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yadi [yádi] vi To have a mistress; to be adulterous; to have illicit sexual affairs. kaliwa, kabit Nagpangyadi ray si Peter tong makilaya nida kag usang magandang rayaga sa “Beer house”. Peter got a mistress when he meet that beautiful lady in a Beer house. syn: kawatan 1, nag-idami it kayado, kabit 2.

yadang [yádang] v To become stiff and splayed, spread apart as of fingers, toes. kumukunat Nagyayadang kag damot ni Apyong pag sida’y nayayango. The hands of Apyong become stiff and splayed when he’s drunk.

yadas [yádas] n Wild (as of pig, deer). ilahas Kag iro nak ingraya sa pagpangadam it yadas ay sabakey. The dog that was brought along to hunt the wild animals is already pregnant.

yadag [yadág] n Sail on a boat. layag (sem. domains: - Boat.)

yadag mayor [yádag mayór] (id. of mayor) n Mainsail.

yada nak rahon [yadâ nak ráhon] n Dried leaf. tuyong dahon (sem. domains: - Dry.)

yada₂ [yáda] n A one man fishing net thrown from a rocky shore. [The net has weights around the edge and when it has been thrown over the fish it is pull up in the middle and the fish get squashed inside.]

yada₁ [yádà] 1adj Dried up (as of parts of plants). 2vi To become dry, wither specifically of parts of plants. tuyo Nagyada kag mga rahon it buyak tong tig-sisilak. The leaves of the flowers became dried during the hot season. syn: kupos 1.1, yadong.

yad-aw₂ [yád-aw] vi To allow to run,graze freely. Always out and about, travelling around, as of a person. gala Inra yang ingpapayadaw katong inra baktin. They just allow their pig to run and roam around freely. syn: wardi-wardi, gala 1, yagadaw 3. (sem. domains: - Go.)

yad-ang [yád-ang] v To dry out the last bit of moisture in the sun (as of rice). binilad Kag tanan ninrang tubas nak payay ay ingyad-ang anay bag-o taguon. All their harvest was dried out of the last bit of moisture before it was stacked away.

yad-as [yád-as] n Wild animals. Nakabaril it yad-as si Paul. Paul was able to short wild animals.

yad-aw₁ [yád-aw] v To walk around aimlessly; to roam around. gala Ayaey giyad-aw kung gab-i sabaling madisgrasya pa ikaw. Don’t walk around aimlessly at night or you might meet an accident.

yabunok [yabúnok] 1n The thud sound when something falls. (sem. domains: - Fall.) 2vi To cause a loud sound when a falling object lands; to thud; (as of a belly-flop, hitting an animal). bagsak Ako narunggan nak nagyabunok kag lata. I heard that the can fell and created a loud sound. (sem. domains: - Fall.)

yabtik [yábtik] n The rope, line to pull in the fishing net. lubid Nabugto ray kag ida yabtik kada waya nabira tong pamanting puno it isra. His pulling rope was broken so he wasn’t able to pull in the fishing net when it was full of fish.

yabtong [yábtong] vi To become darker in colour; to tan; to blacken (as of people’s skin, the leaves of plants). Gusto nida magpayabtong kada pirmi sidang kaligos sa ragat. She wanted her skin to become tanned so she often went swimming in the sea.

yabti [yabtî] n Mousetrap. (sem. domains: 6.4.2 - Trap, - Track an animal.)

yabot [yábot] 1adj Different. Yabot ka inra mga ugali, no? Their customs are different, no? syn: kaiba. 2vi To become, be different; to change something (as one’s mind). iba Imaw kali kag nagyabot it kahulugan. This is how the meanings differed.

yabor [yábor] 1n Sediment, slime, deposit left from a liquid (as of something falling to the bottom of a container). Sayaa kag tubi bag-o ibutang sa gining dahil abang ramong yabor. Strain the water before putting it in the water jar because there’s a lot of sediment in it. (sem. domains: 1.3.6 - Water quality.) 2v To sink to the bottom of liquids (as of sediment, solid particles). Pagkabawas it tubi sa planggana ay nabilin kag nagyabor nak buling ag sabon. When some water is poured out of the washing dish what’s left is the dirt and soap that has sunk to the bottom.

yabong [yábong] adj Luxuriant foliage; healthy plants. malago

yabog₂ [yábog] 1adj Oversoft due to overcooking. 2n A dish made of coconut milk and root crops (can also be mixed with bananas or sticky rice). 3vt To boil root crops (includes cooking bananas, all of which are cut in chunks). labog Nagyabog sida it sab-a, balinghoy ag kamote. She boiled a mixed dish of cooking banana, cassava and sweet potato. Iyabog nida kag gata it balinghoy. She will boil the cassava in coconut milk. Nagyabog sida it balinghoy ag sab-a. She made the dish with coconut milk out of cassava and banana. [Root crops maybe boiled in water (túbì) or coconut milk (gatâ).]

yabo [yabó] adj Soft, tasty to eat (as of cooked root crops). Abang yabo katong amo nabakay nak kayabasa. That squash we bought really sounds soft. (sem. domains: - Food from plants.)

yabog₁ [yábog] 1adj Healthy; overgrown; shady (leaves or plants). Mayabog kag tanom nak ingabunuhan. The plant that was given fertilizer is healthy. 2vi To become healthy, overgrown. mayabong Nagyabog kag amo tanom pagkaabuno. Our plants became healthy when they were fertilized.

yabni₁ [yábni] v To pull suddenly; to yank. Maado yang ay nayabni ni Paul kag baro it ida anak, kung waya ay naligis tan-a. It’s good that Paul gave a sudden pull on his clothing, if not he might have been run over.

yabni₂ [yábni] vt To grab something; to snatch something. agaw Ayabnihon tan-a it tong mananakaw tong ako bag kung waya nako nahuyti it maado. The thief would have just grabbed my bag had I not held it tightly. syn: agaw 1, hapnit.

yabnaw₂ [yábnaw] adj Thin, weak, diluted liquids, mixtures. labnaw Kag ida ingtimplang gatas ay mayabnaw. The milk which she prepared is very weak.