Asi - English


rehistro [rehístro] vt To register something. rehistro, patala Iparegistro nako kaling ako bag-ong bakay nak bayay. I will register my newly bought house. (sem. domains: - Record.)
rehiyon [rehiyón] n Region. rehiyon
reklamo₁ [reklámo] n Regret. reklamo Abang reklamo nako nak waya ako naka patura it bugas. I hardly regret that I didn’t given her instructions to set aside for me some rice. syn: sulisuli 1.
reklamo₂ [reklámo] 1n Complaint. 2vi To complain. Kinang tawo ay nagreklamo sa ako. That person complained to me. 3vt To complain about something; to file a complaint. magreklámo Ireklamo nako sa pulis tong mananakaw. I’ll file a complain to the policeman about the thief. Ingreklamuhan nako kag TIELCO it amo ‘electric bill’. I complained to TIELCO office about our electric bill.
rektanggulo [rektangguló] adj Rectangle. paríhabâ syn: kwadro 1.
relihiyon [relihiyón] n Religion. relihiyón
relihiyusa [relihiyúsa] n Religious people. Karamong mga relihiyusa sa ngasing nak nagpapati sa mga milagro. There are lots of religious people now who still believe in miracles.
relisis [relísis] v To let out of school.
relo [reló] n Clock; watch. reló
rema [réma] n Fruit species; breadfruit which is round and 20cm in diameter with a rough green skin and firm creamish texture throughout. [This type of breadfruit bears fruit in August-September. It is prepared as a snack by either slicing and frying with a little sugar or cooking in sweetened coconut milk.] (sem. domains: - Food from fruit.)
remedyo₁ [remédyo] 11.1n Solution; remedy. remedyo Wayaey remedyo kinang ida problema sa ida pag-inom. There’s no solution to his drinking problem. 22.1vt To try to obtain something. Aremedyuhon nako kag isra sa baybay. I’ll try to obtain fish at the beach.
remedyo₂ [remédyo] 11.1n Remedy; solution. Waya it remedyo sa ida sakit. There is no remedy for her illness. 22.1vt To look for something that is badly needed. hanap, remedyo Maremedyo ako it isra. I will look for fish. Aremedyuhan nako ikaw it aber diyes pesos yang. I will look for even just ten pesos for you.
remit [remít] v To pay, produce actual money, finances (as of those held by an organisation). ingreso Ako ingremit kang Ante Dana kag kwarta para sa mga tinra. I paid Aunty Dana the money for the things she sold. syn: badar 1.
renda [rénda] n Reins. (sem. domains: - Beast of burden.)
rendir [réndir] v To submit, disclose a record of finances (as at an annual meeting). Dapat nak mairender kag mga lista ag mga record sa amo Presidente sa kompanya bag-o matapos kag-tuig. A list and record of the finances must be submitted to the President of the company before the end of the year.
repara [repára] v To help provide needs. Si Frida kag nagrepara it mga anak sa bapor tong maglarga sinra paManila. Freda helped provide the needs of the children in the boat when they sailed to Manila. (sem. domains: - Provide for, support.)
repite [repíte] v To remind somebody of something. To repeat something as a reminder. paalala Ako ra sida ingrepite ay waya ra ninra girakpa kaling manok. I also reminded him of this but he still didn’t catch those chickens. (sem. domains: - Remind.)
repolyo n They have a very good flavor. Used as green vegetable. It is fairly good source of calcium, phosphorus,iron,and vitamin A and a good source of vitamin B, and an excellent source of vitamin C. repolyo Brassica Oleracea
representar [represéntar] vt To represent. kumatawán Ako kag nagrerepresentar sa rehiyon kwatro. I’am representing region four.
resibo [resíbo] 1n Receipt of a business transaction. resibo Ako gingbaoy kag resibo it pagbadar nako sa Tielco. I got the receipt when I paid the electrical company. 2v To get a receipt for a business transaction. Gingresibohan ako ni Maribel pagbakay nako sa ida it semento. I got a receipt from Maribel when I bought cement from her.
resita [resíta] 1n Prescription of medicine prescribed by a doctor. resita Kag resita it doktor sa ako ay ako gingbakay sa botika. I bought what the doctor prescribed at the drug store. 2v To prescribe medicine especially by a doctor. Gingresitahan ako it doktor para sa ako sagnat ag ubo. The doctor gave me a prescription for my fever and cough.
respitado [respitádo] (der. of respito) adj Respected; well thought of. respetado, iginagalang Katong masunor ray ay imaw si Tita nak napangasawa it taga-Odiongan dahil gani nak respetado nak pamilya,.. The next daughter also, the one called Tita was courted by a man from Odiongan because they were such a respected family,...
respito [respíto] n Respect comp. amo respitadong hari , der. respitado
respito sa sarili [respíto sa saríli] n Self respect, esteem, worth or dignity. amór própio (sem. domains: - Self-esteem.)
responsable adj Responsible. one by one (sem. domains: - Working relationship, 4.1.2 - Types of people.)