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saog₁ [sá-og] v To snig logs by dragging by water buffalo from mountains to lower ground for milling. (sem. domains: - Pull.)
saog₂ [sáog] 11.1n Dry dock 1.2vt To carry a boat ashore or carry it to the water. Sauga kinang baroto! Bring that boat ashore! Asaugon nako kag baruto nak mapamunit ako. I will put the boat into the water because I will go fishing. syn: haas, alimpuwas, takas 2. 22.1vt To lift and carry or transport something from one place to another; to get, obtain and then transport somewhere. Hariin kamo nasaog it kahoy? Where do you get your wood? syn: hakot.
saop [sáop] v To go completely, right into something (as of a sharp object). Kag ako siki ay nasaop nak gador it aroma tong masuag ako pag pangahoy sa baybay. A thorn tree that was sticking up really went right into my foot when I was gathering wood at the beach.
sap-sap [sap-sáp] n Fish sp., Threadfin Ponyfish. Leiognathus fasciatus (Kuiter). (sem. domains: - Fish.)
sapa [sápà] n Small river; creek (smaller than subâ "river"). ílog (sem. domains: - River.)
sapalaran v To take a risk, chance; To trust to fate. (sem. domains: 3.3.1 - Decide, plan, - Purpose, goal.)
sapar [sápar] n Hand of bananas. sabang, piling (sem. domains: - Food from fruit.)
sapat [sápat] (dial. var. sapata) 1n Insects (as of the general term for all insects). (sem. domains: - Insect.) 2adj Having insects; full of insects (as of a place). (sem. domains: - Insect.)
sapata [sapáta] dial. var. of sapat
sapatero [sapatéro] n Shoemaker, cobbler, bootmaker. Karako it kita kag sapatero hali sa Odiongan. A shoemaker gets a bigger income here in Odiongan.
sapatos [sapátos] n Shoe of any kind for man or horse. sapátos (sem. domains: - Sports, 5.3.1 - Men's clothing.)
sapaw₁ [sápaw] v To flood. sapaw Nasapawan it tubi halin sa sapa kag amo lanas. The water from the river flooded our paddy fields. id. nasapawan it sapa
sapaw₂ [sapáw] v To eclipse, overshadow, exceed somebody else in popularity, fame. masapawan Waya gusto ni Vilma nak masapawan sida ni Maricel bilang artista. Vilma doesn’t want to be overshadowed by Maricel as an actress.
sapay [sápay] n Squeezed, dried coconut; grated coconut after squeezing to remove the milk. sapal (sem. domains: 5.2.1 - Food preparation.)
sapi [sápì] v To have branches split, snap off (with lightning or the weight of fruit). nabali Nasapi kag ibang sanga it mangga tong mahuyugan it usang yawog nak nidog. The other branches of the mango tree snapped off when a whole bunch of coconut fell.
sapinit₁ n Fruits are red, juicy but rather insipid. Leaves are somewhat astringent, and are eaten both raw and cooked. sapinit Rubus Rosaefolius
sapinit₂ [sapínit] n Grass seeds which grow in small prickly pods on a thorny vine and stick to one's clothes. sapínit (sem. domains: 1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine.)
saplir [sáplir] vt To touch, brush, rub lightly against something (as of when getting somebody’s attention or to brush the scab off a sore). dikit Nagsaplir kag ida buhok sa ako uda. Her hair brushed against my face. Nasaplir nida tong ugar it anak kada nagrugo ray. He happened to brush against the healing wounds of the child therefore it bled again. syn: sangko 1, sakro 1, tapi 1, sangko 2, tapi 2. (sem. domains: 7.7.5 - Rub.)
sapnot [sápnot] adj Rough, calloused. magaspang Kag damot it ako tatay ay abang sapnot dahil sa sobrang trabaho. My father’s hands are very rough because of all his work.
sapo [sapó] excl Serves you right (as when someone deserves their experience). buti nga Hay sapo naghirap ra kamo. It serves you right you also suffered hardship.
sapong [sápong] vt To cover the nose with the hand. takip Nagsapong ako’t ilong tong masapoy namo kag trak it basura. I covered my nose when the we met the garbage truck. syn: bayabag 4, sagang 1, harang 3, abang, taming.
sapot₁ [sápot] 1vi To be irritated. Nasasaputan ako pag inaagit-agit pirme. I get irritated when I’m always teased. syn: napika, ugot 1.2. 2adj Irritating. inís Kasasapot ka imo puypog sa lamesa! Your tapping on the table is very irritating!
sapot₂ [sápot] n spider web, cobweb thread (as of the material spiders secrete to make the threads of their webs). (sem. domains: - Spider.)
sapoy₁ [sapóy] vt To fetch, pick up, come and get somebody (so as to take them back with one to where one came from). súndò Asapuyon nato si Ana sa simbahan. We’ll pick up Ana at the church. Ipasapoy baga ako o mapagto ako sa inro? Will you have me fetched or should I come to your place? Nasapoy nako sida sa may panaderia. I met her near the bakery. (sem. domains: - Take something from somewhere.)
sapoy₂ [sápoy] vbt To return to a place which you just left from. bumalik Baka indiey magsapoy kinang tsinelas dili. Those slippers might be returned here. syn: uli 1.1, balik, pabisong. (sem. domains: - Quick, - Return.) comp. sapoy-sapoy kag hingab , der. sapoy-sapoy