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hapay [hápay] 1adj Blown down (by wind or rain). (sem. domains: - Wind, - Rain, 7.9.3 - Destroy.) 2vi To become blown down by wind or rain. Naghapay kag mga tanom pag bagyo. The plants became blown down during the typhoon. (sem. domains: - Wind, - Rain, 7.9.3 - Destroy.)
haphap [háphap] vt To touch lightly as when touching a person, to feel ones way around with arms out-stretched in front (as in the dark or as of a blind person); to feel one’s body in search for something. kapkap Pagpayong it iwag, nagsisighaphapan kag mga tawo sa bayay. When the lights went out, the people in the house were all feeling their way around in the dark. syn: kapkap, pig-on, ramgo 2.1, run-an. (sem. domains: 2.3.5 - Sense of touch.)
hapin [hapín] 1n Place-mat; doiley; shelf paper; sheet; tablecloth. sapín Abunakan nako kag ako hapin it katri insulip. I’ll wash my sheets tomorrow. Gamita kinang hapin para indi ka mahirapan magkaon ag indi ka mabulingan. Use that placemat so you won’t have difficulty eating and you won’t get dirty. (sem. domains: - Eating utensil, - Table.) 2v To put something underneath something else for a purpose (usually said of cloth, paper). Ahapinan nako it napkin kag kape dahil mainit pa. I’ll put the napkin under the cup of coffee because it’s still hot. (sem. domains: 5.1 - Household equipment.)
hapis₁ [hapís] adj Gaunt, drawn, hollow (as of the face, appearance of a sick person). (sem. domains: 2.4.2 - Weak, 2.4.4 - Tired.)
hapis₂ [hápis] vbt To miss hitting something (ball in a game, objects thrown to somebody). daplis Inghapisan nida kag bola it ida pamakoy. She missed hitting the ball with her bat. (sem. domains: - Game.)
hapit [hapít] adj Close fitting, clinging clothes. masikip Abang hapit kag soksok nidang baro. She’s wearing a close fitting dress. (sem. domains: - Wrong, unsuitable, 5.3 - Clothing.)
haplas [háplas] (Phonologial Variant haplos) v To wipe, rub, spread on oil, pomade, gel, lotion, medicine; to anoint with oil (as of on the skin or hair). pahid Inghaplas ni Laning tong anak ni Mina tong magkasakit. Laning rubbed oil on Mina’s child when it got sick. (sem. domains: 5.4.5 - Anoint the body, 2.5.7 - Treat disease, 5.4.3 - Care for hair, 7.7.5 - Rub.)
haplit [háplit] 1n The lash with a whip. (sem. domains: 4.7.7 - Punish.) 2vt To whip somebody. palo Ahapliton nako kag iro it higot. I’ll whip the dog with a rope. syn: lapo, lamba, upak. (sem. domains: 4.7.7 - Punish, - Weapon, shoot.)
haplos [háplos] Phonologial Variant haplas
hapnit [hápnit] vt To grab, snatch something. halbot It yang nida gihapnita katong bag it maguyang nak kabade. In a moment he grabbed the bag of the old lady. syn: yabni, agaw 1.
hapo [hápò] vi To puff; to pant; to be breathless. hapo Inghapo kag anak pag langoy it marugay. The child became breathless after swimming for a long time. syn: hagak 2, hika 1. (sem. domains: 2.2.1 - Breathe, breath, 2.4.4 - Tired.)
hapo-hapo [hapo-hapô] v To caress, to touch tenderly, to touch lightly so as to calm or settle a child. (sem. domains: - Comfortable, - Touch.)
hapok [hapók] v To hit hard on the bottom, spank a child. (sem. domains: 4.7.7 - Punish.)
hapon₁ [hapón] n Nylon line for fishing (Calatrava). tali (sem. domains: - Fish with hooks.)
hapon₂ [hápon] time 1Afternoon. hápon (sem. domains: 1.1.1 - Sun.) 2Dusk. takipsílim (sem. domains: 1.1.1 - Sun.) comp. itahapon kag hapon , der. itahapon , der. matighapon
hapones [Hapónes/a] n Japanese man/woman. Hapones Inglusob it mga gerilya kag kampo it mga hapones tong tyempo gera. The guerillas attacked the Japanese camp during the war. (sem. domains: - Country.)
haponey [háponey] n Late afternoon. hapon na (sem. domains: - Time of the day.)
hapri [haprî] vi A sharp pain. hapdì Naghahapri ka ida ugar pagnasasabonan. Her wound tingles like pinpricks when soap water gets into it. (sem. domains: 2.5.6 - Symptom of disease.)
hapros [hápros] (dial. var. ading) 1vt To intentionally hurt somebody physically. Ginghapros nako kag baktin kada nag-iwik. I hurt the pig, therefore he squealed. (sem. domains: 2.5.3 - Injure.) 2vi To hurt; to experience the feeling of pain. Naghahapros kag ako ngisi. My tooth is hurting. Nagpapahapros kag nanay it ida bituka. The mother is experiencing pain in her stomach. (sem. domains: 2.5.3 - Injure.) 3vi To experience the feeling of pain; to become hurt. Ahaprusan ikaw it bituka kung makaon it badabas. You’ll get a pain in your stomach (i.e. stomachache) if you eat the guavas. (sem. domains: 2.5.3 - Injure.) 4sta To become hurt; injured. sakit Nahapros kag igot pagkahuyog nako sa bato. My rear end was hurt when I fell on the rock. (sem. domains: 2.5.3 - Injure.) 5n Physical pain. Hapros it bituka Stomach ache. Hapros it rughan. Chest pain. (sem. domains: 2.5.3 - Injure.) 6vt To intentionally hurt somebody’s feelings. Gingpahaprosan ako nida roto sa ida bisaya. She intentionally hurt me by what she said. (sem. domains: 3.4 - Emotion.) 7sta To have ones feelings hurt. Nahaprusan ako’t buot sa waya nida pagtupar it ida binisayahan. My feelings were hurt by his failure to fulfill his words. (sem. domains: 3.4 - Emotion.) comp. hapros nak pangintrimis
hapros it amindikit nababatyagan it tanang yawas [hápros it amindikit nababatyagán it tanáng yáwas] say A sore little finger, toe, felt in one's whole body (lit. pain in small digit is felt in all parts of body). sakit ng kalingkingan ramdam ng buong katawan (sem. domains: - Finger, toe.)
hapros nak pangintrimis [hápros nak pangintrimís] (comp. of hapros) exp Barbed jokes. (sem. domains: 4.2.8 - Humor.)
hapslip [hápslip] n Halfslip; petticoat; undergarment to cover below a woman's waist. panloob Kailangan nimong magsoksok it hapslip dahil kanipis kinang imo baro. It is necessary for you to wear a halfslip because your dress is very thin. (sem. domains: 5.3.2 - Women's clothing.)
hapya [hápyà] v 1To unroll and lie out flat as of sleeping mat; as of a person lying flat on their back. (sem. domains: - Horizontal.) 2To fall flat (as of leaves, a collapsed house, grass blown or flattened). Naghapya kag mga payay pagbagyo. The rice plants fell flat on the fields after the typhoon. (sem. domains: - Horizontal.) 3To flatten something. pantay Apahapyaon nako’t maado kag mga tiles sa sayog. I’ll have the tiles of the floor lie flat on it. Ahapyaon nako it maado kali nak mataas nak hilamunon. I will flatten this tall grass well. (sem. domains: - Horizontal.)
hapyas [hápyas] 1vt To brush against; to stroke; pet something (bird, animal, person). haplos Nabulingan ka ako baro paghapyas it ida yunangon nak damot. My dress got dirty when she brushed it with her muddy hands. syn: hipo-hipo, himas. (sem. domains: 5.6.1 - Clean, dirty, - Touch.) 2vt To perform this kind of ritual. haplos, pahid Inghapyas sida ni Tang Guyong. Tang Guyong performed this kind of ritual to her. Ahapyason ni Nang Inday it buhok kag ida pilinas. Nang Inday will rub her hair against her infected wound. [This ritual is done by stroking the person’s body with the leaves of a plant or human hair and mumbling things under one’s breath.] (sem. domains: - Physical, non-physical.) 3n A kind of ritual for healing a sickness that was inflicted by the evil spirit using leaves; to wash, rub with something to give a cure. (sem. domains: - Vision, hallucination, 2.5.5 - Cause of disease.)
hara-hara [hara-hará] 1vi To purr specifically of a cat. Imo baga narurunggan nak naghahara-hara kag oning ninro? Do you hear that your cat is purring? (sem. domains: - Animal sounds.) 2n Purring of a cat when stroked. (sem. domains: - Animal sounds.) 3vi To have a rattling sound in one’s chest (when one has a bronchial condition). Pagmasakit nida sa ubo, naghara-hara kag ida rughan it marugay. When she became sick with a cough, her breast rattled (as the cat’s purring) for a long time. (sem. domains: 2.2.1 - Breathe, breath.) 4n Rattling sound in one’s chest. (sem. domains: 2.2.1 - Breathe, breath.)