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ruwang [ruwáng] vt To eat something without permission; to take more than one’s share. Aya giruwanga kinang suya dahil para kina ngasing nak gab-i. Don’t eat that viand because that will be for this evening. syn: kalbong.
ruya [ruyâ] 1n Spittle; spit (as of the saliva that has been spat out by someone somewhere). (sem. domains: 2.2.3 - Spit, saliva.) 2vbt To spit out; to expectorate (as of getting rid of betelnut juice, cigarette, phelgm). láway Aruyaan ka nako pag indi kag tungon it pagagit-agit. I’ll spit on you if you’ll not stop teasing me. (sem. domains: 2.2.3 - Spit, saliva.) 3n To spit somewhere, on something. (sem. domains: 2.2.3 - Spit, saliva.)
ruyak [rúyak] 1vi To fight (of dogs). Nagruyak tong ruhang iro nak nag-inagawan it suka. The two dogs fought with each other to acquire the bones. 2vt To fight another dog. away ng aso Ingruyak kag amo iro it katong marako. Our dog was fought by that big one.
ruyang [ruyáng] n Trough for feeding pigs; a small wooden dish for washing dishes or serving food. lanbangán
ruyang puyo [rúyang púyo] n Twenty peso bills; twenty. biente Nakabaton ako’t papel nak ruyang puyo ugaling ay di gisi. I received a twenty peso bill but it was torn.
ruyaw [ruyáw] 1n Plant species; turmeric (a spice which is an ingredient of curry powder). luyang-diláu [Used as a condiment, as an ingredient of curry powder and for coloring food and other material. The rhizome is a stimulative aromatic, bearing some resemblance to ginger as an ingredient of curry powder. The rhizomes when cooked in oil are stomachic and vulnerary. The rhizomes yield a yellow coloring matter known as turmeric and used for dyeing mats.] curcuma longa (sem. domains: - Cooking ingredients.) 2n Yellow color. (sem. domains: - Colors of the spectrum.) 3adj Symbol of jealousy. (sem. domains: - Jealous, - Color.) der. pangruyaw
ruydakan [ruydákan] n Game of throwing stones and taking them to one's base. (sem. domains: - Game.)
ruyog [rúyog] vbt To stop (walking, working, etc.); to stop something. tígil, hinto Nagruyog ako sa kanto para maghuyat it marayan nak dyip. I stopped at the crossing to wait for a jeep to pass by. syn: pundo, tungon 1, tungon 2, humpay, pigil, ampat, punro 1, hupa, pundo-pundo 2.
ruyog-ruyog [ruyog-rúyog] v To dilly dally, loiter; to detain somebody by not moving on. Si Badlong ay nagruyog-ruyog pa sa karsada ay kainit. Badlong dilly dallied in the street even though it was too hot
ruyok [ruyók] vi To clear land (of trees etc. for slash and burn farming). naglinis ng taniman Pagkapukan it mga kahoy nak kainginan ay naruyok kag mga tawo. When the people had chopped down the trees for slash and burn farming, they cleared the site. Aruykon ninra katong kugon sa baguntor. They will clear the kogon grass from the hill. (sem. domains: - Clear a field.)
ruyom [ruyóm] 1n The dark. (sem. domains: - Dark.) 2adj Dark, dim (as of the lack of light, visibility or bad eyesight). Mapauli kuno sida nak maruyomey. She said she will go home because it’s already dark. Maruyom kag ida pagmuyat. His vision is dim. (sem. domains: 1.1 - Sky, - Dark.) 3vi To become, get dark. madilím Nagruyom kag kwarto pagpatay it iwag. The room became dark when the lights were turned off. (sem. domains: 1.1 - Sky, - Dark.) 4adj Dark (as of negative, bad thoughts). Maruyom kag pag-iisip it mga tawo nak waya gipapati sa Dios. The minds of people who don’t believe in God are dark. (sem. domains: - Bad, 3.2 - Think.) 5v To look at somebody angrily, darkly (as of one's color, expression when angry). (sem. domains: - Angry, - Black.) der. karuymanan , der. maruyom , der. paruyom , id. karuyom sa tawo
ruyon [rúyon] n Locusts in swarms, clouds (Banton). (sem. domains: - Insect.)
ruyot [ruyót] 1adj 1.1adj Sharp, as of a blade. matalim Maruyot ka ida sunrang. His machete is sharp. 22.1n Cut; wound; slash made by something sharp. Abang rayom it ruyot sa ida siki katong basag nak boti. The broken bottle made a really deep cut in her foot. 2.2vbt To cut well, sharply; to cut, strike cuttingly; to dig, bury the blade in something. Nagruruyot sa kahoy kag sunrang. The machete cuts well into the wood. Waya sida gigruyoti it bala dahil ingwa it anting-anting. He was not struck by bullets because he had a magic charm. 2.3vi To cut, bury a blade in something (eg. when thrown). 33.1vbt To function; to write well, darkly (as of a ballpen that still writes). Indi maruytan it lapis ka ida papel. The pencil won’t write on her paper. Nagruruyot pa kag bolpen. The ballpoint pen still writes. 3.2vi To make function, write; to sharpen a pencil. Aparuyton nako kag lapis sa pangtasa. I will sharpen the pencil with the sharpener. 44.1vbt To be struck somewhere and unable to move; to be wedged, stuck immovably somewhere. Aparuyoton nako kaling kutsilyo sa ringring. I will throw this knife so that it will stick into the wall. 55.1vbt To be struck by somebody’s words (as of insults, gossip which sticks in one’s mind) tagos
ruyot kag bala [ruyót kag bála] idiom - Convert to subentry Penetrated by bullets. baon ang bala Ya gigruyot kag bala sa ida uyo dahil nakasuksok sida’t helmet. His head was not penetrated by bullets because he is wearing a helmet.