bayagbag sa yugas [bayágbag sa yugás] (comp. of bayagbag, yugas) id 1Across the width of a roll of cloth; on the warp (as of the ways the threads run crossways, perpendicular, at right angles to the weft, length or selvedge). [lit: crossways to weft] [The "weft" are the lengthwise threads in woven cloth, the "warp" are the crossways threads running from side to side, and the "selvedges" are the back-woven edges down either side of a roll of cloth.] (sem. domains: - Cloth.) 2Zigsag stitching across the cut edge of a garment (as of how they are sewn so that the stitches are perpendicular, at right angles to the edge and stop it fraying). (sem. domains: 6.6.1 - Working with cloth.)