saliabor [saliábor] (irreg. infl. suliabor) 1adj Mixed-up; entangled. syn: salimuyakot. 2vi To get entangled; mixed-up; to be confused (as of people walking every direction at once; all talking at once, rope tangled among branches, mixed-up things or work to be done). buhol-buhol Nagsaliabor kag mga tawo sa tunga it banwa tong di pista. During the fiesta, people went to every direction around the town. Nagsaliabor kag ida tugon sa ako isip kada ako nalimutan tong iba. What she said to me got mixed-up in my mind that’s why I forgot some of them. Pag magsinaliabor kinang bunang sa kahon, ako ikaw aragpakon . If the thread on the box get entangled with each other, I’ll spank you.