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white-lady [white-lady] n Beautiful female spirit clothes in white with or without a head. (sem. domains: - Sorcery.)

wayo-wayo [wayo-wáyo] n Long, black and white striped poisonous sea snake. ?? Banded snake eel, black and white stripes. ?? walo-walo Mga anak, indi kamo magpanha sa abang rayom sabaling ingwa hina it wayo-wayo ag kamo ay makagat. Children, don’t you go there again it’s very deep, there might be a striped snake there and you’ll get bitten. (sem. domains: - Fish.)

wayr [wáyr] n Wire. alambre

wayt-bord [wáyt-bord] n Whiteboard (as is used in seminars). [From the English "whiteboard".] (sem. domains: 3.6 - Teach, - Write.)

wayat sayang [wayá't sáyang] idiom - Convert to subentry Nothing’s ever wasted. walang sayang Kag puno it nidog ay waya’t sayang nak parti. The coconut tree has no part ever wasted.

wayat utang nak buot [wayá't útang nak buót] saying - Convert to subentry Ungrateful. walang utang na loob Si Ana ay waya’t utang nak buot sa nagpaeskwela sa ida sa kolehiyo. Ana is ungrateful to the one who sent her to college to study.

wayo [wayó] n Eight. waló

wayat sariling kahimtangan [wayá't saríling kahimtángan] adj Won’t settle down; unsettled, nomadic (as of a person who moves between different places and jobs). walang sariling tirahan Kag mga Ita ay waya’t sariling kahimtangan nak mga tawo. Negritos are people who don’t settles in one place.

wayat paaman [wayá't paáman] idiom - Convert to subentry Without warning, asking permission; unexpectedly. walang babala Kag linog ay naabot yang sa ato it waya’t paaman. An earthquake strike without warning.

wayat nauunang pagsuli-suli kundi ay sa bandang h... [wayá't nauunáng pagsuli-súli kundi ay sa bandang h] saying - Convert to subentry One never realises the consequences or feels the need of repentance until after one does something wrong (lit:‘Repenting never goes ahead but rather comes later’). walang nauunang pagsisisi kundi nasa bandang huli

wayat nanunugon ruto sa bayay [wayá't nanunúgon ruto sa bayáy] idiom - Convert to subentry No one takes any care, notice of the house’s condition. walang nanghihinayang doon sa bahay Aber usa sa ida anak ay waya’t nanunugon ruto sa bayay nak ida namana. Not even one among his children takes any notice of the condition of the house which they inherited.

wayat matugas nak tinapay sa mainit nak kape [wayá't matugás nak tinápay sa ma-ínit nak kapé] PH There's nothing impossible if one really want's it (lit: there is no hard bread in hot coffee). (sem. domains: - Word.)

wayat mga lihim nak wayat nabubunyag [wayá't mga líhim nak wayá't nabubúnyag] saying - Convert to subentry Nothing becomes transparent that wasn’t watered (fig: your sins will find you out; big sins come from small beginnings/big trees from small acorns grow).

wayat korte [wayat kórte] adj Shapeless, (without curve, shape). (sem. domains: 8.3.1 - Shape.)

wayat kwenta [wayá't kwénta] (id. of kwenta) idiom - Convert to subentry Valueless; useless; worthless. Sida ay waya’t kakwenta-kwentang tawo. He’s a really worthless person.

wayat malay kag kabikang yawas [wayá't málay kag kabíkang yáwas] n Paralized half body after a stroke (no.sensitivity.half.body). (sem. domains: 2.5.2 - Disease.)

wayat manunumat [wayá't manunúmat] (id. of numat) id Useless; pointless; nothing to be gained. (sem. domains: - Happen.)

wayat katanom-tanom [wayá't katanom-tanóm] idiom - Convert to subentry Barren land. walang tanim Waya’t katanom-tanom kag namana nida sa ida lolo. He inherited barren land from his grandfather.

wayat katapusan [wayá't katapusán] adj Eternal, endless, everlasting. walang katapusan Waya’t katapusan kag ida kabibisaya sa ida anak. Her scolding of her child is endless.

wayat kapuyos-puyos [wayá't kapuyos-puyós] adj Useless, no-good. walang kakwenta-kwenta Waya’t kapuyos-puyos kang tawo kung ikaw ay usang adik. You’re a useless person if you’re a drug addict.

wayat kapareho [wayá't kaparého] adj Beyond compare; worst; best; incomparable. walang kapantay Kag pagpalangga it Ginoo ay waya’t kapareho. The love of God is beyond compare.

wayat kanugon sida sa pagkaon [wayá't kanúgon sidá sa pagkáon] adj Careless, wastes food (as of throwing out or neglecting useful things). walang hinayang siya sa pagkain Sa inra nabibilin nak kabulig waya’t kanugon sida sa pagkaon nak sobra. The maid that they left there is careless with food and throws out the left overs.

wayat kahadlok [wayá't kahádlok] adj Bold; fearless. walang takot Kag mga maisog nak pulis ay waya’t kahadlok magpangrakop it mga mayaing tawo. Brave policemen are fearless in catching those notorious persons.

wayat kamatayon [wayá't kamatáyon] adj Immortal. walang kamatayan kag mga ingkanto suno sa istorya ay waya’t kamatayon. The enchanted spirits according to some stories are immortal.

wayat kabusgan [wayá't kabusgán] irreg. infl. of wayat kabusganan