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sampagita [sampagíta] n Sampagita bush, which has small white flowers. sampagita [The flowers are applied as a poultice to the breasts of women to reduce the secretion of milk. The flowers are used in China for giving an aroma to their tea. In Malaya women soak the flowers in water to be used for washing the face. A paste compounded with Gardenia flowers and roots of Acacia myriophylla, is applied to the head for congestive headache. They also make eye-lotions by mixing the juice from the flowers with juice from the root of Conocephalus, or with the rhizome of Kaempferia. A decoction of the leaves is given internally for fever.] Jasminum Sambac (sem. domains: 1.5.2 - Bush, shrub.)
sampal [sámpal] v To slap, hit the face. sampal Maisot yangey sida sampalon it ida Tatay tong ida gingsasabat kag ida bisaya. His father nearly slapped him when he answered him back. (sem. domains: 7.7.1 - Hit.)
sampalok n Tree species; Tamarind, providing shade and edible fruit. The pulp is used as an acid refrigerant and as a gentle laxative. A jam is made out of the fruit-pulp and out of the boiled pulp and sugar as syrup is obtained. The young leaves are used in fomentations for rheumatism, and are applied to sores and wounds. A decoction of the leaves may be administered for fever, and seeds are eaten. The mature leaves, in boiling water, are used as a bleaching agent in preparing the young leaves of buri for hat-making, and the shoots and young leaves are used in boiling fish, or meat and pork. The seeds yield 15 per cent oil. sampalok Tamarindus Indica (sem. domains: 1.5.1 - Tree, - Food from fruit.)
sampan₁ vbt To overflow, flow over the top of something; to flood. sampan, apawan Nasampanan kag tulay it baha. The bridge was flooded over by the flood. syn: sampaw 1.
sampan₂ [sámpan] vbt To stack (inside each other or one on top of the other). patong-patong Asampanon anay nako kag mga nilinuan bag-o kita maghúgas. I will stack the scraped dishes before we wash them. Asampanan nako kag mga pinggan it platito. I will stack the saucers on the plates.
sampan₃ [sámpan] vbt To stack plates up before washing them. sampan, patong-patong Pagkasampan atunaaney kag paghugas. When the plates are stacked we will begin washing them. Asampanan nako kag mga pinggan it baso. I will stack the glasses on top of the plates.
sampat [sámpat] adj Blending flavors; any food that finds a good combination when eaten with another recipe and which gives a good appetite. bagay Sampat sa otan kag pinangat. Food cooked in cocomilk makes a good combination when eaten with fish cooked in vinegar and gives a good appetite.
sampaw [sámpaw] v 1To overflow a boundary, such as a river overflowing its bank; to flood. sampaw, apaw Nasampawan kag tulay pag baha. When it flooded, the water overflowed the bridge. syn: sampan. (sem. domains: - River.) 2To wear or put on more than one article of clothing overr another. (sem. domains: 5.3 - Clothing.)
sampay [sampáy] vbt To hang something up, over something such as a fence, rope, clotheline, etc. sampáy Nagsampayey ikaw it imo mga binunakan? Have you hung up the clothes that you have washed? der. sampayan
sampayan [sámpayan] (der. of sampay) n Clothesline.
sampáyna [sampáyna] n A variety of rice. (sem. domains: - Food from seeds.)
sampidaton [sampidáton] adv Very slow moving. mabagal Karugay makatapos it trabaho si Lilian dahil sampidaton maghiwas. Lilian takes a long time to finish her work because she’s so slow moving.
sampika [sampiká] n A large shell hanging to make a pendant. palawit Inggwa ra si Melba it nabakay nak pagkarakong sampika roto sa Muslim. Melba bought her shell pendant from the Muslim.
samporado [samporádo] n Chocolate rice cereal. tsamporado
sampot₁ [sampót] v To reach a destination. dinatnan Kag inra gingsamputan ay usang kweba. Their destination was a cave.
sampot₂ [sámpot] 11.1vbt To arrive at a place; to reach a boundary and finish it; to go, run to somewhere. dating, datnan Nagsampot sida it gab-i? Did he arrived at the house last night? Ingsampot nimo sa yudo’t bayay kag paghilamon? Did you reach and finish the back yard when you weeded the grass? Kung ingwa it priso nak nakakalayas ay waya sinra it mayungot nak nasasamputan kung buko ay isla it Banton. If there were prisoners who got away they had nowhere nearby to run to except the island of Banton. 22.1vi The end result; outcome of something kahahantungan Kung perming inaway kag pamilya kag asamputan ay binuyagan. If a family always fights the end result will be separation.
sampot₃ [sámpot] vi To arrive. dating It tiang yang ra ikaw nasampot it waya’t pamalay kitang waya’t nagsapoy sa imo. You just arrived without further notice, that’s why nobody fetched you.
sampugoy [sampúgoy] vt To stop something. hinto Ingsampugoy ni Hesus kag mga ragkong humbak ag nagkalma kag ragat. Jesus stopped the big waves and the sea calm down.
sampuyo [sampúyò] nmrl Ten. sampû
samtang [sámtang] conj While. habang Kag mga mangunguma ay nag-aaradoy samtang marako pa kag tubi sa lanas. The farmers are plowing their fields while the water is still deep in the rice paddies.
samuyakot₁ [samuyákot] irreg. infl. of salimuyakot
samuyakot₂ [samuyákot] vi To be messed up, such as files, or alphabetized cards; to disarrange something; to be mixed up; confused (as of speed). halu-halo Nagsamuyakot kag papeles para sa tinrahan ag sa opisina dahil inghakar it anak. Her paperworks for the store and office were disarranged because it was messed by the child. Nagsamuyakotey kag ida bisaya kada pay indiey sida gipatihan it tawo. Her speech is all mixed up so people won’t believe her.
samwak [sámwak] vbt To hit and spill over into a boat specifically of waves. sampan, talsik Kag ida pangarga ay ingsamwak it ragkong humbak. His cargoes were hit by the big waves that spilled over them.
san pedro [san pédro] n Tree species with medicinal properties. The seeds are roasted and ground, and used as a substitute for coffee. It is a very valuable firewood crop, and useful in reafforestation work. ipil-ipil Leucaena Glauca (sem. domains: - Medicinal plants.)
san vicente [san vicénte] n Sturgeon (resembles Atlantic sturgeon in markings. Bottom-dwelling long, honey-plated fish with shark-like tail, chin ‘whispers’ and a tubular mouth).