libang₂ [libáng] 1Syn: hagay 2. 1.1adj To be entertained. 1.2vi To relax; to be entertained. Naglilibang yang ako nak ako ay ingpakapilay. I am just relaxing because I am very tired. 1.3vbt To entertain somebody or have them relax or rest. libang Alibangon kag anak it maado. I will have the child relax. 22.1v To be infatuated, absorbed with somebody, something; absorbed, taken up with some activity (as of lover, gand friends, gambling and unmindful of responsibility). Gingpabad-an nida kag ida sariling pamilya dahil sida ay nalibangey it ida barkada. He neglected his own family because he was totally taken up with his group of friends. der. libangan