Asi - English


syelayn [syeláyn] n Gas burner stove. kalan
syempre [syémpre] part Of course; surely. syempre
syento [syénto] (sp. var. cento; sp. var. ciento) nmrl Hundred. isang daan (sem. domains: - Cardinal numbers.) der. syentos
syentos [syéntos] (sp. var. cientos) (der. of syento) nmrl Hundreds. (sem. domains: - Cardinal numbers.)
syerto [syérto] v To close a deal, agreement. Si Fred kag nakasyertuhan ni Pol parti sa inra negosyo. Pol was able to close a deal with Fred regarding their business. (sem. domains: 6.8.4 - Financial transaction.)
syete [syéte] (irreg. infl. siyete; irreg. infl. siete) nmrl Seven (especially of money and time). pito Syete nak pares kag alaga namo nak manok pero naubos it takaw. We have seven pairs domisticated chicken but it was all stolen. der. disisyete
syete palabras [Syete Palábras] n Seven last words. Siete Palábras
syort (irreg. infl. syorts) 11.1n Under-pants for men. short 22.1n Shorts (as of outer garments like sporting shorts for men, women, children). korto
syorts irreg. infl. of syort
syudad [syudád] irreg. infl. of siyudad
syukanon [syukánon] n A place of origin. pinagmulan Kag Davao ay imaw it syukanon it kaling mga durian. Davao is known as the place where the durian fruit came from.
syukoy [syúkoy] n Merman; man, king of the sea (as of partman and part fish). Nakasayap kag mga mangingisra it usang syukoy. The fisherman was able to fish out a man of the sea.
syut v To throw straight into something; to have a direct hit. Nagsyut kag anak sa buho it manhol. The child threw it straight into the manhole.
syutong [syutóng] v To shake one’s fist at somebody.