timbri₂ [tímbri] 11.1n The seal; stamp; thumbprint (as identification or signature). 1.2vbt To stamp with a seal or official mark; to place one’s thumbprint as signature. timbre Ingtimbrihan sa opisina’t Mayor kag ako sertipika it pag-anak. My birth certificate was stamped with a seal at the Mayor’s office. Atimbrihan nida kag balota. He’ll place his thumb mark on the ballot. 22.1vt To press something small with one’s finger, thumb (as of a doorbell, switch, calculator). timbre Pag-abot nimo sa hagran ay magtimbri yang ikaw para mabuksan. When you get to the gate just press the door-bell button so they’ll open it. Ingtimbri nida kag nagkikililing sa inra hagranan. He pressed the doorbell. syn: pindot.