Asi - English


kadab₂ [kadáb] id To sell out an item very quickly. madaling maubos Pustaan, kinang ida isra ay akadabon yang it mga tawo. I bet you, the fish he’s selling will be sold out to people very quickly. (sem. domains: - Immediately, - Quick, - Sell.)
kadab-kadab [kadab-kádab] n A species of palm with fan-like fronds. (sem. domains: 1.5.1 - Tree.)
kadam-as [kadam-ás] v To scatter in all directions, as of people when frightened. (sem. domains: 7.2.2 - Move in a direction, - Move noisily.)
kadang-kadang [kadáng-kadang] n Game like pogo when walking on half coconut shells held with long string in hands or on long bamboo poles with cross-piece part way up to support the feet. (sem. domains: - Game.)
kadat [kadát/kádat ] 1adj Scattered. kalat syn: sabwag 1.1, ayumog. (sem. domains: - Leave an organization.) 2vt To scatter (as of items, dirt or a a smell); to spread something somewhere. Ingkadat nida kag papel sa rayaag. She scattered the papers in the yard.
kadaukan [kada-úkan] n Ignorance. kabobohan (sem. domains: - Known, unknown, 3.2.2 - Learn.)
kadayawan [kadayáwan] (der. of dayaw) n Worship, praise of God. (sem. domains: - Worship, - Praise.)
kadena de amor [kadéna de amor ] n A pink flowering vine often planted at cemetries known as 'chain of love.' (sem. domains: 1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine.)
kadhat adj Sharply painful throat which is likened to the sharp taste of eating unripe pomelo (as of infection in the throat). (sem. domains: 2.5.6 - Symptom of disease.)
kadikit it amo kwarto [kadikít it ámò kwárto] adj Joined wall to wall to our room; one wall between: through the wall. kadikit ng kwarto namin Ayam nako nak nag-aaway tong mag-asawa dahil kadikit it amo kwarto tong inra kwarto. I know that the couple are quarreling because their room is joined wall to wall with our room. (sem. domains: - Next to.)
kadina [kadína] n A chain (as of jewellery or for a dog). kadina (sem. domains: - Arrest, - Imprison.)
kadis [kádis] vt To scrape (as of cleaning the outside). kayod Kadisa it maado it as-is kinang mga buling sa ring-ring. Scrape the dirt on the wall well with the rough as-is leaves. syn: sapsap. (sem. domains: - Wood, 6.6.3 - Working with wood.)
kadlitan [kádlitan] n Leafy vegetable, have thorns and light sour. (sem. domains: - Food from leaves.)
kado n 1Kapok tree; silk cotton tree. bulak-kahoi [The fibers from the seed pod are extensively used for stuffing pillows and mattresses and are excellent for these purposes. Employed in making life preservers. Kapok oil, an oil resembling that of cotton-seed is extracted from the kapok seeds. The oil is used for the manufacture of soap and as a substitute for cotton-seed oil. The young leaves are eaten as a leafy vegetable. They are very good sources of calcium and iron. The tender fruit is used as an emolient. The bark is employed as a vomitive. Brewd into a decoction it is regarded as a specific in febrile catarrh] Ceiba Pentandra 2Kapok, as of the cotton-like fiber, padding, used in pillows, cushions. (sem. domains: 1.5.1 - Tree.)
kados [kádos] vbt To scrape something such as coconut meat out of the nut. kayud Ingkados nida kag mga butong nak dulsihon. She scraped the meat of the green coconut to be used for dessert. (sem. domains: - Remove shell, skin, - Steps in food preparation.)
kadupit [kadúpit] excl Yuk! (as of someone, something despited) (sem. domains: - Disgusted.)
kadupitan [kadupítan] n Dirt; sin; defilement. dumi, kasalanan (sem. domains: 5.6.1 - Clean, dirty.)
kadyos [kádyos] n Plant species; pigeon pea or cow pea which is eaten as a vegetable by people or fed to animals. kalios [The seeds are very rich in carbohydrates and also have a high protein content. They are only fair in calcium and iron, but are good sources of vitamin B.] Cajanus Cajan (sem. domains: 6.3.6 - Poultry raising, 1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine.)
kag [kág] (irreg. infl. ka) 1case The (which is the non-personal nominative case marker for the item in focus). ang Nagkakatuyog pa kag anak. The child is still sleeping. Isugnar nako kag kaldero sa kalan. I will put the pot on the stove. (sem. domains: - Demonstrative pronouns.) 2temp Specific year. Tuna kag 1983 nag-iistar ako dili. I’ve lived here since the year 1983. 3temp While, when (as of simultaneous time). Kag nagtatrabaho kono sida sa Maynila, marako ka ida sweldo. While he was working in Manila they say he got a high wage. 4temp Last; Back in those times. 5temp As soon as (as of simultaneous or overlapping events). Kag makita nako sida nakilaya nako sida nak raan. As soon as I saw her I recognised her at once. id. kag alas otso it aga
kag alas otso it aga (id. of kag) time at eight o’clock (earlier) this morning. (sem. domains: 8.4 - Time.)
kag asawa ay puyding bayduhan pero kag nanay ay indi [kag asáwa ay púyding baydúhan péro kag nánay ay índì] id Only one mother (lit: spouses can be changed but a mother can't). (sem. domains: - Word.)
kag isra ay indi marakop sa ibang parti it yawas k... [kag isrâ ay índì marakóp sa ibáng párti it yáwas k] id Fish are not caught by another part of it’s body except just by his own mouth (ie, a person is caught out by his own words). (sem. domains: - Take by force.)
kag isra ay sa yuba nararakop [kag isrâ ay sa yúbà nararakóp] (comp. of isra, yuba, rakop) say A person who has done wrong will be caught out by his own words. [lit: the fish is caught in the mouth] (sem. domains: - Known, unknown.)
kag mga nakasuyat sa lapida [kag mga nakasúyat sa lapidá] (say. of suyat) n Epitaph. ang nakasúlat sa lápidá (sem. domains: - Funeral, - Grave.)
kag tawo nak mahirap gipukawon ay kag tawo nak dat... [kag táwo nak mahírap gipukáwon ay kag tawo nak dát] say It’s hard to renew the interest of somebody who was previously interested but has let their interest wane (lit:‘the hardest person to awaken is the person who had woken up previously’ as of somebody who is immune to the importance of a known truth). ang taong mahirap gisingin ay ang taong dati ng gising (sem. domains: - Disappointed, - Lose consciousness.)