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isay [isáy] 1n Swollen lymph nodes, glands. Naghahapros kag ida isay sa ilok kada waya sida nakabunak. Her lymph node in the armpit is becoming painful so she wasn’t able to wash clothes. (sem. domains: 2.1.7 - Flesh.) 2vi To have enlarged lymph nodes. kulani Ingisayan sida sa ilok. She had enlarged lymph nodes in her armpit. (sem. domains: - Skin disease.)

kagir [kágir] adj Scratched; covered with sores; mangey (as of a dog). galis Abang kagir tong iro ninra. Their dog is covered with sores. (sem. domains: - Skin disease.)

kayunggo [kayúnggo] n Wart, skin tag as of any kind. spreads in size and multiplies.e.g.has a core, planters wart etc. suso ng pugita Gingpangbutangan nako’t buyong kag ako mga kayunggo. I put medicine on my warts. (sem. domains: - Skin disease.)

kugan [kugán] 1n To form a scab on a new wound. (sem. domains: - Skin disease.) 2vbt To form a scab; to have a scab. langíb Akugananey kinang imo galis kada nagkakatoy. Your scabies are becoming itchy because it is beginning to form a scab. Nagkuganey kag ako galis. My sores have scabs on them now. (sem. domains: - Skin disease.)

mata [matá] n 1The three holes in a coconut shell (as of where the stalk joins the nut). (sem. domains: 1.5.5 - Parts of a plant, - Fishing equipment.) 2Mesh in fishing net (as of the different sizes of holes in different types of nets). (sem. domains: - Fish with net, - Fishing equipment.) 3Eye of a typhoon. (sem. domains: - Storm.) 4Core of a boil (as of the long stringy piece from the center of a boil that can be removed when it bursts). (sem. domains: - Skin disease.) 5Eyes of a pineapple (as of the indentations between the "scale-like" sections of skin which remain when the skin is cut off. They form diagonal rows and need to be cut out before eating). (sem. domains: 1.5.5 - Parts of a plant.) 6To belittle, run down a person (sem. domains: - Despise someone, - Criticize.) comp. itaas it mata , comp. mata ay nagyuyubong , comp. mata it bagyo , comp. mata it lambat , comp. pilik mata , der. mata-mata

pil-as [píl-as] n Bedsores. Dahil siguro sa ida pil-as kada sida ay perming gingsasagnat sa gab-i. Probably because of her bedsores she is always feverish at night. (sem. domains: - Skin disease, 2.5.5 - Cause of disease.)

tipras hangin [típras hángin] (comp. of tipras, hangin) n Windburn (as of a rash, redness ans slightly spotted appearance of the skin). [lit; measles wind] (sem. domains: - Skin disease.)

ulser [úlser] n Ulcer. (sem. domains: - Stomach illness, - Skin disease.)

yan-ag [yán-ag] 1n A fungal growth on the skin (as of on feet, which is caused by being wet a lot); athlete’s foot, tinea. Kag ako siki ay gingyan-ag dahil sa karoruot it tubi. I got athlete’s foot because of always being in water. (sem. domains: - Skin disease, 1.5.4 - Moss, fungus, algae.) 2v To have a fungal growth on the skin (as of on feet, which is caused by being wet a lot); to have athlete's foot, tinea. Halin hina sa yunangon nak tubi agor indi ikaw giyan-agan. Get out of that muddy water so you won’t get that skin disease of the foot. (sem. domains: - Leg, 2.1.4 - Skin.)

yapnos [yápnos] (dial. var. ayom) n 1Bruise. (sem. domains: - Skin disease, 2.5.3 - Injure.) 2To bruise, become bruised (as of skin becoming discolored due to injury or bleeding). (sem. domains: - Skin disease, 2.5.3 - Injure.)
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