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yaya₄ [yáya] n Maids caring for children. Nanny; yaya (sem. domains: - Working relationship.)

yaya₂ [yáyà] vbt To weave baskets, sleeping mats from rattan, palm fronds. maglála; lumála Abang tulin sida magyaya it banig. She weaves mats very fast. syn: yakyak. (sem. domains: - Weaving baskets and mats.)

yaya₃ [yáya] adj Stinging pain as of sting of scorpion or centipede; numb. masakit Mayaya kag kinapunan ni Brandy. The castrated part of the dog, Brandy is stinging with pain. (sem. domains: - Pain.)

yawor [yawór] n Ocean; deep sea. láot (sem. domains: - Ocean, lake.) der. payawor

yawig [yáwig] adj To go a long distance; to cover a large area, wide scoop. malawak Si David ay ingtaw-an it mayawig nak kaisipan it panginoon para mapirdi nida si Goliat. David was given a large amount of wisdom by God on how to outdo Goliath.

yawog [yáwog] n Bunch of coconuts; plentiful crop (as of fruits on one stalk like coconuts, guavas, kamansi, mangoes). isang buwig

yawhaw [yáwhaw] 1adj High place where one feels like falling. 2vi To feel like one will fall from a height; to have one’s stomach in one’s mouth. lula Ingyawhawan ako pagsakay sa eroplano. I felt like falling from a height when I rode on the airplane. 3adj Scarey, frightening as of Jeepney going too fast in steep hills. (sem. domains: - Afraid.)

yawhak₃ [yáwhak] v To tremble with great fear, nervousness prior to some event which is approaching. kinabahan Tanang tawo sa inra lugar ay ingyawhakan tong maglinog it makusog. All the people in their place trembled with great fear when the strong earthquake struck.

yawhak₄ [yáwhak] n Anxiety. Si Lita ay ing-atake it yawhak tong magpaSaudi kag ida asawa. Lita was overcome with anxiety when her husband went to Saudi.

yawhak₁ [yáwhak] v To get stagefright; to be nervous doing something. kaba Ingyawhakan sida tong magsaka sa intablado ag magbisaya sa atubangan it mga nagtapos. He got stagefright when he went up on the stage and gave a speech in front of the graduates.

yawhak₂ [yáwhak] v 1To beat fast (said of one’s heart when one is nervous). kaba, nininerbyos Nagyayawhak kag ako puso. My heart is beating fast. 2To be nervous; anxious. Ingyayawhakan sida pagkarungog it bagyo. She was nervous when she heard of the typhoon. Inayawhakan ako sa ato eksamin. I’m nervous about our examination. syn: taranta 1. 3To intentionally make somebody nervous. Apayawhakan nida kinang anak it ida istorya nak kahahadlok. He will make the child nervous with his frightening story.

yawas [yáwas] n 1Body (as of the general term for the whole body animals and people). katawán (sem. domains: 2.1 - Body.) 2Trunk, stem, body of large plants and trees. (sem. domains: 1.5.1 - Tree, 1.5.5 - Parts of a plant.) comp. mga parti it yawas , comp. mga yawas , der. pangyawasnon

yawa-yawa [yawa-yawâ] n 1Spider (as of the general term for all spiders, especially house spiders). gagambá (sem. domains: - Spider.) 2Spider webs; cobwebs (as of the homes, webs of spiders). (sem. domains: 1.6.5 - Animal home.) 3Dust and cobwebs (as of the build-up of dust and cobwebs that makes a house dirty). (sem. domains: 5.6.1 - Clean, dirty, - Spider.) 4To have opaque, web-like appearance in the eyes (as of in someone who is sick or seems to be going blind). (sem. domains: 2.5.6 - Symptom of disease, - Eye.)

yawa [yáwà] 1n Devil; SOB (son of a bitch); bastard. (swear word). demónyo syn: yati 1, yamat. (sem. domains: - Obscenity.) 2v To call somebody a devil; SOB (son of a bitch); bastard (swear word). Mayain kinang anak dahil permi sida nagpapangyawa sa ida nanay. That child is very bad because she is always calling her mother a devil. (sem. domains: - Obscenity.)

yatir [yátir] v To trip up somebody by catching their leg with one’s foot, by putting one’s foot out. nadagil Ingyatir nako kag baktin sa ida siki. I tripped the pig by catching his foot with my foot.

yatis [yátis] (irreg. infl. yati) excl To resent a missed opportunity; to be disappointed; Oh blow! too bad! Yatis waya ako nakanunot pa Baguio. Too bad I wasn’t able to go with them to Baguio.

yatik [yatík] v The make coconut milk into oil (as of the slow cooking process while constantly stirring. The oil rises to the top and a sticky coconut candy settles to the bottom). Ako ayatikon kag gata it nidog nak imo raya. I will cook the coconut milk you brought into coconut oil. (sem. domains: - Cooking oil, - Cooking methods.) der. maglalatik

yati₄ [yátì] 11.1n Jungle; virgin land overgrown with vegetation. kagubatan 22.1adj Evil (as of something which is not liked). buwisit [This is a swear word associated with Satan and evil spirits. Perhaps from the idea that spirits are usually in desserted jungle areas.] der. kayatian

yati₂ [yáti] irreg. infl. of yatis

yati₃ [yátì] 1excl Aagh! An expression of disgust, anger said when something doesn’t turn out the way you want it to. buwisit Yati, nag-uyan ay indi kita makapamasyar. Oh no, it rained and we can’t go for a walk. syn: yamat, yawa 1. 2vt To say this word for being disgusted. buwisit Nagpangyati sida’t mga anak pagkakita nak kag mga baso ay nabasag. She said the word “yati” to the children upon seeing the glasses broken. Yati nak nag-idamo ray sa tubi kaliong anak a! Aagh this child here is playing in the water again, ah!

yati₁ [yatî] n New moon. bágong buwán Ingwaey it yati tong usang Domingo. There was already a new moon last week. (sem. domains: - Moon.)

yatab [yatáb] n Fish sp., Common Silver Belly. Gerres subfasciatus (Kuiter). (sem. domains: - Fish.)

yata₂ [yatâ] 1adj Soft; wet (as of rice); flattened; mashed. 2sta To become moist, flattened or mashed. Nayata kag keyk sa bag nak ida raya. The cake in the bag got mashed. 3vt To mash, flatten something. pipi, malambot

yat-ay [yat-áy] n A stye in one’s eye. Nagkainggwa it yat-ay sida dahil nainpeksyon kag ida mata. She got a stye on her eyes because of an infection. syn: butlig 3.