Asi - English


pabilog₁ [pabílog] (der. of bilog) 1adj Being made round in shape (as of a flat circular shape or round balls). (sem. domains: - Concave, - Round.) 2v To let, make something go lumpy; to make, form into balls. (sem. domains: - Piece, - Concave, - Round.)
pabilog₂ [pabilóg] (der. of bilog) v 1To have somebody encircle, encompass something in some way (as of putting stones around a garden); to have somebody draw a circle around something. (sem. domains: - Move in a circle.) 2To make somebody put things together to handle as a whole (as of when wanting to sell fish and share the money, rather than sharing the fish themselves). (sem. domains: 8.1.6 - Whole, complete.)
pabingaw [pabíngaw] (der. of bingaw) v To have a tooth removed, pulled, extracted (as of by a dentist). (sem. domains: - Pull, - Tooth decay, - Doctor, nurse.)
pabisong [pabisóng] vi To go to town. pabayan, paluwas Nagpabisong kami it aga pa. We went down to town early. [It is normal that people living in the country on these islands often live on hills or high ground since all the islands have mountains in their centers. So going to town means going downhill.] syn: uli 1.1, balik, sapoy. (sem. domains: - Go, - Way, route, - City.)
pabitay [pabítay] (der. of bitay) v To have somebody hanged, executed by hanging by the neck until dead. (sem. domains: - Execute.)
pabitin [pabítin] (der. of bitin) 1n Hanging things (as of hanging decorations) (sem. domains: - Hang.) 2v To have somebody hang something up somewhere. (sem. domains: - Hang.)
pabitin sa krismas tri [pabítin sa Krísmas tri] (comp. of bitin) n Decorations hung on a Christmas tree. [lit: made-hang on Christmas tree] pakabit sa krismas tri Kaganda kag mga pabitin sa Krismas tri ni Norma. Norma’s hanging decorations on the Christmas tree are beautiful. (sem. domains: - Religious ceremony, 5.1.2 - Household decoration.)
pablatir [pablátir] (der. of blatir) v To have somebody's name put on the "wanted" list for a crime, to be broadcast by the police, town officials throughout a wide region. (sem. domains: - Suspect, - Written material, - Accuse, confront.) der. ipablatir
pablondi [pablóndi] (der. of blondi) v To make somebody's hair go blond (as of bleaching or spending a lot of time at the beach or fishing). (sem. domains: 2.1.5 - Hair, - White, - Change color.)
pabo [pábo] n Turkey. pabo Kami ay karamong alaga nak pabo. We keep many turkeys. (sem. domains: - Bird, - Chicken.)
pabogbog [pabógbog] (der. of bogbog) v To have somebody hit, beaten up, mugged by someone. (sem. domains: 2.5.3 - Injure, 7.7.1 - Hit.)
pabor [pabór] 1n Favor (as of a special expression of care requested from or given by somebody). (sem. domains: 4.3.4 - Do good to.) 2v To view with favor; to grant a favor, request. naaayon, pabor Ingpaburan nako kag ida pangabay nak mauna sa interbyo. I granted her request to go first for the interview. Kag ida yadag ay ingpapabor sa hangin para matulin kag ida salida. He allowed his sail to be with the wind so his sailing would be fast. (sem. domains: 4.3.4 - Do good to.) 3adj Downstream. (sem. domains: - Flow.) 4adj Downwind. (sem. domains: - Wind.) 5v To have a favorable wind; to run, sail with the wind (as of being blown by the wind); to be in line with something. pabor (sem. domains: - Wind, - Travel by water.) comp. pabor ka hangin
pabor ka hangin [pabór ka hángin] (comp. of pabor, hangin) adj Favorable winds; winds with, behind us (as of wind in the desirable direction for boat travel or winnowing rice etc.). [lit: favorable the wind] Katulin tong inra baroto makaabot sa baybay dahil pabor ka hangin. Their sail boat reached the seashore fast because of the favourable winds. (sem. domains: - Winnow grain, - Wind, - Travel by water.)
paboracay [pa-Boracay] (der. of boracay) v To go to Boracay. (sem. domains: 7.2.2 - Move in a direction.)
pabotika [pabotíka] (der. of botika) v To go to the drugstore, pharmacy, chemist (as of where medicines are sold). (sem. domains: - Medicine.)
pabubho [pabúbho] (der. of bubho) v To have a home baptism ritual performed on a newborn child (as of by an elder who performs such a ritual). (sem. domains: - Religious ceremony.)
pabubor [pabúbor] (der. of bubor) v To have somebody feed chickens, fish (as of with the seed, grain type feed which can be sprinkled). (sem. domains: 6.4.6 - Things done to animals, 6.3.6 - Poultry raising, 6.4.5 - Fishing.)
pabuda [pabúda] (der. of buda) 1n A feast, big party, celebration, banquet being put on, held in somebody's honor (including the preparation of lots of food). (sem. domains: - Celebrate.) 2vbt To have a feast, big party, celebration with lots of food put on, held in somebody’s honor. handaan Nagpabuda sinra pagtapos nida’t eskwela sa kolehiyo. They prepared a party after she finished her college studies. Ingpabudahan sida pagkapasa sa eksamin it doktor. There was a big celebration for her after she passed the exam to be a doctor. Gingpabuda ninra kag karabaw sa ida pakasay. They had a carabao for her wedding celebration. syn: kasadyahan. (sem. domains: - Celebrate.)
pabudo [pabudó] (der. of budo) n A tie, knot, bow. VERB (sem. domains: 7.5.4 - Tie.)
pabugso-bugso [pabugso-búgsò] adj On and off, gusting intermittently (as of wind). (sem. domains: - Interrupt, - Wind.)
pabuhat [pabúhat] (der. of buhat) 1n Offerings of food that are made to dead ancestors, evil spirits. nag-aalay Bawat pista it minatay ay inggwa gador kami it pabuhat sa altar. During all souls day we always have offering to the souls of the dead. (sem. domains: - Offering, sacrifice.) 2v To make food offerings to the souls of the dead. (sem. domains: - Offering, sacrifice.)
pabukal [pabukál] (der. of bukal) v To get, make a source of water (as of a spring or well). Ingrayuman nida kag human nak artesyan para apabukalon kag rakong tubi. He had dug deeper hole for the artesian well in order to have a good source of water. (sem. domains: - Spring, well.)
pabukar [pabúkar] v 1To make somebody open something up to examine the contents (as of a suitcase full of clothes etc.). (sem. domains: 7.3.6 - Open.) 2To make somebody open up, reveal details about something private, unknown (as of one’s past life etc.). (sem. domains: - Admit.)
pabukas [pabukás] (der. of bukas) v 1To have somebody open something (as of a door, tin of sardines etc.). (sem. domains: 7.3.6 - Open.) 2To have somebody turn on a machine (as of a radio, light, stove etc.). (sem. domains: - Radio, television, 6.6.8 - Working with machines.)
pabukir [pabukír] (der. of bukir) v 1To go into the countryside, country (as of hilly country outside a town which may or may not be cultivated).. (sem. domains: - Countryside, - Go.) 2To go up into the hilly countryside, hills. (sem. domains: - Mountain, - Go, - Move up.)