uyo [úyo] n 1Head (as of the general term for the head of animals, people). úlo (sem. domains: 2.1.1 - Head.) 2Head of nail. (sem. domains: - Building equipment and maintenance.) 3Head, surge of floodwaters (as of the first part of the floodwaters to reach somewhere). (sem. domains: - Flood, - Flow.) comp. balingag it uyo , comp. di suyor kag uyo , comp. ingkauyuhan sa uyo , comp. mabug-at kag uyo , comp. matugas it uyo , comp. matugas nak uyo , comp. nahanginan kag uyo , der. kauyo , der. panguyo , der. sauyo , der. uyon , der. uyuhan , der. uyunan