Asi - English


salumpati [salumpáti] n Wild pigeon; dove. batu-bató
sam-an [sám-an] vi To be possessed by a spirit; to be familiar with a spirit. Ginsam-an si Ino sa sapa kada nagbuang. Ino was possessed by a spirit in the river that’s why he’s out of his mind.
sam-ing [sam-íng] vbt To lean against something. sandal Asam-ingan nako kinang kahoy sa yudo it amo bayay. I will lean against the tree at the back of our house.
samantala₁ [samantalá] v To take advantage of a girl; to rape. abuso Ingpagsamantalahan tong ida anak nak rayaga it mga adik. Her child was raped by some addicts.
samantala₂ [samantalá] vt To take an opportunity; to take advantage of an opportunity. samantala Ingsasamantala nida nak katuyog pa kag anak ag magpanglaba sida. She takes the opportunity of washing clothes while the baby is asleep.
samantalang₁ [samantaláng] conj When in fact; while at the same time. Abang sahoy sa Lot it yuto samantalang tong ida mga kanunot ay nag-iidamo. Lot is busy cooking while at the same time her companions are playing.
samantalang₂ [samantálang] conj While. Nagpapanursi sida it mga gising baro samantalang katuyog pa kag anak. She is mending the wornt out clothes while the baby is still asleep. syn: miyentras, habang, hastang 2, hanggang 3.
samba [sámba] vbt To worship somebody. sumambá Kanin-o ka gisasamba? To whom do you worship?
sambagong [sambagóng] n A bronze five centavo coin. [archaic term] limang sentimos [This is a term only heard in the words of a traditional Filipino Christmas song that is sung by children or groups of people caroling from house to house for donations of money.] (sem. domains: - Monetary units.) der. tigbagong
sambat [sámbat] 11.1vt To catch. Aya gisambata kag bola agor ida ahabulon. Don’t catch the ball so he’ll have to chase it. 22.1v To understand; to catch on to the meaning of what somebody says (fig). nakuha Nasambat nako kag gusto nimo bisayahon. I caught on to what you wanted to say.
sambibisar-on [sambibisár-on] n A magic spell; magic words. salamangka Kag ida mga sambibisar-on ay indi maintindihan. His magic words are not understandable.
sambit [sámbit] vt To mention. nabanggit Waya gisambita kag ida pangayan nak ahat mabasa. His name wasn’t mentioned because it could hardly be read. Ida nasambit sa ako nak waya sida nakabaton it imo suyat. He mentioned to me that he wasn’t able to receive your letter. syn: mitlang 1, uma 1, saysay 2, siling.
sambo [sámbo] n Gate crashers, uninvited guests. Nagkuyang tong inra hanra sa kasay dahil ramo nak sambo. Their wedding preparation turned out to be not enough because there were lots of uninvited guests.
samboy [sámboy] vbt To feel uncomfortable with the touch of somebody, something. Nagsasamboy kag ako kamison sa ako yawas. My chimese is touching my body and I feel uncomfortable with it.
samda [sámdà] 1n Flavouring foods; spices. 2vbt To put spices in or on food. rekado, sangkap Samdai it maado kag karne. Put enough spices on the meat. [e.g. pepper (pamyinta), garlic (bawang), onions (sibuyas), monosodium glutamate (bitsin), vinegar (súkà), soy sauce (túyo), fish sauce (patís), salted fish (pakásam), chili (sili).]
samhor [sámhor] 1vt To wipe something clean or dry. punas Imoey gingsamhuran kag lamesa? Have you wiped the table? syn: trapo 1. 2v To damp starched clothes by flicking water from fingers ready to iron. (sem. domains: 5.6.4 - Wash clothes.)
sami [samî] v To splash water on something. Tong manogplantsa ay nagpangsamo anay it mga plantsahon bag-o magtuna. The woman who will iron splash water on the clothes to be ironed before starting.
saming [sáming] vbt To brush up against somebody or something Nagsasaming kag iro sa ako. The dog is brushing against me.
samir [sámir] n Summer. tag-init Mainit kag panahon pag samir. The weather during summer is very hot.
samlang [sámlang] 1adj Careless; messy; unorganized. Abang samlang sida’t ida mga gamit. She is very careless of her things. (sem. domains: 5.8 - Manage a house.) 2v To speak without thinking. burara syn: hapak, salaula 2. (sem. domains: - Untidy.)
samo [sámò] vbt To moisten rice with a liquid (soup, soy sauce); to sprinkle something with water to moisten or soften something. basa Asamuan anay nako kag inalmedoran nak mga punra bag-o plantsahon. I’ll sprinkle the starched pillow cases with water before ironing it. Asamuan nako’t sabaw kag ako kan-on. I’ll moisten my rice with soup. Waya sida gisamo it tuyo sa kan-on. She didn’t moisten her rice with soy sauce. syn: sabyag, sablig. (sem. domains: 1.3.3 - Wet.)
samok [sámok] 1adj Messy. syn: masamot. 2vt To chime; to clang; to ring in fast succession (as of a bell). abala, sunod-sunod
samot [samót] 1adj Busy; fast. matulin, mabilis Masamot permi kag ida trabaho para makapauliey. He is always busy with his work so he can go home. 2vt To be in a hurry; to hurry somebody; to bother somebody. ’Ya ako gisamuka it human it imo speech nak maramo pa akong trabaho. Don’t bother me with making your speech, I still have a lot of work. der. masamot
sampa [sámpa] 11.1v To file a legal case. sampa Kung kamo ay indi magkaaregluhan dili sa ako ay isampa kaling inro kaso sa Station Commander. If you don’t settle this matter here before me I will file your case with the Station Commander. 22.1v To put something on top of something.
sampaga [sampága] n Frangipani flowering tree; plumeria. kalatsutsi Kabangyo kag buyak nak sampaga. The flowers of a frangipani are fragrant. [Madicinal properties.] (sem. domains: 1.5.1 - Tree.)