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rugo₁ [rugô] 1n Blood; blood type. (sem. domains: 2.2.5 - Bleed, blood.) 2vi To bleed, hemorrhage. dugî (sem. domains: 2.2.5 - Bleed, blood, 2.5.6 - Symptom of disease.) comp. mabug-at kag rugo , der. karugo , der. parugo , der. rinug-an
rugo₂ [rúgo] 1n Corner of something (inside or outside corner). sulok syn: ringkon. 2vt To put something in a corner, small space. sulok Iparugo yangey nako kaling yuma nak tamong nak indiey ra magamit. I’ll put this old blanket in the corner since it’s not useful now. syn: piliw, balisbisan, habig 1. der. parugo , der. rugunon
rugo nak ngisi [rúgo nak ngísi] n Back teeth. dulong ngipin
rugos₁ [rúgos] n Down pour of rain; heavy rain; cloudburst. buhos ng malakas na ulan (sem. domains: - Rain.)
rugos₂ [rugós] n Honey. pulót-pukyútan (sem. domains: - Food from animals.)
rugsak [rúgsak] v 1To throw down forcefully; to bang something down as when angry. bagsak Ida gingrugsak tong ida raya sa sayog dahil abang bug-at. He just threw down his things on the floor because they were too heavy. (sem. domains: - Angry.) 2Glottal stop, abrupt speech. (sem. domains: - Types of sounds.)
rugso [rúgsò] Fish species; Yellow-striped Emperor. Lethrinus ornatus (Kuiter). (sem. domains: - Fish.)
rugso-rugso [rugso-rúgsò] adj Changeable mood; unpredictable mood; moody. sumpungin Permi yang parugso-rugso ka buot it kalio paunoy sabak. She’s always in a changeable mood because she’s pregnant.
rugunon [rugunón] (der. of rugo) adj Being a spectator; being one who stands in the corner or on the sidelines (as of one who doesn't participate, get involved with people, games and activities). ?? (sem. domains: - Set self apart, - Watch.)
rugyang [rúgyang] v To submerge, sink in water. (sem. domains: - Boat.)
ruha [ruhá] n Two. dalawá der. ikaruha , der. pangruhang , der. patigruha , der. ruha-ruha
ruha-ruha₁ [ruha- ruhá] (der. of ruha) v To be of two minds; to vassilate. (sem. domains: - Think about, 3.2.1 - Mind.)
ruha-ruha₂ [ruha-rúha] 1n Doubt. 2adj Doubting; vascillating. 3vi To doubt; to vascillate; to be of two minds, to be double-minded; to be reluctant. dalawang isip Nagruha-ruha sida sa ida mga sabat sa inra eksamen. She doubted her answers during their exam. Nagruruha-ruha pa ako nak mapa-Manila insulip. I’m still double-minded about going to Manila tomorrow.
ruhang manghor [rúhang manghór] idiom - Convert to subentry Two frills, flared layers on the skirt. dalawang kapatid Nagpatahi si Baby it baro nak inggwa it ruhang manghor. Baby had a dress sewn with two flared layers on the skirt.
ruhit [rúhit] v 1To give, hand money over to someone (as of a husband giving his wages to his wife). (sem. domains: - Exchange, trade.) 2To pay a bribe. (sem. domains: 3.3.5 - Offer, - Bribe.) der. aruhitan
ruhong [rúhong] v To hang one’s head (as when sad, lonely). Si Betoy ay naruhong yang pag-ingbibisar-an. Betoy just hangs his head when scolded.
rukay [rukáy] v To make, dig a garden, dryfield. hukay Marukay si Bulog para maramong utan nak maitatanom. Bulog will make a garden so that he can plant plenty of vegetables. [can be used forkaingin, uma or garden.]
rukhaw [rukháw] vbt To lean far out of a window. dungaw Arukhawan tan-a nida katong mananakaw pero sida ay nahadlok. He would have lent far out of the window to see the thief but he was afraid.
ruki [rukî] 1.1vi To bend over; to hunch up/over; to bend one’s head to look down at the ground. yukò Nagruko sida pagsuyor sa kweba dahil mababa ag makitir. He had to bend over when entering the cave because it’s low and narrow. Nagruko sida tong masasapoy nida tong ingutangan nida it kwarta. He looked down when he was about to meet the person from whom he had borrowed money. syn: suong 1.
rukog [rukóg] 1adj Bent. 2vt yuko Aparukugon nako sa ida kina it limang beses. I will let her bend it five times.
rukot₁ [rukót] v To catch, get a sickness, disease. dapo Gingruktan sida it sakit nak trangkaso. She caught the sickness called flu.
rukot₂ [rukót] 1n Rice burned in bottom Of pot. sunog na kanin 2vi To burn; catch on fire (as of something that begins to burn or is kept burning, e.g. firewood beginning to burn or keeping burning during cooking, a grass roof that begins or is burning, food that is overcooked). ningas Indi magrukot kag ida rabok dahil basâ. Her firewood won’t burn because it’s wet. Kung kag alipatok ay natugpa sa kuyungan nasaputan kali ag narukot. If flying sparks land on the roof it will catch on fire and burn. Nagrukot kag rabok sa abúhan. Firewood is burnt in the fireplace used for cooking. 3vi To burn something; to allow something to catch fire. Aparukuton anay nako kaling kahoy bag-o badaan. I’ll have to let this firewood catch fire before leaving it. der. parukot
rukot-rukot n A decoction of the leaves and roots of this plant is used as a diuretic. The sap is useful in dissipating the opacity of the cornea. hangód Achyranthes aspera
ruksoy₁ [ruksóy] v To jump at. It yang giruksoy tong inra iro sa inra bisita bag-o kinagat kali sa damot. The dog just jumped at their visitor and then bit him on the hand.
ruksoy₂ [rúksoy] vbt To lunge at (like a dog with it’s paws or a person with their hands up). dinakma Ingruksoyan ako it iro bag-o ing-anghab kag ako braso. The dog lunged at me and then grabbed my arm in his mouth.