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utog [utóg] v To have an erection of a man’s penis. libog Tong ing-utuganey si Doy ay nagtuoney sida it pangrayaga. When Doy’s penis erected he tried to court a girl.

uto-utu [uto-utû] vt To make a fool of somebody. To tug pull on someone,(as a child pulling on mothers hair to get attention). inuuto Ing-uuto-uto yang ra ninro si Tomas. You’re just making a fool of Tomas. (sem. domains: - Use a person.)

utig [útig] n Sexual desire of woman. Kag mga dalagita tong una ay waya pa hingan it utig. Teenage girls in those times didn’t have strong sexual desires.

utngan [útngan] v To pull, tug in opposite directions. Sio gani ka indi magkarapa ay it giuutnganan sinrang ruha kung riin nakuripas. Who wouldn’t fall facedown when the two of them were pulling each other in opposite directions because of not knowing which way to go.

uto-uti [uto-utî] v To follow blindly, imitate a leader. Si Claire ay ing-uto-uto kag inra principal. Claire blindly followed their principal.

utbo [útbo] v To jump up and down. (sem. domains: - Jump.)

UTI [UTI] n Urinary tract infection in women. (sem. domains: 2.1.8 - Internal organs.)

utay [utáy] v 1To wean a child (as of off the breast or bottle). (sem. domains: - Care for a baby.) 2To perform a necromantic ritual (as of obtaining information about who is loved by a dead ancestor). [At a death, a dish of water has a ring placed in it, then chewed betel nut. If the betel nut moves over the ring it shows the person holding the bowl is loved by the dead ancestor. This is part of sending the soul of the dead person away, so as not to cause sickness or harm to the remaining living relatives.] (sem. domains: - Omen, divination, - Bury.)

utas [utás] v Cut right, straight, clean off completely. lantay Utas kag liog it manok tong ako inglabo. The hen’s neck was cut straight off when I cut it with the machete.

utang lipay, badar rugay, sapoy likaw, sukot hangi... [útang lípay bádar rúgay sapóy líkaw súkot hángi] idiom - Convert to subentry When they borrow they’re happy, then they take a long time to pay, when you meet them they avoid you, and when you go to collect the debt they get angry; (lit: Borrow happy, pay long-time, meet-up avoid, collect-debt angry).

utang nak buot [útang nak bu-ót] (comp. of utang, buot) n Deep feeling of indebtedness which is strongly associated with gratitude. [Because many people are poor and have either large families or big expenses, they often need to ask others for financial and other help. When this help is given it produces a deep sense of indebtedness in and receiver. If the benefactor later has a need it is expected that those they have helped before will be willing to return that help either with money, produre or service. If this is not done, the person is said to lack the expected sense of indebtedness, which is a very shameful thing in the culture.] (sem. domains: - Owe.)

utang nak kabubut-on [utang nak kabubút-on] (id. of buot) n Debt of gratitude.

utan [útan] 11.1n Vegetable. gúlay Karamo kag ida imbakay nak utanon. She bought a lot of vegetables. 22.1vt To cook rootcrops, vegetables in coconut milk (and garlic, but excludes tomatoes and chinese cabbage). Autanon nako kag yangka sa kaldero. I will cook the jackfruit with coconut milk in the pot. [This recipe is for cooking rootcrops (duma) as well as tree leaves (malunggay), sweet potato tops (usbor), beans (hantak), squash (kayabasa), papaya (kapada), mongo beans, spinach (tangkong), onions (sibuyas), garlic (bawang).] syn: gata 1, sagoy.

utang [útang] (dial. var. bali6) 1n Debt. (sem. domains: 6.8.5 - Borrow.) 2vbt To borrow money; to buy on credit. útang Nag-utang ako’t kwarta sa ida. I borrowed money from her. (sem. domains: 6.8.5 - Borrow.) comp. utang nak buot

utak [útak] v To deceive, trick somebody; to outwit, outsmart somebody. naisahn Nautakan ray ra nako si Tatay kada ako ay nakabaoy it kwarta. I tricked Daddy yet again so I got the money.

uta [utâ] 1adj Stammering. 2v mautál

usyuso₂ [usyúso] 1v Nosey person; to be a sticky-beak. usyuso Nakiusyúso yang kag mga tawo ruto sa nasunog nak kotse. The people just went there near the burned car to be nosey. (sem. domains: - Obsessed.) 2n Naughty, mischievous. (sem. domains: - Immature in behavior, 4.2.7 - Play, fun.)

usyuso₁ [úsyuso] vbt To cause trouble. usyuso Nag-uusyuso yang ra ikaw hali, ay pauli yangey! You are just causing trouble again here, you better go home!

uswag [úswag] 1vi To progress; develop; prosper as of rising in rank, lifestyle. Nag-uuswagey kag ato banwa. Our place is already progressing. syn: asenso. (sem. domains: - Improve.) 2vt To make something progressive; to develop. unlad, progreso Apauswagon kono ni Mayor kag mga baryo it Calatrava. It was said that Mayor will make the barrios of Calatrava progressive. (sem. domains: - Improve.)

ususon [us-úson] (der. of os-os) adj Going downwards, sloping, falling away (as of an incline, hill). (sem. domains: - Down.)

usurero [usuréro] n Moneylender; Five-six (as of the high rate of interest). Karamong hangit ruto sa usurero nak abang sukot. Lots of people hate the moneylender because he collects a high rate os interest.

ustyas [ústyas] n The communion host. ustyas, tinapay Nakabaton sida it unang ustyas tong sida ay magkender. She received her first communion host when she entered kindergarten.

usunan [usunán] n Granary. imbakan ng palay Kag usunan it payay nina Sally ay sementado. The rice granary belonging to Sally is cemented. (sem. domains: - Store the harvest.)

usoy [úsoy] vt To gossip; to be gossiped about or talked about. pinag-uusapan Sida yang it ing-uusoy sa banwa tungor ruto sa ida hanraan. She was the one talked about in town regarding her party. syn: tsismis 1, somsoman 2.2.

usob₁ [usób] vt To sorcerize; to inflict pain in the navel area due to magical power. Ingusob it kayaki kag anak ni Maria. The man sorcerized Mary’s child.