uli₁ [úlì] 11.1vbt To return to; to return home; to go down to town from the farm. balikan Nag-uli sinra sa banwa tong gab-i. They came back down to town the other night. Nag-uli sinra halin sa Maynila. They came back from Manila. Anong oras aboy mapauli ka imo tatay? What time do you think your father will return home? Aulian ninra ka inra dating bayay dili. They will return to their former house here. syn: balik, pabisong, sapoy. 22.1vbt To return something borrowed or purchased; to give back; to return for something. Ing-uli nida kag pala it tahapon. He returned the spade yesterday. Aulion ninra kag tratong isra. They will come back from the farm for the order of fish.