Asi - English



wayt-bord [wáyt-bord] n Whiteboard (as is used in seminars). [From the English "whiteboard".] (sem. domains: 3.6 - Teach, - Write.)
white-lady [white-lady] n Beautiful female spirit clothes in white with or without a head. (sem. domains: - Sorcery.)
wigon [wígon] n Closed-in van; armoured van. Kag wigon nak inra ingbutangan it kwarta halin sa bangko ay nahuyog sa tulay. The armoured van which they use to put money from the bank in fell down the bridge.
wil-wil [wil-wíl] v To sag, shake, as of one's skin on the neck, under arms. (sem. domains: 2.1.4 - Skin.)
wilga [wílga] vbt To give up; to go on strike. wilga
wili [wíli] 1vt To keep somebody’s attention, interest (for a period of time or frequently); to detain somebody by engaging them in conversation. wili Indi nako kamo giwilihon dahil gab-ey. I won’t detain you because it’s late. Indi giwilihon kag mga anak sa pagpamati it radio it marugay. You can’t keep the children interested in listening to the radio for very long. syn: lipat 1.1. 2vi To be interested in something; to linger along the way. Nawiwili sinra magpasyar sa baybay pagmahadag kag buyan. They are always lingering in strolling on the beach when the moon is full. 3adj Interesing; fun; entertaining. Kawili magmuyat sa marugay nak mga letrato. ??? It’s fun to look at old photographs.
wilig-wilig₁ [wilig-wilíg] v To shake cloth. Ityang yang giwilig-wiliga ni Lili tong ida labahan ag ingbuyarey. Lil just shook her dirty clothes and then hang them up to dry.
wilig-wilig₂ [wilig-wilíg] vi To go, move from side-to-side; to zig-zag (as of a boat tipping from side-to-side, a dog waging it’s tail). iling-iling Ingwilig-wilig it iro kag ida ikog pagkakita sa ida amo. The dog wagged his tail from side-to-side when he saw his master. Nawilig-wilig pa kag ikog it israng kadadawi yang. The fish that was just caught is still wiggling its tail. Ingwilig-wilig ni Gail kag ida damot para makabuhi kag uning nak nakakagat. Gail shook her hand to get the cat off which was biting her. syn: hiwag 1. (sem. domains: - Move noisily.)
wilwil [wílwil] vi To shake (as of fat under one’s arms). Ingpapawilwil ni David kag suso ni Nang Miling dahil wayaey it mabaoy nak gatas. David shook Nang Miling’s breasts because he couldn’t suck milk on them.
windri-windri [windri-wíndri] irreg. infl. of winri-winri
winri-winri₁ [winri-wínri] irreg. infl. of liwinri
winri-winri₂ [winri-wínri] (irreg. infl. ruwinri-ruwinri; irreg. infl. windri-windri)
wiri-wiri [wiri-wirí] vbt To say, mumble magic words under one’s breath. Nagwiri-wiri tong nagbuyong sa ida. The one who cured her said magic words.
wisik [wisík] v To sprinkle; to flick something with the fingers. wisik Ingwisikan nida kag mga tanom it tubi. He sprinkled water on the plants with his fingers. (sem. domains: - Drip.)
wislik [wíslik] v To throw, flick, sprinkle dust, water with one’s fingers. Ingwislikan ni Bobby tong iro agor magtungon it batok. Bobby throw dust on the dog so that it would stop barking.
woki-toki [woki-tóki] n Two-way radio. woki-toki Madali makatawag kag mga sundalo sa woki-toki. The soldiers can easily call eachother by means of a two-way radio.
wongwong [wóngwong] dial. var. of suwong