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ras-og [rás-og] n Strong wind. malakas na hangin Waya gitugti si Mike nak magpayupar it eroplano dahil namamasran ninra nak indi kaya it eroplano kinang paabutong ras-og. Mike was not allowed to fly the airplane because they feel that the airplane can’t withstand the strong wind. syn: bulis.
rasay [rasáy] 1n Prayer. syn: ampo 2, pangamuyo, rasay 2. 2vt To pray; to recite prayers in church; to offer prayers for somebody, or for the dead. manalángin Nagrasay sinra para sa kalag ni Cainan. They offered prayers for the soul of Cainan. syn: ampo 2, pangamuyo, rasay 1.
rasok [rasók] 11.1adj Firm, tightly packed, as of a bag of grain. . (sem. domains: - Stick together.) 22.1vbt To pack something down, such as dirt in a ditch, grain in a container, clothes in a suitcase; to shake down. siksik Ingrasok nako kag butangan it bugas para maghusto kag ap-at nak kilo. I shook down the rice container so the four kilos would fit in. Arasukon nako kag maleta it yamit tapos asarhan. I’ll pack the suitcase with clothes and then close it. (sem. domains: - Stick together.)
rason₁ [rasón] n Reasons (as of why something was said or done). dahilan (sem. domains: - Cause.) comp. aber niong rason
rason₂ [rasón] 1n Reasoning; arguments; standing up for oneself; speaking one's mind; giving one's own point of view (as of argumentative responses that are viewed as bad, impolite). dahilan Aber pigahan nimo si Tony ay marason nak gador kina kung nasa matarong sida. Even when you forbid Tony he’ll stand up for himself if he’s right. (sem. domains: - Debate.) 2vi To reason, argue, stand up for oneself, speak one's mind, give one's own point of view (as of making argumentative responses that are viewed as bad, impolite). (sem. domains: - Debate.)
rasoy [rásoy] 1n Whooping cough. syn: koykoy 2. 2vi To have whooping cough; to cough. koykoy Ingrasuyan kag anak matapos sagnaton ag sip-onon. The child got whooping cough after having a fever and cold.
raspa [ráspa] v To clean uterus; to give, have a D&C. Kag ako nanay ay ingraspa sa panglima nak pag-anak. My mother had her uterus cleaned after her fifth child delivery.
rat-og [rát-og] v To flatten; to put, press a heavy object on top of something; to weight down. dagan Arat-ugan nako it kahoy kag bubungan para indi gipalir it hangin. I’ll put a heavy object like wood on the roof so that it won’t be blown by the wind. (sem. domains: - Flat.)
ratsada [ratsáda] n A down pour of rain. malakas na ulan
raw part Really! talaga Abang ayo ag ganda raw katong napili ngasing nak mis unibers. She’s really an intelligent and beautiful lady the one choosen as Miss Universe.
rawa₁ n Pearl millet is grown for forage in warm countries and also for the grain which is used for human food. The seeds are borne on terminal inflorescenses in which they are densely arranged. Pennisetum Glaucum
rawa₂ n Grain crop: sorghum, pearl millet. The fruits yield a decoction much like barley which is used similarly. batad Andropogon Sorghum (sem. domains: - Growing grain.)
rawa-rawa [rawa-rawá] n Egg yolk. pulá ng itlóg
rawat₁ [ráwat] v 1To hand something to somebody; to pass, reach something to somebody. abot Ingrawat nako tong libro sa maestra. I handed the book to the teacher. Arawatan nako’t pagkaon tong maguyang. I’ll hand food to the old man. (sem. domains: - Exchange, trade.) 2To bribe. (sem. domains: 3.3.3 - Influence.)
rawat₂ [rawát] n A kind of small crab. alimasag
ray 11.1part Again; back again; repeat; return again (as of a repeated action). naman Mapatukar ray ako. I am going back up to the hills again. Imbisar-an ngani ray sida ni Nanay. She was really scolded again by mother. Asing waya ray ikaw napagto sa amo? Why didn’t you come to our place again? Pirmi ray sidang inom ngasing nak di kwarta. He always returns again to drink whenever he has money. Ngasing yang ray ako mapaMaynila. I just go back to Manila again today. 22.1part Instead, (as of shift of viewpoint). Nagtatrabaho ray ra baga kuno ikaw ruto? Do they say that you’re working there instead? 33.1part Next one to do something similar in a series (as of turn taking and a mild imperative). Sida ray kag ikaga magpamasyar. She’s the next one I’ll invite to go for a stroll. Ikaw ray! You go next!
ray-a kina [ráy-a kínà] (fr. var. dar-a kina) (comp. of raya, kina) imp Carry, take, bring that! (sem. domains: 7.3.3 - Take somewhere.)
raya₁ [rayá] (fr. var. dara) n Baggage; things to carry, being carried. (sem. domains: 7.3.1 - Carry.) comp. maayam magraya it sarili , der. iparaya , der. paraya , der. raya
raya₂ [ráya] (irreg. infl. aray-on) (der. of raya) 1vt To carry, bring, take something somewhere (as of the general term for carrying things). magdalá Aray-on nako kag mga buyak sa inro isag. I’ll bring flowers to your place later. (sem. domains: 7.3.1 - Carry.) 2vi To be led astray, influenced, convinced, persuaded, carried along by something, somebody evil (so as to succumb to that e.g. temptation, joining an unacceptable group, under an evil spirit’s spell). Naraya nako sida pa-baylihan. I persuaded her to go to the dance. Sabaling maray-an ray ikaw ni Abel. You might again be persuaded by Abel. Aya gador giparaya-raya sa imo mga amigo. Dont’t let yourself be persuaded by your friends. Marali sidang maraya it bisaya it mga nagpapangrayaga sa ida. She’s easily persuaded with the words of those who court her. Narayhan sida maghitit it mariwana dahil natintar sida it ida kabarkada. He succumbed to smoking marijuana because he was tempted by his gang. Naraya sida it naynot it kag magbaktas sa kaguyangan. She came under the spell of evil spirits when she hiked up to the forest. syn: kumbinse 1, maduta it ilong, mariyag-unon, marali maraya. (sem. domains: - Wrong, unsuitable, - Bad, 4.3.8 - Change behavior.) 3vt To convert somebody to another belief, way of thinking (so as to join them in their beliefs, group and activities). (sem. domains: 4.9.7 - Religious organization, 4.9.5 - Practice religion, 4.3.8 - Change behavior.) 4vt To manage, be in charge of a responsibility, organization etc.. Sida it maraya it pista. She’s the one in charge of the fiesta. (sem. domains: 4.5.3 - Exercise authority.) comp. ray-a kina , der. iparaya , der. mansigraya , der. paraya-raya , der. paraya , der. rumaya, manog-rumaya
raya it sagahay [rayá it sagáhay] To be included in something good or bad (as of a child running for politics on a parent's good record, benefiting from handouts when with friends or being caught up in a crime when with the wrong crowd).
rayaag [rayáag] n Yard of a house. bakuran
rayab₁ [ráyab] vi To flame up as of a fire. magpaliyáb, liyab Natubor kag kinaydo dahil nabadaan nida kag kayado bag-o nagrayab. The rice was burned because she neglected the fire and it flamed up. Aparayabon nako tong kayado bag-o isugnar tong kinaydo. I’ll have the fire flame up first before cooking the rice.
rayab₂ [ráyab] vbt To flare up specifically of fire. liyab Pagsubrang rako kag imo rabok ay nagrarayab kag kayado. When your firewood is too big the fire flares up. Aparayabon nako kag kayado para buko maaso. I’ll let the fire flares up so that there’ll be no smoke.
rayag [ráyag] n Fish species; Black-spot Snapper. Lutjanus fulviflammus (Kuiter). (sem. domains: - Fish.)
rayaga [rayága] 1n Teenage girl; unmarried girl. 2vt To court a teenage/unmarried girl. dalagíta, dalaga Apangrayagahon kuno nida tong magandang kabadi dahil kabuot. He’ll court the beautiful lady because she’s kind. der. rumayaga , der. rurayagay