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bugsay [búgsay] 1n Paddle (as of on a canoe). gáod syn: paggaor, gaor 2. (sem. domains: - Boat.) 2v To paddle, row (as of in a canoe). Nagbugsay sida it pagkatulin-tulin. He paddled very very fast. (sem. domains: - Boat.) der. bugsayan

bugsayan [bugsáyan] (der. of bugsay) n Canoe; rowboat; dory. lundáy (sem. domains: - Boat.)

burdahe [burdáhe] v 1To tack specifically of a boat. burdahe Ingpapaburdahe it kapitan kag salida it baroto agor indi magkuyob dahil makusog kag huyop it hangin. The captain maneuvers the ship against the wind by tacking it so as not to capsize because of the strong gusts of wind. (sem. domains: - Boat.) 2To go in a round about route, way or right round the edge instead of directly in a straight line. (sem. domains: - Way, route.) der. pangburdahe

butalon [butalón] n The prow spar out the front on a sailboat. pruwa Kag butalon it bapor ay nawasak. The spar on the prow of the ship was wrecked. (sem. domains: - Boat.)

butero [butéro] (der. of bote) n A boatman. Inghator it butero kag pasahero sa baybay dahil indi kapayungot kag bapor. The boatman transported the passengers to the shore because the ship couldn’t go near it. (sem. domains: - Boat, - Working in the sea.)

duonduon [du-on-dú-on] n Part of the keel of a wooden boat. (sem. domains: - Boat.)

entable [entáble] n The casing of the hull as of plywood. (sem. domains: - Boat.)

galyon [galyon] (dial. var. batil) n Spanish galleon (as of a large Western style ship with many sails, a number of decks and sometimes with the option of being driven by many oarsmen). (sem. domains: - Boat.)

gaor [gá-or] 1n Oar or paddle of a boat. (sem. domains: - Boat.) 2vbt To row a boat using oars. sagwan Naggaor sinra it baruto pa-Linao. They rowed a boat in going to Linao. syn: paggaor, bugsay 1. (sem. domains: - Fishing equipment.)

grumiti [grumíti] n Deckhands on a ship, motorised pumpboat; crew member. tripulanti Maramong grumiti sa sayap ni Tang Jonny kada marali sinra makatapos. There are many deckhands on Uncle Jonny’s fishing net therefore they finish quickly. (sem. domains: - Move quickly, - Work hard, - Boat, - Crowd, group, 6.1.1 - Worker, 2 - Person, 7.5.1 - Gather, 7.5.5 - Organize, 2.4.1 - Strong.)

harsya [hársya] n Rigging of a boat; shorter rope to lessen air in sails. Reef the sail. (sem. domains: - Boat.)

higanton [higánton] n Bollard on pier to tie ropes to in order to secure ship. (sem. domains: - Boat.)

hustyada [hustyáda] vi To sail along the coast. naglayag sa tabi Nagpanghustyada yang sinra para mabay-an it maadot litrato kag mga bayay. They sailed along the coast so they could take a good picture of the houses. (sem. domains: - Boat, - Island, shore, - Move slowly, - Travel by water.)

ikarga [ikárga] (der. of karga) 1n Something to load onto a vehicle. 2v To load a certain thing onto a vehicles. (sem. domains: - Vehicle, - Boat, - Put in.)

indamyo [indámyo] 1n The gangplank for a boat. andamyo Ingbutang kag andamyo pagrunggo it bapor kada nakababaey kag mga pasahero. The gangplank was placed after the ship arrived so the passengers were able to disembark. (sem. domains: - Boat.) 2vt To put a gangplank in place. Waya giandamyuhi it mga grumite kag rayanan dahil kag motor ay ruot sa pantalan. The crew didn’t put the gangplank in place because the motorboat was close to the pier. (sem. domains: - Boat.)

isa [ísa] vt 1To raise, lift, pull up (as of an anchor, gangplank or steel beams with the use of a crane or pulley). (sem. domains: - Lift, 6.5 - Working with buildings.) 2To raise, hoist a sail (as of raising it to where it hangs like a curtain ready to catch the wind). itaas Isaha kag yadag agor maparaya yangey kita sa hangin. You raise the sail so we will sail along thru the wind. syn: batak. (sem. domains: - Boat, - Lift.)

kabli [kablí] n A heavy gauge manila hemp rope used for mooring large ships; anchor rope. (sem. domains: - Boat.)

kalang [kálang] n Dry dock made from a number of coconut logs onto which a boat is rolled, so that it is above the sand. [The coconut logs are made of lengths cut near the stump. The boat is tied to the logs so that after high tide it will remain on the dry dock logs for emptying of water and cleaning of the hull etc..] (sem. domains: - Boat.)

kamarote [kamaróte] n Pilot house; bridge of ship. kamarote Kag kamarote it kapitan ay kumpleto sa mga gamit pangragat. The captain’s cabin is equipped with all gadgets for the sea. (sem. domains: - Boat.)

kanya [kánya] n Tiller/rudder of a boat (Banton). (sem. domains: - Boat.)

kargamento [kargaménto] (der. of karga) n Ship’s cargo. Karamong kargamento kag nakakarga ruto sa nagyubog nak batil. Lots of cargo had been loaded onto that sunken vessel. (sem. domains: - Boat, 7.3.1 - Carry.)

kasko [kásko] n Frame; hull; keel of boat. kwadro (sem. domains: - Boat.)

katig [kátig] n Outrigger pole (bamboo float parallel to length of boat) usually attached to each side of the boat. kátig (sem. domains: - Boat.)

kiling₂ [kíling] 1vi To lean to one side; to be lopsided; to rock, roll, tip from side-to-side as of a boat. hilig Nagkiling kag bayay tong natumbahan it nidog. The house leaned to one side when the coconut fell on it. Nagkiling-kiling kag batil pag nag-aandar. The boat tips from side to side when it starts to move. Nagkiniling tong mga pangarga ni Banlam dahil waya nakamada’t maado. Banlam’s cargoes rolled from side-to-side because they were not stacked up properly. syn: linggi. (sem. domains: - Boat.) 2vbt To side with somebody; to favor somebody over others; to be biased; to be partial towards. kilingan, kampihan Ingkilingan nida kag ida amigo tong di anay buko ka ida hali. He sided with his friend And not with his relative when there was a fight. syn: kampi, apin 2. (sem. domains: - Prefer.)

kubyerta₁ [kubyérta] n The open deck of a ship. kubyerta Nagsagap sida’t hangin hagto sa kubyerta it barko. He inhaled fresh air in the open deck of the ship. (sem. domains: - Boat, - Above, - Roof.)