sanrok [sánrok] (irreg. infl. sandrok) 1n Dish up portion of cooked food given, shared by somebody. (sem. domains: - Give, donate, - Serve food.) 2vt To dish up, serve cooked food from a pot with a utensil (especially of meat and vegetable). magháin Asanrukon nako kag suya sa pinggan. I’ll dish up the viand onto the plate. syn: sukar. (sem. domains: - Give, donate, - Serve food.) 3vt To dish up a portion, share of cooked food and give it to someone (as for them to take home and eat, or to have it sent to their home for them to eat). (sem. domains: - Serve food.) 4vt To each share, exchange a dish of cooked food with eachother. (sem. domains: - Serve food.) der. isanrok , der. pagsanrok , der. pangsanrok , der. pasanrok