Asi - English



rosros₁ [rósros] v To push violently against each other, especially of a crowd. Nagrosros kag mga tawo para yang makita kag inra presidente. The crowd pushed violently against each other so that they could see the president.
rosros₂ [rósros] vt To shove, chop a vegetable into small pieces before cooking (such as jackfruits, tawan, rima) gadgad Arosroson anay nako kaling yangka para madali giataduhon. I’ll shave this jackfruit into small pieces so it would be easy to divide. syn: ir-ir, korkor 1.
ru-om [ru-óm] v To chew clean raw rice. (sem. domains: - Food from plants.)
ruaw [rúaw] 1n A visit. 2vt To visit somebody. bisita, dalaw Ato sida aruawon isag sa hapon. We’ll visit her this afternoon.
rubya₁ [rúbya] vt To roll tobacco leaves to make a cigarette, cigar. Bag-o sida magpamunak ay nagrurubya anay sida it tabako. Before she starts washing clothes, she rolls tobacco leaves to make a cigarette. syn: bayubar 2.
rubya₂ [rúbya] vbt To make a cigar. Asing nagrurubya ka ray ay inggwa pa ngani ikaw it sigarilyo? Why are you making another cigar when you still have a cigarette?
rubya₃ [rúbya] (dial. var. yubra) v To roll tobacco leaf cigarette. balot nang tabaco sa papel Nagrubya anay si Ebing bag-o mag-idamo it madyong. Ebing rolled a tobacco leaf cigarette first before playing majong. (sem. domains: 5.2.4 - Tobacco.)
ruda [rúdà] n Back shape of hull. (sem. domains: - Boat.)
rudan₁ [rúdan] 1n Swing; crib, rattan cradle; hammock. duyan Ingpahigra sida sa rudan tong ida anak. She had her child sleep in a rattan cradle. 2v To swing; to put, rock in a crib, rattan cradle, hammock. duyan Ida gingrudan tong anak para matuyugan. She swung her child in a rattan cradle so she would go to sleep.
rudan₂ [rúdan] 1n A swing (made of wood); a hammock (often used as a child’s craddle) hung by opposite ends. duyan Ida ingbubutang anay sa rudan kag anak agor makakatuyog. She first puts the baby in the hammock so that he’ll fall asleep. 2vt To put a child in a hammock (rudan); to swing or rock a child in a hammock. Inarudan kag anak it ida yaya hanggang matuyugan. The child is rocked in the hammock by his nurse until he falls asleep.
rudela [rudéla] n A tool which is made of a flat piece of wood and is used to level or smooth cemented surface. rudela
rudo [rudô] v To squeeze out the starch from arrowroot or cassava. piga Tong unang panahon kag mga maguyang ay imaw it nagrurudo. During the old days old people were the ones who squeezed out the starch from the arrowroot plant. (sem. domains: - Cooking ingredients, - Food from roots.)
rudong [rúdong] n An icon made of fish bones.
rug-on₁ [rúg-on] vbt To press, push hard against something; to lean on; to put or use force on something. diin Arug-onan nako’t pag-abre it hagran para maabrehan. I’ll use force in opening the door so it will open.
rug-on₂ [rúg-on] v To accent, stress words, syllables. Inarug-on nida kag pagbisaya para maintindihan. He is accenting what he says so as to be understood.
ruga-ruga₁ [ruga-rugá] adj Dare to do something. ako-ako Ruga-ruga pa ka gani it kanta kitang naglibag. You still dared to sing and see you went out of tune.
ruga-ruga₂ [ruga-rúga] v To take charge, over something which then turns out badly (as of somebody with zeal but without knowledge). ako-ako Asi gani nak paruga-ruga ikaw it bakay ay daok yaki ikaw kung ano kag abakyon. Why is it that you take charge of buying when you surprisingly don’t know what to buy!
rugang [rúgang] 1vbt To increase an amount; to add to something. magdagdág Nagrugang kag nanay it donasyon sa eskwelahan. The mother added a donation to the school. Arugangan nako it usa pang gantang kag ako binakay nak bugas. I’ll add one more gantang of rice to what I am buying. syn: abuno 1, rugli. (sem. domains: - Earn.) 2n Surcharge. Naghagar it rugang sa pamasahe kag kunduktor it dyip. The conductor of the jeep asked for a surcharge to the fare.
rugang nak sweldo [rúgang nak swéldo] n Increase in salary. dagdag na sahod
rugay [rúgay] 1adv Long time. tagal Marugay pa kami dili bag-o magsaydo sa Banton. We’ll be here for a long time yet before moving to Banton. Abang rugay nak waya kita gikinitaan! It’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other! Rugayey ikaw dili? Have you been here long? Waya narugay ag nag-abot kag dyip bag-o nagsakay kami. Before long the jeep arrived and then we got on it. 2vi To allow something to go on for a longer time; to extend the time of something. Aparugayon nako it pahinog kag abokado bag-o kaunon. I’ll let the avocadoes ripen a little longer before eating them. der. parugay
rugda [rúgdà] n Sickness in leaves of rice turning them brown. (sem. domains: - Growing rice.)
rughan [rúghan] n Chest; breast; bosom. dibdíb (sem. domains: 2.1.2 - Torso.)
rugkay [rúgkay] v To dig up, till soil with a hand tool, stick, pick, upland farming . (sem. domains: 6.2.4 - Tend a field.)
rugli [rúglì] vt To add something. dagdag syn: abuno 1, rugang 1.
rugmon [rúgmon] vbt To sleep, nest (as of pigs, snakes, cat). pugad Nagrugmon kag sawa sa buho it haligi. The snake made a nest in the hole of the post.