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sabilir [sabilír] n A kind of fruit. balimbing
sabiril [sabiríl] n Fruit species; carambola; star fruit; five corners. balímbing [Fruit species; star fruit or five corners. The fruit is fleshy, acid, green or greenish yellow and is edible. The juice is often used as a seasoning. It is a fairly good source of iron but is deficient in calcium, and fair source of vitamin B. The sap of the fruit is prepared as a syrup administered in fevers as a cooling drink.] Averrhoa Carambola (sem. domains: - Food from fruit.)
sabit [sábit] vi To be involved in something. sabit, kasali Nasabit ako sa panakaw. I got/was involved in stealing. Isasabit ako nida sa kaguluhan. He will involve me in trouble.
sablag [sáblag] n Hindrance. sagabal der. kasablagan
sablig [sáblig] v To splash with water; to spash as of large waves. wisikan Nagsabligan kami’t tubi nak ragat. We splashed each other with sea water. syn: sabyag, samo. (sem. domains: 1.3.2 - Movement of water.)
sabo-sabi [sabo-sabî] 1.1v To dare to interrupt (as to be curious, question, harass a group, butt in). Si Rolly kung inggwa it mga nag-iistoryahan ay nasabo-sabo ra it istorya. Whenever there are those who tell stories Rolly dares to interrupt in telling stories also.
sabog₁ [sábog] v To be complicated; to be disorganized; to be complex, round-about. sabog Waya sida gitrabaho ngasing dahil nagsabog kag ida mga gamit sa bayay ay kailangang magpanghipir sida. She didn’t go to work today because her things are disorganized and she has to tidy them up.
sabog₂ [sábog] vt To cover fish with a net so they be caught underneath. salikupan Sabugi it sayap kinang yuta para indi mawagit. You cover the school of fish with a net so it won’t get away.
sabog₃ [sábog] 11.1adj Untidy; disorganised; scattered. Sabog kag pagplano it inra bayay. The plan of their house is disorganised. 22.1vi To explode; to blow-up. Nagsabog kag ida rayang trayanggulo. The firecrackers that he carried with him exploded. Nagsabog kag barko sa ragat dahil nabanggaan it tanker. The ship exploded at sea because it was hit by a tanker. syn: yupok 2. 2.2vi To blow something up. Ingpasabog ninra kag kada bato it dinamita. They blew up every rock with dynamite.
sabon [sabón] 1n Soap. (sem. domains: 5.6 - Cleaning.) 2vbt To soap something up to wash it. sabon Ingsabunan kag mga pinggan bag-o lignawan. She soaped the dishes up before rinseng it. (sem. domains: 5.6 - Cleaning.)
sabor₁ [sábor] vbt To scatter (usually seeds, grains). sabog Nagsabor sinra it binhi sa lanas. They scattered seeds in the rice field. Ingsaburan it azolla kag kahon nak di payay. The rice paddies were scattered with azolla.
sabor₂ [sábor] vbt To baste; spread with something. buhol-buhol Asaburan nako kag tinapay it palaman. I will spread the bread with jam.
sabor₃ [sábor] 11.1adj Tangle up. 1.2vi To become tangled up. buhol-buhol Nayutok kag kambing tong nagsabor kag ida higot sa badabas. The goat was strangled when his rope became tangled around the guava tree. 22.1v To wrap, entwine around the neck of a baby especially of the umbilical cord. buhol Karugay magliwas kag ida anak dahil nak nagsabor kag ida pusor sa ida liog. The baby took a long time to come out because his umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck.
sabot [sabót] n Pubic hair. (vulgar term)
saboy-saboy [saboy-sáboy] v To catch, pull the threads on cloth, garment. dumudikit Kag baro ni Norma ay nagsasaboy-saboy kung inghihigra sa banig nak tinagsa. Norma’s dress catches on the mat when she sleeps on a woven mat used for drying rice.
sabsab [sábsab] vi To graze; eat grass. sabsab, kain Apasabsabon nako’t hilamunon kag baka. I will let the cow eat grass.
sabtanan [sabtánan] (der. of sabat) n Song where two people answer eachother; answering song.
sabunot [sabúnot] v To pull, tug on one’s hair (as of a baby pulling a mother’s hair); to pull up by the hair. Ingsabunot nida tong ida kaaway pagkita ninra sa karsada. She pulled on her enemies hair when they met on the street. (sem. domains: 2.1.5 - Hair, - Pull.)
sabuyak v To throw small particles on someone, as of soil, sand, rice, petals. (sem. domains: 7.8.4 - Tear, rip.)
sabwag₁ [sábwag] 11.1vbt To scatter (usually seeds, grains); throw. sabog Ingsabwagan nida’t bubor kag manok. She scattered feed to the chicken. syn: kadat 1, ayumog. 22.1vi To splash.
sabwag₂ [sabwág] v To be scattered, unplanned in arrangement; to sow seed scattering it by hand. Nagsabwag kag tanan nidang gamit tong mabunggo sida it dyip. All her things were scattered when she was hit by a jeep. (sem. domains: - Separate, scatter.)
sabyag [sábyag] vbt To splash something or somebody with water. magsáboy Asabyagan nako kag nagpapamungo it tubi. I will splash the ones who are throwing stones with water. syn: sablig, samo.
sabyaw [sábyaw] v To restrain; to reject something, somebody. saway Aya kamo gihangit sa inro Lola pagkamo ay gingsasabyaw. Don’t you get angry with your Grandmother when you’re restrained by her. der. pasabyawon
sabyay [sábyay] 11.1n A drying line, branch. 1.2vbt To hang something over, beyond an identifiable point (e.g. clothes draped over a wire, a drooping hemline, an object projecting over the edge of a roof, hair which is beyond normal length). sampay Nagsasabyay sa kuyungan kag ida idamuan. His toy is hanging off the roof. Ingsabyay nida kag yamit sa sabyayan. She hung the clothes over the clothes line. Nakasabyay sa likor kag ida baro. Her dress is hanging down at the back. Sabyay sa raga kag kahaba it ida buhok. The length of her hair hangs to the ground. 22.1vbt To accidentally get caught on. Nagsabyay kag anak sa sanga kada waya nahuyog. The child accidentally got caught on the branch do it didn’t fall.
sabyog [sabyóg] n Mutiple hooks, jag (with or without a lure). (sem. domains: - Fish with hooks.)