Asi - English


nako [nákò] (der. of ako) pro My, mine (as of the 1st person singular, genitive or possessive pronoun which follows a noun or stands alone). comp. ayam nako
nalampaso kamo sa idamo [nalampáso kamó sa idamô] v To be defeated in the game; to be "walked over", "polished off"; "they ran all over you". (sem. domains: - Sports.)
nalansi [nalansí] v To take drastic action regarding a problem; to outwit, trick , fool. (sem. domains: - Deceive, - Use a person.)
nali [nálì] v To persistently do something unacceptable, inappropriate; to abuse somebody’s kindness. Nahangitey sida sa mga hali nak pay nananaliey ra it kahahagar it bulig. She is already irritated with her relatives because they seem to abuse her kindness by constantly asking for help.
nalihis kag kidakida [nalíhis kag kidakidá] n Twisted gut, intestines as of emotional center of fear in the pit of one's stomach, moves. It is calmed by spiritual massage person (manughilot). (sem. domains: 3.4.2 - Feel bad.)
nalimtan maghingab [nalimtan maghingáb] v Lit. forgot to breathe. (sem. domains: 2.6.6 - Die.)
nalipasan it gutom [nalipásan it gútom] v To pass one's mealtime; to go too long without a meal, food. (sem. domains: - Hungry, thirsty.)
nalipran it rampog [nalipran it rámpog] adj Hidden by cloud of the sun. (sem. domains: - Cloud.)
namamanghuran yang nako it usang tuig (id. of manghor) idiom - Convert to subentry Younger by 1 year. Namamanghuran yang nako it usang tuig tong amo makina. Iam just younger by 1 year to our sewing machine.
namatay [namatáy] v To die. (sem. domains: 2.6.6 - Die.)
namatay kag isip₁ (say. of isip) adj To give up an idea; to lose one’s memory (lit: ‘thought/mind died’). Tong sida ay magkasakit ay pay namatayey ra kag ida isip. When he got sick it seemed like he lost his memory.
namatay kag isip₂ [namatáy kag ísip] 11.1idiom - Convert to subentry To give up an idea (lit: ‘the mind/thought dies’). namatay ang pag-iisip Kag ida isip ay pay namatay pagkasador nida nak kag ida asawa ay nagnunot sa ibang kayaki. He seemed to give up the idea when he knew his wife was keeping company with another man. 22.1idiom - Convert to subentry To lose one’s memory (lit: ‘the mind/thought dies’).
namatay kag isip₃ [namatáy kag ísip] (id. of patay) idiom - Convert to subentry To give up an idea; to lose one’s memory (lit: ‘thought died’).
namatyan [namátyan] n The bereaved. namatayan Rugay mabaoy kag kalisor it mga namatyan. It took a long while for the bereaved to overcome their sorrow.
namî [namî] n Peanut; ground nut; small root crop used as a vegetable. Kag gingkakaon it mga mangyan ay namo. Negritos in Mindoro eat the small root crop. (sem. domains: - Food from roots.)
namo₁ [námò] (der. of amo) pro Our (as of 1st person plural exclusive genitive or possessive pronoun which follows a noun or stands alone).
namo₂ [namô ] n Atuber like 'ubi, but white, and poisonous unless processed properly. The poison must be removed by washing, slicing, washing again and drying in the sun before cooking. [Eaten cooked, used as food in times of famine. The yellow juice is used for bleaching clothes, used in bleaching abaca fiber. The tubers, raw or cooked, are used as an anodyne and maturative in cases ot tumors and buboes, and also against arthritic and rheumatic pains and similar afflictions.] Dioscorea Hispida (sem. domains: - Food from roots.)
namok [namók] n Mosquito. lamok Magraya ka it moskitiro dahil abang ramong manok dili. Bring a mosquito net because there are so many mosquitos here.
namumu-ot [namumu-ót] (der. of mu-ot) v To love, be in love with someone. (sem. domains: - Romantic love.)
nana [nánà] 1n Pus. nánà 2adj With pus 3vi To run with pus. Nagnana pa ka ako ugar. My wound is still running with pus.
nana nali [nana nalî] PH To take advantage of somebody; to be act in a presumptuous abusive way. (sem. domains: - Use a person.)
nanali [nanálì] vi To take advantage of somebody; to become abusive. namimihasa Nananali sida it pangbaoy it amo mga gamit. She’s abusive in taking our things. syn: hinaom, abuso 2.
nanam [nanám] adj Smooth, creamy texture of food. nanam Abang nanam raw kag hinog nak tisa. Ripe “tisa” fruit is so very creamy in texture.
nanang [nánang] (irreg. infl. nang) n Respected mother; respected older woman (as of a formal respectful term of address). inay Nagpanaw kag ako nanang pa merkado. My mother went to the market. [nánang 'mother' is the formal honorific form and is shortened to nang 'older woman' for any older woman.] (sem. domains: 4.5.5 - Honor, 4.1.9 - Kinship.)
nanay [nánay] (irreg. infl. nay) n Mother (as of the normative term of address). iná [This is M (+1). The shortened form is nay 'Mom, Mommy'. Some people use it as a term of address for any older woman.] (sem. domains: - Father, mother, 4.1.9 - Kinship.)