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rit-ag [rít-ag] 1n A trap for animals. patibong Naghuman it maramong rit-ag si Gorge para maramong manok kag marakop. Jorge made plenty of traps so that he can catch many chickens. 2v To trap an animal (mouse, wildpig, birds). patibong Ingrit-agan ni Bulog tong kayhasanon nak baktin sa uma. Bulog trapped the wild pig in their farm.
ritag [rítag] n 1Trap for catching pigs, birds etc. (sem. domains: 6.4.2 - Trap.) 2Trap, as of Satan tricking, causing a person to sin. (sem. domains: 4.9.2 - Supernatural being.)
ritubada [ritubáda] irreg. infl. of ritubado
ritubado [ritubádo] (irreg. infl. ritubada) 1adj Rebellious (of male). syn: rebelde 3. 2vi To become rebellious. suwail
rituki [ritúki] v To fix somebody’s appearance; to redo make-up; to remodel, renovate; touch-up again. rituki Aritukihon it doktor kag ida kuno uda nak nasunog. The doctor will fix her face which was burned, they say.
ritwal [ritwál] n Rituals. ritwal
riw-ay [riw-áy] v To stick out tongue at somebody. nanlalabi Tong ida anak ay suplada nak aber sin-o yang kag inariw-ayan. Her child is so insolent that she sticks out her tongue at anybody.
riway [ríway] vbt To let one’s tongue loll out; to stick one’s tongue out. dila Ingriwayan it tong anak kag ida maestra. The child stuck her tongue out at the teacher.
rokrok₁ [rókrok] vt To hide or put something in a corner or crack. siksik Inarokrok it manograsyon it inra dyaryo tong inra kopya sa habig it hagran. The newsboy just put the copy of their newspaper in the crack beside the door.
rokrok₂ [rókrok] v To move, slip unnoticed through a crowd(as of a pickpocket who doesn’t want to be seen). siksik Katong tawo nak nagdukot it ida kwarta ay nagpakarokrok sa karamuang tawo. That person who picked money from his pocket moved unnoticed between many people.
rokrok₃ [rókrok] 1vt To get close to; to snuggle up to; touch somebody. siksik 2vi To push people in a crowd. siksíkan
roma [Róma] n Rome. [This is the capital city of Italy. It is also where the Pope who is the head of the Roman Catholic Church, lives in the Vatican.] (sem. domains: - City.) comp. taga roma , der. romanhon , der. romano
romana [romána] n Scales to weigh up to 150 kg. kilohan, baskula
romanhon [Románhon] (der. of roma) adj/n Roman (as of the name of the language, nationality and people of Italy whose capital city is Rome). (sem. domains: - Country, - City, 3.5.3 - Language.)
romano [románo] (der. of roma) n Roman Catholic religion, church. katoliko Si Meriel ay binunyagan sa Romano. Meriel was baptised in the Roman Catholic church. (sem. domains: - Christianity.)
Romblon [Romblón] n Name of a Province where the Bantoanon and Asi people live. (sem. domains: - Names of regions.)
romero n The aromatic leaves are used for seasoning. Oil of rosemary is distilled from the leaves and is commonly sold in drug stores. dumero Rosmarinus Officinalis
rompi [rómpi] n Fish sp. large soft white fleshed with long nose. (sem. domains: - Fish.)
romrom₁ [rómrom] 11.1vi To remember. alaala Aromromon nako magraya it durian kay Auntie Alice. I will try to remember to bring back durian fruits for Auntie Alice. 22.1vt To remind somebody of something. maalaala Ingparomrom nako sa ida kung sauno kami malarga. I reminded her of the date of our departure.
romrom₂ [rómrom] 11.1v To remember. 22.1v To acknowledge somebody. naalala Ingseselebrar kag paskwa para ato maromroman nak ing-anak kag anak it Dios. We are celebrating Christmas to acknowledge that God’s son was born. der. romromon
romromon [romrómon] (der. of romrom) n To be responsilbe, thoughtful, caring. (sem. domains: - Provide for, support.)
roro [róro] n Vehicle ferry which is flat on both ends where the doors drop-down allowing vehicles to drive on and off either end. roro Si Jose ay nagsakay sa roro pa Batangas. Jose boarded the ferry with a dropped back going to Batangas. [They also carry some cargo and passengers.] (sem. domains: - Boat.)
rosaryo [rosáryo] 1n Rosary (as of the liturgical prayer which gives particular honor to Mary). [This is a prayer used in the Roman Catholic tradition. It is led by an elderly woman before many special occasions or masses.] (sem. domains: - Pray, - Christianity.) 2v To say the rosary (as of the liturgical prayer which gives particular honor to Mary). (sem. domains: - Pray, - Christianity.) der. rosaryuhan
rosaryuhan [rosaryúhan] (der. of rosaryo) n 1Rosary beads (as of the beads used as reminders of the words in the rosary). VERB rosaryo Intaw-an ni Meriel si Norma it rosaryuhan. Meriel gave Norma some rosary beads. (sem. domains: - Pray, - Christianity.) 2
rosas [rósas] adj 1Pink color (as of the color of pink roses). [From English "rose".] (sem. domains: - Colors of the spectrum.) 2Symbol of love and romance. (sem. domains: - Color, - Like, love, - Wedding, - Romantic love.)