Asi - English


mabuka₂ [mabúka] (der. of buka) adj Spacious. (sem. domains: 8.2.5 - Big area.)
mabukadora [mabukadóra] adj Flatterer; has a way with words! (sort of bad). Kada nagraog tong mayor sa inra ay mabukadora magbisaya sa mga tawo. That’s why that mayor in their place won because he is sort of flatterer when talking to people.
mabukilya [mabukílya] adj Good with sales talk; a salesman type. mabuka Karamo nak libro nak nabaligya ni May dahil mabukilya sida. May was able to sell many books because she has a good sales talk.
mabukor [mabúkor] adj Fat, round; chubby (as of food like bananas or flesh of a child). mataba Mabukor kag braso it kinang anak ni Carrie. Carrie’s child has chubby arms.
mabuling [mabulíng] (der. of buling) adj Dirty. (sem. domains: 5.6.1 - Clean, dirty.)
mabulo [mabúlo] n Red fruit shaped like a ball. mabulo
mabuot [mabú-ot] (der. of buot) adj 1Kind; gentle; nice; good; polite (as of someone with all the good character and personality qualities. It is also said of God). mabait Kag mga tawo kuno sa Bantoon ay mga mabuot. They said that the people in Bantoon are kind and hospitable. (sem. domains: 4.3.4 - Do good to, 4.9.1 - God.) 2Alert; responsive; good; happy; well behaved (as of a contented baby). (sem. domains: - Baby.) 3Sensible, polite, responsible, mature for one's age (as of a well behaved child). (sem. domains: - Intelligent.) 4Tame, quiet (as of animals that won't bite, charge somebody). (sem. domains: 1.6 - Animal.)
mabuyungon [mabuyungón] (der. of buyong) adj Easily becomes homesick, lonely. (sem. domains: - Lonely.)
macaroni salad [macaroni salad] n Boiled macaroni, rinsed, fruit cocktail, mayonnaise and Nestle cream to which tiny pieces of torn cooked chicken flesh are added together with small pieces of par-boiled carrot. (sem. domains: 5.2.3 - Types of food.)
macho [mácho] n Stud; hunk. (sem. domains: 4.3.2 - Admire someone.)
mada [máda] n Bird species; Chestnut mannikin, rice bird; sparrow; woodpecker. batúktok Lonchura malacca. (sem. domains: - Bird.)
madabas [madábas] n Fruit species; guava. The leaves contain tannin on dry weight, certain amount of resin, a fat and some eugenol. Astringent decoction of the leaves is given for stomach ache and as a vermifuge. The bark and leaves are used in childbirth to expel the placenta. The fruit is extensively used in the manufacture of jellies. The bark and leaves are astringent, vulnerary, and when used in decoction are antidiarrhetic. bayabas Psidium Guajava (Linn.) (sem. domains: 1.5.1 - Tree, - Food from plants.)
madamada [madamadá] n Tiny edible mushrooms. kabuti Puro mada-mada kag amo naabutan nak ligbos dahil adlawey kami gighanap. We only got all tiny mushrooms because it was later in the day when we looked for some.
madansi [madánsi] adj Smelly, sticky fluid under the fatty skin of a bird. malansa [It is wiped away with paper or coconut husk or it will give a bad smell to cooking.]
madla [mádlà] vt To realize one’s mistake; to learn one’s lesson. dálà Nagmadla ra nak gador tong huli kag mananakaw. In the end the thief learned his lesson. Waya gihapon namamadla kaling preso ay napresoey gani sida. The thief hasn’t learn his lesson when he was already imprisoned.
madrasta [madrásta] n Stepmother. madrasta [It is assumed that it will be difficult for step-children to get along with them. There is often a difficulty with sharing an inheritance with the children from different marriages.] (sem. domains: - Father, mother, - Related by marriage.)
madre [mádre] 1n Nun. 2vi To become a nun. mádre Apamadrehon kuno ni Auntie Geling si Maricor. Auntie Geling will let Maricor become a nun.
madri kakaw [mádri kakáw] n Tree species; a herbal medicine tree (used to shade coffee) which is also harvested for lumber. Nagtanom sinra it madri kakaw sa habig it bayay. They’ve planted a madri kakaw tree beside the house. (sem. domains: 6.5.3 - Building materials, - Medicinal plants.)
madrino [madríno/madrína] 1n Principal, main sponsors at a wedding. (male/female terms) [Such sponsors join in a pseudo parent relationship with the couple being married, and in a pseudo sibling relationship with the parents of the couple.] (sem. domains: - Ceremony, 4.1.9 - Kinship, - Social group.) 2vi To become a principal sponsor at a wedding. ninang/ninong Nagmadrina sida sa kasay ni Inteng. He became a principal sponsor at Inteng’s wedding. (sem. domains: - Ceremony, 4.1.9 - Kinship, - Social group.)
madupit [madupít] (der. of dupit) adj Dirty, muddy, filthy. (sem. domains: 5.6.1 - Clean, dirty.)
maduta [madutâ] (der. of duta) adj Soft (texture); tender (as of meat). malambót Kag ako niyagang karne ay madutaey. The meat I boiled is already tender. (sem. domains: - Soft, flimsy, - Dense, - Smooth.) comp. maduta it payar
maduta it ilong [madutâ it ilong] (id. of duta) adj Easily persuaded, influenced, swayed; gullible (as of someone who will believe nice words and can be led astray or someone who will give money willingly and is a "soft touch"). [lit. soft of nose] syn: raya 2, kumbinse 1, mariyag-unon, marali maraya. (sem. domains: - Persuade.)
maduta it payar [madutâ it payár] (comp. of maduta, duta, payar) adj Not hard working; lazy (as of somebody who has soft, uncallused hands from sitting around). [lit: soft of palm-of-hand] [This was a criticism of prospective suitors when parents shook hands with them, and they knew that the boy had no calluses on his hands from working hard in the fields. This would be the opposite now in many families, because those with the high paying jobs have the soft hands! ] (sem. domains: - Smooth.)
maduta it puso [madutâ it púsò] (id. of duta) adj Tender hearted; soft hearted. [lit: soft of heart] (sem. domains: 4.3.4 - Do good to.)
madyik [mádyik] n Magic. Sa circus ay makakakita ka it iba’t-ibang klasing madyik. In a circus you can see different kinds of magic.