dordor [dórdor] 1adj Being pulled, tugged, dragged along behind (as of a child being taken by the hand everywhere one goes, an animal being led on a tether or a small boat being pulled along by a big fish). (sem. domains: - Pull.) 2vt To pull, tug, drag something along behind (as of leading an animal on a tether or having a fish pull a boat behind it). kaladkad Adordoron yang kuno ni Cliff tong ida mga idamuan kung sinra ay mapa-Linao. Cliff will just drag his toys around when they go to Linao. syn: gabot 1, bugnot, hugnot 1, gabot 2, hugot 1, hugnot 3, guna, abri 1, bukar 1, bukâ 4, bukas 3, hugkot, bira 2, randa, balingling, gudor, kubra 1, udong, hiknit 2, gunot. (sem. domains: - Pull.) der. dinurdor