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uwido [uwído] v To play music by ear. Kaayo si Jun magpyano aber uwido yang. Jun is very good in playing the piano even if he only plays by ear.

uya [uyâ] irreg. infl. of waya

uya-uya [uya-uyá] 1adj Cuddlesome; loving (as of a child to a friend, for a mother and child). napakalambing Kauya-uya kalio kung inggwa it ahagaron sa ako. You only acts lovingly when you have something to ask from me. 2vi To pay attention to somebody; to act lovingly towards.

uyabi [uyábi] n A kind of wild yam (as like apali).

uyag₁ [úyag] adj Sexual promiscuity, fornication, sex-maniac, mad. libog

uyag₂ [úyag] 1adj Lustful; sex-crazy; agressive sexually; sexual activity, urge. 2vi To lust after somebody; to be in heat (animals). libog Nagpapanguyagey tong iro dahil ingrarapyasan nida tong kabading iro. The dog is already in heat because his now beginning to jump up on the female dog.

uway n Thorny plant (kind of rattan) used for making stick-reed furniture, hats, baskets etc. yantok [Used for making “bent wood” chair frame, stick-reed furniture, as cables for ferry boats, for hauling logs, standing-rigging on small sailing-vessels. Used for making mats, hats, baskets, chairs and fish traps.] Calamus Linnaeus (sem. domains: - Weaving baskets and mats.)

uwangan [uwangán] adj Crying, as of a baby, child. (sem. domains: - Baby.)

uwang [úwang] v To cry loudly. iyak Asing nag-uwang kag kabade? Why did the woman cry loudly? (sem. domains: - Sad.) comp. buko mauwang

utro [útro] vt To repeat; to do again. ulit Nag-utro sinra’t tanom. They planted rice again. syn: ulit, liwat 1.1.

utugan [utúgan] v To have an erection (as of the penis). Tong inra anak ay ing-utuganey kada nag-asaway nak raan. Their child had an erection that’s why he got married at once.

uturidad [utúridad] n Authority. kapangyarihan Ingtaw-an sida ni Mayor it uturidad nak magraya it patrabaho. He was given authority by the Mayor to be in charge of the work. syn: gahom 1, kapangyarihan.

utwang [útwang] v To grow, sprout specially of plants; to come up (of plants) tumubo Miskan sa ragasrasong raga ay umutwang kag mayabong nak mga tanom,... Eventhough the soil was sandy, milky root crops would grow up,...

uugto [uúgto] n A kind of spider.

uwa [úwà] vt To spit something out of one’s mouth. luwà Ing-uwa tong anak kag kan-on dahil abang init. The child spit the rice out because it was too hot. syn: wa-wa.

uwak [uwák] n Crow. uwák comp. maputiey ka uwak indi

utoy₃ [útoy] n Tick on a dog. garapáta

utoy₂ [útoy] 1sta To be cut off; to be broken off. Nautoy kag ida sumbiling. His spear was cut off. (sem. domains: - Remove, take apart.) 2vbt To cut something off; to break off. magsibák Ingpautoy nako tong mga sangga it ipil-ipil nak nagruruot sa bubong. I had those branches of the ipil-ipil tree cut off which were touching the roof.

utoy₁ [utóy] 1n Piece of soap (as of what is broken off a long bar). (sem. domains: 5.6 - Cleaning.) 2adj Broken off (as of a stick-like object like a branch). (sem. domains: 7.8.1 - Break.)

utor [útor] n Small knife. kutsilyo Nagsusukbit si Lito it utor pagnapamaylihan para inggwa it pang depensa sa sarili. Lito is inserting a small knife in his pants when he attends a dance so that he will have something to defend himself with. (sem. domains: 6.7.1 - Cutting tool.)

utot [utót] 1n Flatulence. 2vi To flatulate; to pass gas. utót

utol [útol] n A tick which infests cattle and carabao. (sem. domains: - Small animals.)

utong [utóng] vt To tug, pull on the clothing of somebody to gain attention (as of a child). bira Inutong ni Claire kag ida mama para kuguson ra sida. Claire tugged his mother so she would be carried also.

utok-utok [utok-utók] vi To laugh or cry uncontrolably. Nagpakautok-utok it guya kag mga eskwela tong nakita ninra kag inra maestrang ingwa it buling sa uda. The pupils laughed uncontrolably when they saw their teacher with dirt on her face. Nagpaka utok-utok it tibaw kag ida anak. Her child cried and cried uncontrolably.

utok [útok] n Brain. útak Kag tawong igwa’t diperensya sa utok ay kahirap pakisamahan. A man that has a problem in the brain is hard to get along with. (sem. domains: 2.1.1 - Head.) comp. di puyos kag utok