako sa imo mga buyak. I admire your flowers very much. Inghahangaan nako kag ida kagandahan. I admire her beauty. Naghahanga ako sa ida kahugor magpananom. I admire his industry in planting. (sem. domains: - Like, love, - Look, - Beautiful.) der. taga-hanga
hangag [hangág] adj Disorderly; untidy; disorganised. burara Si Bebi ay hangag it ida mga gamit. Bebi is very disorderly with her things. (sem. domains: - Lack self-control, - Untidy.)
hangang-hanga [hangang-hángà] adv Awe; amazement; reverential fear; admiration. Kag mga tawo ay hangang-hanga sa ida mga ging bisaya sa miting. The people were amazed by what he said during the meeting. (sem. domains: - Surprise, - Pleased with, - Happy, - Like, love.)
hangar [hangár] 1vbt To look up to, admire, hold in esteem, respect. tingala Naghangar sida kada ida nakita kag pugar it pispis. She looked up so she saw the bird’s nest. (sem. domains: 4.3.2 - Admire someone, - Popular, - Like, love.) 2vt To aspire to; desire to be, do. hangad Naghahangar sida nak mapasahan kag eksamen. She’s aspiring to pass the examination. Ahangaron nako kag pagraog sa butuhan. A am aspiring to victory in the election. syn: hanrom 1, timyas. (sem. domains: 3.3 - Want, - Win.)
hangaw-hangaw [hángaw-hángaw] n Heat, steam, smell coming from, rising off somewhere (as of steam from cooking, heat off a road forming a mirage, the smell after removing shoes). nangangamoy (sem. domains: 8.3.4 - Hot, 2.2.6 - Sweat, 2.3.4 - Smell, - Cooking methods.)
hanger [hánger] n Coat-hanger. hánger (sem. domains: 5.3 - Clothing.)
hanggang [hanggáng] 1prep Until (as of pre-span-end time). hanggang Nagtiner ako ruto hanggang Lunes. I stayed there until Monday. 2conj Until when something happens. Ingbuyar ninra sa adlaw hanggang mauga. They dried it in the sun until dry. (sem. domains: - Until.) 3conj While (as of simultaneous events). Indi ako magbakay hanggang nagbibisaya ikaw. I won’t buy while you are talking. Hanggang waya pa sinra it sarili nak bayay dili maistar sinra sa amo. While they still don’t have a house of their own here they will live at our place. Mabisaya ako hanggang indi sida magbakay. I will talk until she buys it (lit: ‘I will talk while she does not buy). syn: miyentras, habang, hastang 2, samantalang. (sem. domains: 8.4.1 - Period of time.) 4conj As long as something is happening. Hanggang nagtatrabaho sida waya ako’t mabibisaya. As long as he does the work I have no objection. (sem. domains: - Markers of transition, 3.3 - Want, - Speak with others.) 5conj Unless (as of unfulfilled condition giving rise to an unfulfilled result). Hanggang waya’t kwarta si Rosa, indi kita makakasuyor sa sine. Unless Rosa has some money we won’t be able to go to the movies. (sem. domains: - Condition.)
hanggang dili yangey [hanggáng díli yangéy] idiom - Convert to subentry That’s all I have to say; I’ll close now; farewell (as in ending a letter). Hanggang dili yangey kag ako gustong ipaabot sa inro. That’s just all I have to say to all of you. (sem. domains: - Listen.)
hanggang rili yang [hánggang ríli yang] adj This is the end! as when exasperated (lit. until here only). hanggang dito lang (sem. domains: 3.4.2 - Feel bad.)
hangin [hángin] (irreg. infl. kahangin) 1n Air; atmosphere. (sem. domains: 1.1.2 - Air.) 2n Wind. (sem. domains: - Wind.) 3v To blow (as of the wind, air). hangín (sem. domains: - Blow air, - Wind.) 4vi To be blown on by the wind; to get a chill from the wind (as of the air, wind blowing on somebody and causing them to get sick). Ingtabawan ka ida bituka dahil nahanginan tong nagkatuyog sida sa sayog nak waya’t banig. He got wind in his abdomen because of the chill he got when he slept on the floor without a sleeping mat. Nahanginan kag anak pag sakay sa dyip. The child got air in his body when he rode in the jeep. Dapat nak mahanginan kag pagkaon agor indi magpan-os. It’s necessary to allow air to get into the food so it won’t spoil. [Air and wind are seen to cause many problematic physical conditions, pain and sicknesses e.g. it enters one's body, veins, abdomen, digestive system, eyes. It seems to cause what is called "getting a chill" when the wind blows on one, especially babies, during a trip in an open vehicle, causing colds, fevers, pain etc.. "Wind, gas, air" are also said to collect in one's stomach causing pain and flatulence. Massage is a common treatment to remove the "wind, air" from one's ugát "blood vessels, nerves, sinews etc.".] (sem. domains: 2.2.2 - Cough, sneeze.) comp. nahampak it hangin , comp. nahanginan kag uyo , comp. pabor ka hangin , comp. pay inggwat hangin , comp. tipras hangin , der. hangin-hanginon , der. mahangin , id. puro hangin , id. tamang hangin
hangin-hanginon [hangin-hanginón] (der. of hangin) adj Bragging (as of a proud person who brags about themselves i.e. like the English "full of hot air"). (sem. domains: - Boast.)
hangir [hángir] n Hanger, for clothes. Butangan sa hangir kinang imo baro para indi mayuko. You put your dress on a hanger so that it won’t be crumpled. (sem. domains: 5.3 - Clothing.)
hangit₁ [hangít] (der. of hangit) adj Angry; having strong hatred, hate towards someone. (sem. domains: - Angry, - Hate, ill will.)
hangit₂ [hángit] (fr. var. mahangit) 1n Anger; hate; hatred. (sem. domains: - Angry, - Hate, ill will.) 2v To be, become angry; to hate, have hatred for somebody/something. galít Nahangit sida sa iro nak palabatok. She got angry with the dog that kept on barking. Nahangit si Nene sa nagbaoy it ida lapis. Nene got angry at the one who took her pencil. (sem. domains: - Angry, - Hate, ill will.) comp. hangit sa kwarta , der. hangit , der. kahangit , der. mahangiton
hangit sa kwarta [hángit sa kwárta] (comp. of hangit, kwarta) id To spend a lot of money quickly. [lit. angry/hate at money] galít sa pera (sem. domains: - Spend.)
hango [hángò] vt To copy something; to imitate something (as of speech, action). Ihanguon it inra maestro tong mga maadong ingbisaya it inra pinuno sa ida diskurso. Their teacher will copy the good things their leader said in his speech. (sem. domains: 3.5.2 - Make speech, - Voice, 3.5.1 - Say.)