uno₂ [unó] 11.1vi To do what? (in the question form ‘what will/are (you) doing?). ano Mauno ka kung indi mag-abot ka imo sweldo? What will you do if your wage doesn’t arrive? Nag-uuno kamo mga anak hina sa ibabaw it tangke? What are you kids doing there on top of the water tank? 22.1vt To harm somebody; to do something bad, wrong to something; to have something bad, hurtful happen. aanuhin Katong ako maguyang ay sanay sa Hapon sa Maynila ay nupay igwa sida it kumpiyansa nak indi sida giunhon it Hapon. My elder brother was used to the Japanese in Manila and it seemed as if he had confidence that the Japanese wouldn’t harm him. Indi mauno kita basta magrahan. Nothing will happen to us as long as we are careful. comp. Aunhon pa kag hilamunon kung minatayey kag kabayo , der. kag-uno , der. mag-uno , der. mauno , der. mauno , der. panguno-uno , der. pauno , der. pay nauno’y , der. sauno