libak₁ [libák] vt 1To jeer; to disparage; to talk behind somebody’s back. manlibák Maado yang kina sida ngasing pero ay alibakon ray ra kina kita isag. She’s being nice now but she will talk behind our back later. (sem. domains: - Mock.) 2To mock somebody; to insult somebody; to be condescending towards somebody; to belittle, put down somebody (as of causing shame to somebody who is poor, of inferior status). alipusta, hinamak Ingalipusta si Jesus it mga Judeo tong siday nakalansang sa krus. Jesus was mocked by the Jews when he was nailed on the cross. Nahuda ako magpagto hagto baka ako ay aalipustahon yang ninra. I’m embarrassed to go there in case they just belittle me. syn: dusta, insulto 1, insulto 2. (sem. domains: - Mock.) der. libakera