Asi - English


rila-rílà [rila-rila] n Cakes of sticky rice in an oblong shape. (sem. domains: - Food from seeds.)
rilag adj Shiney, glittering, sparkling jewelry. (sem. domains: 5.4.1 - Jewelry, - Shine.)
rilam [rilám] vbt To poke out one’s tongue at somebody (as of children when angry). dilám Tong ako gingpangutana tong anak it ida ngayan ay waya gisabat kundi ay ingpakarilaman pa ako nida. When I asked the child of his name, he didn’t answer, instead he poked out his tongue at me.
rilham [rilhám] vbt To flare up in anger; to get angry; to make somebody get angry. ginalit Ingrilhaman ni Rolly tong kalaban ni Lito para magsuntukan ray sinra. Rolly made Lito’s opponent so angry that they boxed each other.
rili [rilí] (dial. var. hali; dial. var. dili; irreg. infl. rilio) 1loc Here (as of a close at hand location left, reached or mentioned in relation to other things). dito Hariin rili tong binhi it kayabasa? Whereabouts here are those squash seeds? (sem. domains: 8.5.1 - Here, there.) 2time At this time (as of the very time of an event). (sem. domains: 8.4 - Time.) comp. rili banda
rili banda [ríli bánda] (comp. of rili, banda) loc Somewhere around, near here; in this place, vicinity. [lit: here vicinity] (sem. domains: - Spatial location of an event.)
rilingga [rilíngga] 11.1n Blanket stitch. 22.1n The rope sewn on the edge of the sail.
rilio [rilí-o] irreg. infl. of rili
rilip [rilíp] n Used clothes given or sold (usually from the States or a relief agency). lumang damit
rilyebo [rilyébo] vbt To take turns guarding; to relive somebody guarding, watching. rilyébo, kapalit Arilyebuhan anay ka nako agor maka-katuyog ka ra. I’ll relieve you first from guarding so you can also sleep.
rilyebo tres [rilyébo tres] nmrl Thirty years of age (lit: three tens, decades). Si Fe ay rilyebo tres ey naasawa. Fe got married at the age of thirty.
rilyeno [rilyéno] n Rolled pork or fish: a mixture of tomato, onion and spices is placed on the meat (and rolled up) or inside the fish, which is then grilled. Abang lasa kag pagkayuto ni Mamay it rilyeno. Mamay was able to cook a very delicious roiled meat dish. (sem. domains: - Steps in food preparation.)
rim [rim] n Rim of a bicycle wheel. (sem. domains: 6.7.6 - Holding tool.)
rima n Fruit species; breadfruit. It is not eaten raw but is cooked as an excellent vegetable. It is either boiled and sliced and served with coconut and sugar, or it is sliced and fried, or it is baked, it can also be steamed or sliced and french-fried. It is a good source of vitamins B and G. It is also made into a candy or sweet. rímas Artocarpus communis (sem. domains: - Food from fruit.)
rimati₁ [rimáti] vi The constant ringing of the bells which signals the start of mass. rimati Tong nagririmatiey sa simbahan, imaw pa yang ninra it paghalin sa inra bayay. When the church bells kept ringing to signal the start of mass, it was only at that time they left their home.
rimati₂ [rimáti] vt To foreclose on a mortgage. rimati Narimati kag nakaprenda nak duta ni Juan dahil waya nida natubos. Juan’s land that was mortgaged was foreclosed because he wasn’t able to redeem it.
rimedyo [rimédyo] vbt To try to get, acquire, obtain, something (like money, viand). rimedyo Nagrimedyo sida it kwarta sa pagbaligya it isra. She tried to make money by selling fish. Arimedyuhon nako kag otan sa merkado. I’ll try to get vegetables in the market. Ingremedyuhan nako sida it pamaskwa sa inro. I tried to get something from her for you for Christmas.
rimorke [rimórke] n To row a dinghy ahead of the attached ship, and pull it along due to no wind; becalmed conditions. (sem. domains: - Calm, rough.)
rimoy [rimóy] v To get, obtain, acquire, avail of something. nakakuha Waya gador ako nakarimoy it isra dahil ingraya tanan pa Odiongan. I wasn’t able to get any of fish because it was all brought to Odiongan.
rimrim [rímrim] vbt To sip something noisily to taste it. hígop Arimriman anay nimo tong abakyon nak tuba kung katam-is. You first sip a little of the coconut wine to see if it’s sweet. (sem. domains: - Manner of eating.)
rimulyedo [rimulyédo] v To have a problem going round-and-round in ones mind. naluko Lalong nagrimulyedo kag ida asawa tong sida ay magpangabadi. Even more the problem goes round and round in his wife’s mind when he has a mistress.
rinagipon [rinagípon] v To gather together, around fast (as of a crowd). kalumpon Marali magrinagipon kag mga tawo kung di away. People quickly gather around if there’s a quarrel.
rinaguso [rinagúso] v To crowd around; to jostle. kalumpon Gamon gador kag mga tawo magrinaguso kung nagbabakay it isra sa merkado. People are used to crowding around when buying fish in the market.
rinda [rínda] v To call, require somebody to account for money. Ingrindahan nida kag suweldo it ida asawa. She had to call her husband to account for his wage.
rindi [ríndi] vi To strain oneself; to strain a muscle, limb; to be under strain, hardpressed (as when short of money, getting too tired). rindi Indi anay ako magbakay sa groserya dahil narindi ako’t ako ingpangbakay tong usang domingo. I will not buy goods from the grocery store now because I am hardpressed for money due to the prices of the commodities I bought last week.