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sakristan [sakrístan] n The man or boy who attends to the inside of a church. sakrístan
sakro [sákro] 1sta To brush against something; to jostle; to knock over by jostling or bumping against; to trip by catching ones foot on something; stumble; stub one’s foot/toe. patíd Nasakro kag ako damot sa sig-ang ag napaso. My hand brushed against the cooking stones and was burned. syn: sangko 1, tapi 1, sangko 2, saplir, tapi 2. 2vi Nagsakro sida sa ugat it kahoy nak nagyuyuaw. She tripped on the root of the tree that was protruding. 3vt To intensionally bump or jostle somebody/something. Tong ingsakro ako nida, nabuhian kag itlog. When she bumped me, the eggs dropped.
saksak₁ [sáksak] vbt To plug in a piece of electrical equipment into an electrical outlet. saksak Isaksak anay nimo kag kompyuter bag-o abrihan. Plug the computer in first before turning it on. syn: songsong 3. (sem. domains: - Put in, - Working with electricity.) der. saksakan
saksak₂ [sáksak] vt To chop something into small cube like pieces (such as meat, jackfruit, papaya, etc). saksak Ingsaksak nida kag yangka nak autanon. She chopped into small pieces the yangka that will be cooked.
saksakan [saksákan] (der. of saksak) n Outlet for electricity. saksákan (sem. domains: - Working with electricity, 5.1 - Household equipment.)
saksi ni jovah [Sáksi ni Jóvah] n Jehovah’s Witnesses (as of the religious sect). Saksi ni Jovah [This is viewed as an heretical sect arising out of Christianity.] (sem. domains: - Christianity.)
sakyan [sákyan] (der. of sakay) 1n 1.1vt To be under the influence, power of an evil spirit, usually causing one to act insanely and to do harmful thing. (lit. to have the evil spirit riding on ones back). syn: sanib. 2n Vehicle.
sakyas [sakyás] v To lunge, go for throat of somebody especially of a dog. sakmal
sakyat [sákyat] adj To climb upon something high as of a child, or dog puts front paws up on something like a table. (sem. domains: - Move up.)
sal-i [sál-i] n Substitute (as of a person). kahalili Si Gigi kag sal-i ni Thel sa pagtudlo sa ika-ruhang grado. Gigi is the substitute for Thel in teaching pupils in grade two.
sal-ing [sál-ing] n Bird with a black body and red head.
sal-ipan [sal-ípan] vi To swallow the wrong-way. Nasal-ipan sida pagguya habang puno kag yuba. She swallowed the wrong-way when she laughed with her mouth full of food.
sala₁ [salâ] 1adj Fault; error; wrong; sin. 2vi To commit sin, or error. sála Nakasala sida sa ako. She committed a sin against me. der. kasal-anan
sala₂ [sála] n Living room. sálas
salabat [salabát] n Ginger drink. salabát
salabtanon₁ [salabtánon] adj Held acountable. sagutin Salabtanon nato sa Dios kag ato mga sala. We are all held accountable to God for our sins.
salabtanon₂ [salabtánon] irreg. infl. of salabton
salabtanon/salabton [salabtánon/salábton] (der. of panabat) n Responsibility; accountability.
salabton₁ [salábton] (irreg. infl. salabtanon) n Accountability; responsibility. sagutin Pag nawagit nimo kag ako maleta, imo kato salabton sa ako. If you lose my suitcase, you will be accountable to me.
salabton₂ [salábton] irreg. infl. of sayabton
salad [sálad] 11.1n Vegetable dish (i.e. leafy vegetables boiled in water). 1.2vbt To boil leafy vegetables quickly (in water to which flavouring foods like garlic can be added and water is drained off). salad Nagsalad ako it mga tangkong. I boiled the leafy greens in water. [Green leafy vegetables e.g. cabbage (repolyo), vegetable tops (usbor), leaves (rahon), chinese cabbage (pitsay) are boiled then flavoured with garlic (bawang), tomatoes (kamatis), citrus (suwa, arangha), soy sauce (toyo), vinegar (suka), onions (sibuyas), salt (asin).] 22.1n Fruit salad (made with macaroni, mayonnaise and sometimes chicken).
salakay₁ [salákay] vt To invade; to attack an opponent, enemy in his territory. salakay Ingsalakay it mga rebelde tong kampo it mga sundalo. The rebels attacked the camp of the soldiers. [Bantay salakay is an expression meaning that the person asked to guard the house goes ahead and steals the things from it.]
salakay₂ [salákay] v To go out into battle; to go out to fight, war. Kag mga Pilistinhon ay nagsalakay sa mga Israelita. The Philistines went out into battle against the Israelites.
salakot [salakót] n Dance by couples with a hat (kayo) with wide, woven brim as prop for the woman. (sem. domains: 4.2.4 - Dance.)
salalay [salálay] v To line up. (sem. domains: 7.5 - Arrange.) der. ingsalalay