asi₁ [ásì/asî] ques 1Why? bakit Nak asi gador nak nahadlok ka, inggwa baga it murto. And why are you afraid, is there really a ghost? (sem. domains: - Question words.) 2Why!; why did you do that?; what did you do that for? (as of rebuking someone). [The literal asî "why" must be used carefully because it often connotes a rebuke (sense 2). To avoid misunderstanding the question phrase ní-o kag rasón nak ásing...? "what is the reason why...?" can be used instead.] (sem. domains: - Discipline, train.) 3What happened, what went wrong?; how come, how did that happen? (as of a range of questions for information about a sudden unknown event). (sem. domains: - Question words.) comp. asing indi