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waya gibabalhin [wayâ gibabálhin] v Not change, rearrange, redo. hindi nagbago Kag ida ugali ay waya gibabálhin aber mayamaney sinra. Her attitude did not change even though they are now rich.

waya akot salabton [wayâ ako't salábton] idiom - Convert to subentry Iam innocent, I can’t be blamed; I’m not accountable. Waya ako’t salabton kung mawagit man kag inra mga gamit dahil akoey ra gingsiling sinrang taguan. I can’t be blamed when their things be lost because I have already told them beforehand.

water lily n It is used very extensively in building fish traps. These are eaten by ducks, pigs, and other animals. Owing to their thick fibers, the petioles are made into shoe soles in some parts of the world. It has a fairly high potash content and good for manure. water lily Eichornia Crassipes

waya [wayâ] (irreg. infl. ya; irreg. infl. uya) 1To not show up; to be absent, missing. (sem. domains: - Absent.) 1.1sta Is not there (as of negative statement of location). wala Waya si Nanay sa bayay. Mother is not in the house. Waya raha sinra. They are not there. (sem. domains: - Absent.) 22.1vi To be out of something; to have something consumed and nothing left for one; to be emptied of the contents (i.e as of a container). Mawawar-an ako’t tinapay pag ako ita-o kaling ausa sa imo. I will have nothing if I give you the only piece of bread. Nawar-an sida it pamasahe. She has none left for the fare. Ingwar-an sida it suya it ida mga manghor. All the viand was consumed by her younger siblings leaving nothing for her. Ingpawar-an nida it suyor kag gining. She emptied the water pot of its contents. (sem. domains: - Absent.) 33.1part To be missing; to not be present; not here/there. Waya dili ka ako antityuhos. My glasses aren’t here. Waya pa baga dili ka imo tatay? Isn’t your father here yet/ (sem. domains: - Absent.) 3.2sta To be missing; to be lost. Pay igwa’t mga nawawaya sa ato grupo. It seems some are missing in our group. 3.3vt To lose or misplace something. Ingwaya kag ako dawi it mga anak sa bayay. The children lost my keys to the house. (sem. domains: - Forget.) 44.1neg Did not (as of past and continous actions). Waya kami nakapa Maynila. We have not been to Manila. comp. ayos yang maado ra sa waya , comp. bali-waya , comp. kinabuhing wayat katapusan , comp. waya gihahalin ka ida pagbisaya , comp. waya kita nagkaintyendihan , comp. wayat buot , comp. wayat dipekto , comp. wayat diperensya , comp. wayat ibuhi , der. baliwaya , der. nawar-an , der. pawar-an , id. nak waya

waswas [wáswas] vt To rinse clothing after washing them. banlaw Awaswasan nako anay tong kinula ni manang. I will rinse first the washed clothes of my sister. (sem. domains: 5.6.4 - Wash clothes.)

waswit [wáswit] n Boyfriend; sweetheart (between married couples). (sem. domains: - Romantic love.) comp. busogey kag ako waswit

watak-watak [watak-waták] vt To tear into pieces; to scatter, spread around; to go separate ways from others. watak-watak Nagkawatak-watak kag grupo it mga sundalo tong lusobon sinra it kaaway. The groups of soldiers had gone their separate ways when they were attacked by enemies.

washington [washingtón] n A dance step.

wasik [wasík] sta To accidently spill out; to become useless; to become spoiled. natapon, nasayang Nawasik kag ida rayang isra dahil nayagok. The fish she bought became useless because it got spoiled.

wasay [wásay] 1n Axe. syn: bus-ak, siak, wasay 2. 2vt To chop with an axe. palakol Awasayon nako kag inograbok. I will chop the firewood with the axe. syn: wasay 1, bus-ak, siak.

wasak₁ [wasák] n Promiscuous woman (ruined, broken to pieces). (sem. domains: - Sexual immorality.)

wasak₂ [wásak] 1sta To be destroyed; to become broken; to raze to the ground. Nawasak it bagyo kag tulay. The bridge was destroyed by the typhoon. syn: distruso 2, bagsak 4. 2vt To destroy something; to break something. sira Awasakon it mga tawo tong pader. The people will destroy the wall.

wasaag [wasáag] v To spurt water especially of whales, dolphins. sabog Kag isra nak dolpin ay napangwasaag it tubi kung nag-iidamo. The dolphin spurts water while he’s playing.

wardi-wardi [wardi-wárdi] (irreg. infl. waldi-waldi) vi To loiter. ikot ng ikot, gala ng gala Sige yang kag ida wardi-wardi palibot sa banwa kada wayaey sida it oras magbulig sa bayay. She just loitered around the town therefore she has no time left to help at home. syn: gala 1, yad-aw, yagadaw 3.

waok [waók] adj A loud howling sound (as of a person). Abang waok it katong tawo sa karsada tong siday mayango. That man howled loudly in the street when he got drunk.

wanrang [wánrang] vi To act wildly; to convulse (due to fever or other causes); to have a fit, seizure, shake violently; to become delirious, speak deliriously; to behave hysterically in an uncontrolled way. Nagwanrang kag buang tong sida’y ingrakop it pulis. The crazy one acted wildly when the police caught her. Nagwanrang kag anak pagmasyarong taas kag sagnat. The child convulsed when his fever was very high. Kinang mayaot hina sa tawo ay gingpakawanrang nida bag-o nagpakaukaw ag lumiwas. That evil spirit there in the man convulsed him and then shouted and came out. Nagwanrang kag anak ni Julie sa sobrang taas it sagnat. Julie’s child became delirious because of her high fever. syn: salikar.

wangog₁ [wangóg] vi To complain aloud, by talking even without somebody listening. nagrereklamo Nagwawangog yang sida permi pag gingsusugo. He always complains aloud even without somebody listening everytime he is sent on an errand.

wangog₂ [wangóg] vbt To complain loudly. nagreklamo Rako ka kahangit ni Nanay Asay pero wayaey giwangog nak nagtuna ray kag pangaray ni Lola. Aunty Asay was very angry but she didn’t complain loudly because grandmother had begun to lead prayers again.

wangwang [wángwang] n Whine of a siren, as of police car. (sem. domains: - Police.)

wangis₁ [wangís] adj Ugly appearance of somebody. pangit Kinang tawo ay matalino tan-a ugaling yang ay wangis ra. That person is rather intelligent however he’s ugly though.

wangis₂ [wángis] 11.1adj Same appearance; look like somebody (as of a person). kamukha Kag ida anak ay kawangis it ida Tatay sa tanang parti it ida kabuhi. Their child looks like his father in all areas of his life. 22.1n Same nature, ways as God. Kag tawo ay gingtuga it Diyos sa ida sariling wangis. God made man to show His own nature.

wangay₂ [wángay] vbt To speak loudly. nagmumura Nagwangay sida pag-inaway ninra. She spoke loudly when they had a fight.

walis tambo [walís támbò] n Soft broom grass. (sem. domains: 1.5.3 - Grass, herb, vine.)

wangay₁ [wángay] n Loud voice. Nakabati ako dahil sa wangay it amo kayungot. I woke up because of our neighbour’s loud voice.

waldi-waldi [waldi-wáldi] irreg. infl. of wardi-wardi