Asi - English


salikar [salikár] vi To have a convulsion. kombulsyon Nasalikar kag anak pag sobrang sagnat. The child convulsed because of too much fever. Ida nakita nak nagsalikar kag anak. She saw that the child had a convulsion. syn: wanrang.
saliksik [salíksik] vt To search out; to scrutinize; to research. saliksik Nagsaliksik sida it mga pambuyong nak tanom. She’s searching out medicinal plants.
salimangog [salimángog] n Tree species which provides shade, fruit. (sem. domains: 1.1.1 - Sun.)
salimbabatang [salimbabatáng] n Sparrow. Maya Nakarakop si Lino it tatlong salimbabatang. Lino was able to catch three sparrows.
salimbu- ang PH To speak deleriously. (sem. domains: - Afraid, - Mouth.)
salimbuang [salimbu-áng/salimu-áng] (dial. var. bangkuliaw) (der. of buang) 1adj Delerious. (sem. domains: - Dazed, confused.) 2v To become delerious; to speak deleriously (as in a high fever). (sem. domains: - Dazed, confused.) 3adj Convulsing. (sem. domains: - Dazed, confused.) 4v To convulse, have a convulsion or fit. (sem. domains: - Dazed, confused.)
salimuyakot [salimuyákot] (irreg. infl. samuyakot) vbt To be mixed together; to get mixed up (as of people, confused speech). halu-halo Nagsalimuyakot kag ida mga plano nak kung mapakasay o mabakay anay it duta. His plans got mixed up whether to purchase a lot or marry. syn: saliabor 1.
salin [sálin] vbt To translate; to transfer. salin Salinan sa balde kinang tubi. Transfer the water into the pail. Nagsasalin sinra it Biblia sa Asi. They’re translating the Bible into Asi. syn: saydo.
salingsing [salíngsing] 1n New shoots on a tree; first noticeable shoots out of the ground. bagong sibol Mahaba kinang salingsing. Those shoots are long. 2vbt To grow, put out shoots; to shoot new growth, branches from ground, trunk or other branches. Nagsasalingsingey kag inutoy nak kahoy. The chopped off tree is shooting already. Asalingsingan it usa pang sanga ka kahoy. The tree will grow one more shoot off a branch.
saliping [salíping] 1adj Extra fingered, toed, hands, feet. (sem. domains: - Finger, toe.) 2n Extra fingers, toes on hand, feet. iping Si Tang Rufi ay an-om kag damot, kag usa hagto ay saliping kada kag tawag sa ida ay si “Tang Rufi nak silipingon”. Uncle Rufi has a six fingered hand. One has an extra finger so he’s called “Uncle Rufi who is extra fingered”. (sem. domains: - Finger, toe.)
salipor [salipór] vbt To hide behind something or somebody; to cover somebody with one’s body. kubli, tago Asalipuran nako ikaw agor indi ikaw matama. I will hide you behind me so you won’t be hit. Nagpapasalipor sida sa kabinet agor indi makita nato. He was hiding behind the cabinet so we couldn’t see him.
salirsir [salírsir] vt To stagger drunkenly; to walk crookedly. Nagsasalirsir si Tatang Jun aber buko yango. Uncle Jun walks crookedly even though he’s not drunk.
salisi [salisí] (dial. var. hinalisi) vi To miss meeting each other on the way (by going opposite directions or ways); to cross on the way. salisi Nagkasalisihan sinra pagsakay sa dyip kada waya sinra gikinitaan. They missed meeting each other when riding on different jeeps, so they didn’t see each other. Nagsalisi kag ako suyat sa ida. My letter crossed hers on the way. syn: hinalisi. (sem. domains: 7.6 - Hide.)
salmon [sálmon] n A large can which holds approximately 1/3 kilo measurement. salmon (sem. domains: - Food from animals.)
salom [sálom] 1adj Penetrated to the hilt. 2vi To penetrate, go in up to the limit, hilt (as of a knife, nail). nagbaon Nagsalom sa kahoy katong sipoy. The knife penetrated up to its hilt on the tree.
salong₂ irreg. infl. of kamalig
salong₃ [salóng] n Shed, shelter which is unfinished; house in a field. dampa Nagkatuyog kami sa amo salong it gab-i We slept in our shed last night. [In Calatrava a salong is a shed, resomethingouse, storehouse for rice near a rice field.] (sem. domains: 6.2.9 - Farmland.)
salot [sálot] n Plaque, sickness, epedemic. Imaw sida kag nagraya it salot hali sa amo panimayay. She’s the one who brought the plaque here to our household.
salpak [sálpak] v To attach something somewhere. kabit Ingsalpak ni Myra kag amo kurtina bag-o sida magbakasyon sa Simara. Myra attached our curtains before she took her vacation in Simara. syn: takor 1.
salta [sálta] vt To to get off a vehicle; to disembark; to unload; to come out of the sea onto the shore. babà Masalta kita sayudo it merkado. We’ll get off on the other side of the market. Saltahan anay kag ako raya. Please unload my cargo.
saltido [saltído] n A kind of cookies.
saludar [salúdar] v To greet somebody with gifts; to greet somebody who comes home to where you’re waiting to see them; to salute (as of a person held in high esteem). saludo Kag ibang mga tawo ay nasaludar sa presidente dahil sa ida matarong nak human. People salute the president because of her just dealings.
saludo [salúdo] vbt To salute; to respect; to pay ones respects to. saludo Nagsaludo kag mga sundalo kang Presidente Marcos. The soldiers saluted before President Marcos. Asaluduhon ka nako kung mahimo nimo kali. I will respect you if you can do this.
salugar [salugár] adj Slipping, loose brakes. salugar Kag ida bisikleta ay waya salugar kada sida ay nagyukso sa kanal. His bicycle had no brakes so he was thrown into the canal.