Asi - English



yaghit [yághit] n Vine used to tie thatch, baskets etc. (sem. domains: - Weaving baskets and mats, 6.5.3 - Building materials.)
yagit [yagít] adj Poorest of the poor. yagit Abang ramong yagit nak mga anak sa Maynila. There are many children who are the poorest of the poor in Manila.
yagitnit₁ [yagítnit] 1n The sound of the cracking of wood because of heavy weight on it. Squeaky sound of timbers moving or a metal chair that needs oil. Nakarungog ako’t yagitnit sa sayog tong mapuno it tawo tong bayay. I heard a cracking of wood on the floor when it was filled with people. (sem. domains: - Stick together.) 2vi To make a sound of a cracking. lagitnit Narunggan nimo nak nagyagitnit kaling sanga nak ato inatuntongan? Did you hear that this branch on which we stand did make a sound of a cracking. (sem. domains: - Stick together.)
yagitnit₂ [yagítnit] v To make the sound of creaking and cracking earth, walls (as in an earthquake). Pay nagyagitnit kag inra bayay nak semento tong maglinog. It seems that their house got a sound of creaking and cracking walls during the earthquake. (sem. domains: - Types of sounds.)
yagmaw [yágmaw] n Food scraps, slops in liquid (as to be used for animal food). kaning baboy Karako kag ako yagmaw nak natipon para sa mga baktin. I have collected a lot of food slops to be feed to the pigs.
yagok [yagók] adj Rotten (fish). bilasa (sem. domains: - Fish.)
yagong [yagóng] adj 1Voice is breaking. Abang yagong it boses si Badlong. Badlong’s voice is really breaking. (sem. domains: - Sing.) 2Deep, bass voice. (sem. domains: - Sing.)
yagor₁ [yagór] vt To chase something or somebody. humábol Maley ato ayaguron tong tiyo. Come on, let’s chase the puppy.
yagor₂ [yagór] v To chase, pursue, go after somebody. habol Ingyagor pang gador ni Doggie kag manok nak ida narakop. Doggie really chased that chicken which he caught.
yagot-yagot [yagot-yagót] adj Crunchy, crisp, half cooked (as of vegetables). malutong Abang lasa kag yuto nidang chopsuey dahil nagyayagot-yagot pa kag mga utan. Her cooked chopsuey is very delicious because the vegetables are still crunchy.
yagpar [yágpar] adj Wide. lapad Abang yagpar katong mga tela nak ingparaya sa ida halin sa Amerika. The clothes which were sent to her from Amerika are very wide.
yagpit [yagpít] n Trap (for birds). patibong
yagro [yágrò] v To run fast like a horse; to stampede. takbo Nagyayagro ka amo iro. Our dog is running like a horse. (sem. domains: - Run.)
yagtik [yágtik] v To have one’s bones make a cracking noise when moving; to crack (as of the noise of moving bones). tunog Nagyagtik tong ida hawak tong maghakwat sida it pangarga. His lips cracked when he carried all the cargo.
yagting [yágting] n Rock (diorite, as of hard black rock in Banton); flint. yagting Indi ni Ruben mapusa tong yagting nak bato. Ruben can’t break that huge rock. (sem. domains: - Rock.)
yagtok₁ [yágtok] 1n The sound of cracking knuckles or joints. Abang kusog kag yagtok it ida mga tudlo. The sound of her cracking knuckles is very loud. 2vi To crack, creak as of knuckles or joints. It yang nagyayagtok kag ida mga yuta-yuta pag napas-an it mabug-at. His joints creak when he lifts up heavy things. Bada-ey gipayagtuka kag imo tudlo ako’y nadidisturbo. Stop cracking your knuckles it’s disturbing me.
yagtok₂ [yágtok] n Mud in fishing net. (sem. domains: - Fish with net.)
yagtok₃ [yágtok] vi 1To soften when soaked in water (as of a mark on the floor, fish scales, rice). Nagyagtok kag ida inghu-om nak rukot it kinaydo. The burnt part of the cooked rice that she soaked in water, softened. (sem. domains: - Grind flour.) 2To soften something by soaking it in water. lambot Ako apayagtukon kag himbis it isra bag-o kaliskisan. I’ll let the fish scales softened in water before removing them. Apayaktokan nako’t bugas kag marakong planggana. I’ll let the rice soften in water on the big basin.
yagwas [yágwas] n A half slip. nagwás
yagwat [yágwat] 1adj At a moderate distance; spaced apart; loose weaving. buhaghag Mayagwat kag ida tanom nak buyak. The flowers he planted are at a moderate distance from each other. syn: laka 2. 2vt To place things at a moderate distance from each other; to space them apart. Ingyayagwat nida kag distansya it kada tanom nak tayong agor makatubo it maado. He widened the distance of each planted eggplant so it could grow well.
yagwis [yágwis] adj Tall and lean, slim, skinny, slender (as of people, animals, crops and trees). (sem. domains: - Tall.)
yagyag [yágyag] n To trot, gain pace before really running fast. (sem. domains: - Animal movement.)
yaha [yahâ] vi Well cooked. Over cooked sobrang luto Bay-ay kinang atay sa parilya dahil mapapakayahaey. Please take the liver off the grill because it might be well cooked already. (sem. domains: - Cooking methods.)
yahob [yáhob] vbt 1To put leaves in a fire to make them pliable so they can be used to wrap things up in and won’t tear. Ayahobon anay nimo kinang rahon it saging bag-o ray-on sa ako. You put the banana leaves in a fire before you bring them to me. (sem. domains: - Steps in food preparation.) 2That has turned black as of skin after electrocution. (sem. domains: - Change color.)
yahong [yahóng] n To hollow out as of a log to make a canoe. (sem. domains: 6.6.3 - Working with wood.)