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panaghoy [panaghoy] v To wistle (sem. domains: - Mouth.)

panghakay [panghakáy] v To yawn. hikáb Nagpanghakay sida habang nagiistorya. He yawned while telling a story. (sem. domains: - Mouth.)

rigwa [rigwâ] 1v To feel nauseous and wanting to vomit. Pay irigwa nako kag ako ininom nak tuba. I feel like vomiting the coconut wine that I have just drunk. (sem. domains: - Mouth.) 2vi To be caused to dry retch; vomit; To gag when seeing, smelling something obnoxious. suka Naparigwa sida tong makakita it patay nak ambo sa lababo. She made a gagged when she saw the dead rat on the sink. (sem. domains: - Mouth.)

salimbu- ang PH To speak deleriously. (sem. domains: - Afraid, - Mouth.)

sungaw₂ [sungáw] n Mouth ulcers. (sem. domains: 2.5.2 - Disease, - Mouth.)

yaway [yáway] 1n Saliva; dribble; spit. (sem. domains: - Mouth.) 2v To dribble saliva; to foam at the mouth. Perming di panyo kag ida anak dahil nagyayaway gihapon. Her child always has a handkerchief because he always dribbles. (sem. domains: - Mouth.) 3v To wipe saliva on somebody to counteract evil spells, curses and the power of evil spirits. laway Si Nene ay ingyawayan ni Batoy para mabaoy kag usog. Batoy used saliva as medicine against the power of evil spirits. [This is often done by putting saliva on one's finger and wiping it on the stomach or effected part of a baby.] (sem. domains: - Curse, 2.5 - Healthy, 2.5.5 - Cause of disease.) der. nagyayaway-yaway

yuba [yúbà] n 1Mouth of an animal or person. (sem. domains: - Mouth.) 2Mouth, rim of containers or hollow objects (as of the round opening in caves, volcanos, drinking glasses, bottles, buckets, lamps, some bags etc.). (sem. domains: - Eating utensil, - Volcano, - Cooking utensil, 6.7.7 - Container.) comp. kag isra ay sa yuba nararakop , der. yubaan
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